[SOUND] What we got going on this
afternoon starting about 11, 11.30 is the Yauger Skate Park Jam
number three. This is our third one. I’ve helped sponsor and
get together with the local skate shop. Loping downtown Olympia to bring
all the kids together, all ages. And getting back into skating
like the old school style. Big group, we’ve got food coming.>>I’m ready.>>We’ve got prices to give away and
make people realize that we’ve got a lot of skaters in the area and
we need to expand parks in the area. It’s goodness we’ve got youngsters,
we’ve got old timers including myself. So it’s a mixed group of skaters. I love the sport. I like to see everybody
doing their thing together. And everybody brings a piece of talent
to the table and the youngsters, the old timers, the regulars all that. It’s a good feeling to see this. [NOISE] The skate park holds no bias. You could be rich, you could be poor,
you could be White, you could be Black, you could be Hispanic,
you could be anything. Everybody falls, and everybody gets hurt. That’s what I like. You gotta hear, you gotta prove yourself,
you can can talk it, you gotta walk it. Just get everybody to skate, just skate. No politics, no nothing here,
just come here. There’s all ages and
we just skate to have fun. [NOISE] [LAUGH] Could have been better but that’s what is all about
exploring off the grind. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Yauger Park Skate Jam a thrill for all ages
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