So here you can see I am, swiveling or pivoting in a circle. This is
what you must do. So what you initially start off by doing is
bringing your feet into a wide circle and than you bring them together into a line,
almost. And I’m pushing with my heel on my left foot, which will be th foot that’s in front, and
then on the right foot which is the foot that’s in the rear, I am bringing that as a “half moon” (C-cut)
or half circle, inward. And I’m using my toe on my left foot. And also, you can see how I’m using my arms
on the movements so, I bring my arms outward and then inward after
the movement has executed. And its actually best to get a feeling for
this movement by just playing around with it as opposed to trying to figure out all of the mechanical details. Just visualize this movement, and then try it for yourself at the rink,
and fill in the details as your body will let you feel the ice out, as it should be. For this exercise, you will be going faster
around a circle… and you’ll be making the movements of your
feet shorter. And in addition to that, you’ll also be, doing little jab-type movements. In other
words you’ll be pushing faster, harder; and you’ll be using your TOES. An important point here to understand is that
you’ll be using your toes more than the middle of your flat blade as you were
in the first exercise. So you can see here I’m pushing along MORE
on the balance on my toes. So I’m lifting up my heel. You can see how my front foot – – I’m lifting
up my heel? And than I’m bringing that back down (to the ice). And the same in regard to, the rear foot. So this is almost like the heel, and than
bring the heel down, and push with your toes. Also, use your arms, as an extension of your
legs, for this movement. So you’re legs should be
almost imitating… Your ARMS should be almost imitating what
your legs are doing. And… I’m pushing my rear hip into it. You
can see how I’m forcing my hip into the actual turn. And again, the secret here is to LEAN. See
here I’m LEANING into the turn. I’m leaning FORWARD, towards my feet. Without leaning like this, it will be hard
to get the feeling of the actual turn.

Xtreme Ice Skating – “The Swivel” tutorial.
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