Alice hi it is game of skate time it is this is Alex feuding he's nice enough to play a game of skate with me today I'm animating exciting and make it random random board rule answers Kevin I have a 12 sided die there are 12 decks right there our decks are in there but there's a lot of weird decks so it'll just be like 1 through 12 okay we have the princess board we have the dark slide board we have the mini green we have just a regular board with rails on it won't be that bad the pong griptape board my skateboard normal we have a veggie Cruiser board a little different shape a Walmart skateboard cruiser board yay we have a penny board the board that got ran over by a car still alive it's like a year old we keep using our videos it still hasn't bit the dust your skateboard which I might add has has suspension trucks on it and then we have a cruiser board with jail wheels or whatever what are those called gum wheels yeah paper extra service first okay and then the first person gets to roll the die do three alright I haven't lost yet good great all right here here's the die here's the die roll oh yeah oh my gosh it's a ten five six seven eight nine ten it's them it's the car park board yep Oh to match the trick it's the same board okay board this time but you alternate every time you set a trick it rolls terribly I thought I got a lot of speaking I thought I was gonna roll and it rolled it rolled bad bearings that I agree oh geez 8o the Walmart version however does it even oh my turn seven all the crews reward okay I got you get this all day [Applause] oh look at that ass on your face Oh three shove them just gonna roll right here so close G ground nine yeah that one's harder go with a three show up dude it's like the only possible trick oh we're pop shuvit come on come on ten all right that's easy we'll go we'll go Oh 10 again geez that's that's right oh that's probably a letter for me oh I thought you had it well I somehow like landed on the line just do what a reduce user Oh 12 oh the big wheel guy you got a to darkstar sorry Thank You Philip Oh sunny 7 we're gonna have that one yet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 yeah we have [Applause] eleven who is your board Oh what's the rig my board mine six it's like it's like skating on a trampoline on the run forty Brian who's boarding that was really good I'm gonna get a letter so much this is so hard to roll in it he has one tight track one looser does so weird okay oh this is a mystery and it's a four it's a for it whoa dude I'm going down in flames nine now I get this weird thing yeah fire [Applause] I'm fine I just really thought I had for a second oh my gosh is that your board no now Oh with is that's the Walmart honey at 6:00 for your should be good to backside flip backside see 10 seconds later good job you are so dumb it was really good dude 12 oh gosh I should get the Casey what you gonna do fakie frontside flip yes sir good huge did you turn on your light well you did something you turn on your pop-tart 12 holy he'll touch that can I count it think I needed to touch this is just because you jump so highly you you okay on your face me me me me me me for its price prices sure smoking is much smarter smart [Applause] it's really good that's a good drop backwards you we're now tied a look at a ray and I please roll a six exist nine that's just an insult it's like no kitchen floor seven get the board one great princess time I got a mind of its own I'm gonna hit this guy I'm gonna take him out yeah let's took the camera out do one good luck dude you were like dumbly good at that my turn it is a eight hot rolled my before so I can use them on this what are you gonna do a fakie varial let's get that mortgage we're so good oh you got you got the one number one I have fun with that terrible skateboard doesn't matter that 112 on the end you're good at that board you should pick up for this more than anything I don't know if I remember how to skate my board yeah you have a tee look at you oh boy I'm actually motivated to to the beat you now now oh wait I gotta kill you honorably – yes see the whole cab kickflip Wow I was like I'm done yeah ten there's man that's a popular one now [Applause] oh my gosh did you get it I got six now I have the opportunity I'm gonna fail I guess I'll stick with a full cup look your board feels so weird doesn't it oh [Laughter] wait you doing eleven that's your border switch heelflip great these lows it's a trampoline it's a tank very plate tutti fruitti where is it it's six it's my board uh-huh and for proof Oh [Applause] fakie big Kasper see how fast it goes twelve good job is that a cheap ender know it's pretty bad isn't it it was over Wow I gotta go roll you get that get that all reroll three oh I can do is a kickflip on this and if I kill you the cake fell that's just the worst okay you got those who have died who died for 10 is that your no that's all that's the cardboard switch back heel I'm dead if I land this I don't know oh please do this nice bill don't you can do it yeah you see the whole letter of skate on my face is because I lost I'm sorry that was a battle that was about the this is hard it takes so much time because you got so much sucking happening because these boards are really difficult right you start to get used to one and yeah they're swapped for me in this video dude alex says use your chin of course he's been doing this with me for so long so thank you for existing and for being a good dude and that channel just popped up above our heads click it it's also down the info go look at this content he's got a bunch of awesome 4k skateboarding in just good videos in general I'm gonna go pass out give you some water oh but if you want see more B's for me cook it subscribe button right below the video I do videos all the time just hit it and it's free and it's easy thanks for watching I'm think I'll have that water my gosh you gotta Pollack what do you do yes for you what does that mean skate for you figure it out the terrible brains start happening on the internet everywhere dude can we at least just do like one little baby stomp test for this cuz that one broke you to do it you do it baby stop baby stop baby stomp in the middle oh yeah in the middle sorry John Hill that broke way too easy yeah you did geez now do the other side is there another side I'm sure can happen how does one more try [Laughter]

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