hello beautiful people yzy cosplay kind of look so bad right now anyway so today’s plans is a little cosplay slogs type thingy so me and Selena and ash the other two people that own this account we’re going ice skating as urea Yuri and Victor later on tonight so yeah I just got up and it is a loving existing line this but I think before we should start this blog i think i might go grab some breakfast because i am hungry what do we have stoller brand surreal of guys you’ve had this like Coco fit right whatever they are amazing the spoon breakfast complete there’s almost nothing better than eating your breakfast and watching a counseling make a video yet I have no idea to do it this is supposed to be the end result how am I going to get this base to vitalize want to know the YouTuber for the cosplay make a video for Yuri oh um it is leaner pixel I also started talking outside wrong my candles pronouncements good anyway see you smiling hey guys so I’m just getting to my yo-yo cosplay makeup and it is so weird cuz I don’t have eyebrows ah anyway um so things are going well I assi pizza I watched some youtube like Sebastian time and yeah that’s basically it so i guess i will see you whenever I am just entire base done so hi hey guys sorry I didn’t complete is Victor so take the players we didn’t get to go ice skating since there’s a hockey game thanks hockey so where do I like camp down the bathroom there you go we’re trying to blog your place to do it so this is the early just here with my quilts victim what are you doing being reared as always there’s no one in the bathroom as of right now we have popcorn and paki paki is always amazing so this is the entire look to linking thank you wait how’s it going we have no idea what to do what did I see I brought it hold on nothing I was like when I brought YC and there’s no are skating for your turn I’m always sugared especially when year to you guess you get around you at nigga tell me one thing and it’s why do you join that little piggy does it look super amazing is it better than me a hard place to not home yes yes I reckon I’ll be here if I beat this record now we actually do escaping testing actually I think it’s more than that what is gay where’s your dreams I found a year you roxrite this ones are cutting logs in range I did that midget home don’t you want people to know that you’re in good area miss someone at pool yeah what are you doing the audience is so disappointed he doesn’t know I said it my posted he’s going to be very disappointed with your they were found so with all the echo cub look like to give you lessons so it’s just us also very Hardy in them that is a face we discuss a eyeliner and it turns on obviously it discloses how can you you can’t fake it he built it was golden sun where am I supposed to get both for both ivory used to describe your dream that’s why you talk about it very second are you the funny thing is exactly I’m taller than him yet why are you hiding please jeez I do are you hiding I’m going to find ring is that going to buy dream bout I come from all these are on the one I jumped on one we get to go watch hockey good enough because stated was closed and I cried we should be able to skate I’m a world champion you were former world champ deafening we should be able to realistic you can see from my shirt good for you and ultimately frickers you’re always figured you’re so used only on you were triggered whenever I beat the record don’t sell popcorn at the phone also fuck where they need the victor what you are talking in yes ok video updates we are in the corner it’s like the film here take my music louder they make music louder as important now they start music and they’re speaking ok oh let me so I had plenty on mr. Sasaki video updates are we are in a corner by a slit and we are being antisocial because we stand out from everybody else feels I just want to take 10 have yo yo that’s all I want there you go Mario condoms are some members burly services they see the last price update because it’s don’t want people stalking me the new is sequestered yo yo yo I saw you in the first number in the video I was texting a weird number i deleted the messages but are they texted me and they are in wrong number so i texted back and said oh I went along with that what they were saying and they said it was my birthday and they meant I remember you telling me the story yes and I mistake footsteps and they were sexy for a man named John and said it was my birthday and I said no my was there tomorrow I got to not send one from Russian to English English dirt on English and English yeah we found English so we’re just kinda are just starting the sitting here waiting to see there’s a free skate going to happen because if not then kids english i am Russia I’ve got the dojo in Japan I am a little side and I very stressed very hard stressed I am gay also no hurry about visible oh so fire and smoke filled room I’ll brief it this one device so that what’s up if they were milking wanna do that boy in the Navy’s how do you know them yes Vic Toews reading something I hang your phone and I am very embarrassed my friend is also very embarrassing and I am guilty and very stupors I read what it says on here I’m sorry host to a wattpad copyright law / and food that’s my is my fiancée love me absolutely yeah I do not approve that is my fiancée hostname you cannot have in his mind there are real movie as you predicted for they are related or whatever part I have to keep coming to me not with my husband fontaine and I’m to fight