Begin to simulate the Eclipse turn in a high
position. Notice how I am pretending to grab my boot
but not actually doing it at this point. Notice the wide turn I take right THERE, before
I enter into the 3-Turn. So the problem is, when doing the Eclipse… that… your hip muscles your hip flexor muscles,
which would be right here. Right right by where your hips are… ThOSE muscles get tired, and becomes very
hard to grab the boot. And also you don’t wanna’ land on your fingers
because I almost broke my thumb before. ..doing the Eclipse, so.. When you go down to take the turn, you sorta, to be able to grab your boot, and to get that real high thrust of your foot
in the air, you have to, you have to look up to the ceiling; you gotta’
bend your head up. It will force your shoulder down to the ice
otherwise it will never work. So here I try to grab my boot but was unable
to. You have to try to grab your boot as fast
as possible. See THERE I did it a little bit, and was almost
a successful… Eclipse. But the mistake HERE you can see is that,
I wasn’t getting my foot high enough in the air. And at this point my hips were getting tired
so that’s another important factor – It will be hard to do this technique, especially
if you hips get tired, so, Keep that in mind. See here, when I go down to take the turn,
I was low enough but I lost control of that edge. It should be a fast turn, a pivot, sort of
speak. The left hand was correct. But when you go down, you have to make sure
you grab ahold of that… boot in the air, force your left shoulder down, look UP if
you can; that will get that boot high in the air, and bring that knee into your chest. And in this… example, I did it a little
bit more successful in that approach. So again when you enter, see there’s a quick
pivot, and DOWN as fast as you can. And make sure that THAT, that THAT small little
turn here at the bottom is fast, and hard. In this example I try to grab my skate boot
right… THERE, as fast as possible. In other words: I try to grab my skate boot
right away, as soon as I get down. And you can see here… I’m already reaching, I’ve grabbed, and I
get my foot up as high as possible. HERE I was able to actually, take the turn
very quickly. But I was unable to grab my skate boot as
you can see. And also, it probably should have been lower
to the ice.

Xtreme Ice Skating – The Eclipse tutorial
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