you better watch out is going to come from that is worth awhile and I cannot feel it will fight for yearly I will coach him better than your Cobblers got you here is the one that one world champion last beauty I 1 world champion and the gods world record but me and Larry’s relationship better than usual tonight we don’t talk about that and automatically were no it didn’t whistles ultimate effect okay we saw that moody what is what do you think all the back when you change we just talk about our days on your glasses because Victor country what is the small I’m trying to eat the service each of Thomas and I skilo servers I got third birth I already anyways I’m so jealous and I cells of that but her phone yes ok so that’s the video I’ve ever done copy that code I’m a spectrum pronounced cuz you look feminine oh stop it it’s worth them when also Beck’s held the door for me and said ladies first Jim look more than whether I dude look at you look at that link i rock it that was the comparative what are you doing don’t Barack good I can do a good English accent sorry old was I can’t to Russia very well I could also do australian good i’m a you’re so loud yeah so that was our cosplay adventures they won english very well update on the 30 camp English very well she never come on individuals we won’t have you read yeah we might have varied the model we might be coming back here tomorrow because we want to ice go to ice skate we then get to isolate because we would stand and I didn’t say anything on sit with my ass tralian absent ok Australian your Russian Viktor your boiler russia like me ok i am older than you and you act so I’m a childish full video yes yeah that abscess is true anyway we are going to be most likely coming here again tomorrow a little Victor normal picture Victor’s Beyonce theory will be here so i might be busy tomorrow so there might be a chance where the victim i thought season what I so that’s what secrets for your audio only okay what did he i will tell you when i get 10 okay so we just want to say thank you for watching if you like content like this please subscribe to my BBY cosplay also liked the video and you will see if we get and you got to see veterinary that probably won’t of the words the scandal just memories fabulous he showed me add up all the time see you guys in the next video hopefully we’ll be skating with beauties other you tomorrow opening tomorrow I actually have some things to do tomorrow yo yo D might be here instead of me yeah I’ll be here though so I will always be here I will always be here if you like this type of stuff I’ll come with some other gods lately to do oh yeah I have black butler alois trancy I have gone daddy can you involve tonic you can also add me gusta I have levi we welcome all we can do niggas i’ll head by my desk yeah so comment if you guys what has to do with nick assigned levi’s sorry for the interruption you gotta fuck off of her father again yes he and i pologize ok so until next video signing off from yearly and Victor’s so I start playing a mommy okay he ever in here do you know that you might get caught registration stop this part now we have to go back to the same here but we’re doing this is merely another bloopers okay we can do make a fine even leave the other glad this is not going in the videos you had as the bloopers at the end of the video and subscribe we don’t have to say like it subscribe suppose it is a week I know we must concede this it time to get up into a boat I going to die and whole unless I give you milk a specific you are a male child your email on child i’m not emo and i would be involved by his black hair I curious I better got a yellow tenes vos that is not right I had sex appeal to death and he’s great at it and what I have better I’m better and he is I practice interesting figured a true you’re not supposed to know that from why would you tell me so I’m telling the viewers don’t sell Yuri I’m telling Eddie well why would your knees imagination will be broken so what so what the businessman is my little confidant my post up at home yeah and to me he’s a little fast biggie certain my little fat chick you can please exchange up and I government that box you guys have zero so much for you and multi-channel existence that I hope I was most Victor that a blip are you call in there like pcs say I am what’s up sweetie all right we have her out we are Jesus hot dog wait wait daddy da I had no follow-up but it with respect I’ll have to do the industry well we have to go the extra noise and I’ve been in design here I’m limited I’m I am j Kylie but I’m going to have a little bit today I’m gay brother okay behind the scenes do you see the film is disappointing okay call it to completion thank you emojis I’m not kilo you look at husband how do you can occur when it around your neck are you kidding let evidence tonight okay so I dinner we went I’m smilin we’re supposed to be in America this is except music for America should be at the corner we should be on the ice we should be on yahoo deserve to be on their eyes I know mmo-champion former world champion your professional skaters what the fuck are they doing they simply does not approve we don’t approve of that audition and we tried that’s not the right they shouldn’t be playing hockey Hannah on your own way to go to the food what is that my hair a different hair oh okay we def attack on your message for a stroke okay ready for altro 53 10

Yuri!! On Ice | Victor and Yurio (attempt) Ice Skating!
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