So the “Pivot” in Xtreme Ice Skating is meant
to be quite simple. It is a very basic move. It is an element. And you can see here that the move is actually
only two steps, although I’m adding more complexity to the
actual element. So, here you can see I’m putting my foot up,
and then down, and then the movement ends. Even though I am turning out of the move. So it is only supposed to be this movement
here, and foot down. And that is it. Now you can do the movement forward and backward,
and here because the movement is so simple, I’m actually turning out of it… without thinking about it; so the movement
would end right there, and than here I’m just simply turning out of the move. So you could do this forward and backward,
and… that is basically about it, and you could
add complexity later on in the transfers. You could see I’m transfering, I’m shifting
my weight. So the “Shift” happens right, THERE. In addition to the Pivot in regards to just
the foot; so you can see I’m lifting my foot up – – The actual technicality of this can be compared
to figure skatings’ “Mohawk”, although see that foot right there… It’s not as pronounced as one would see it
in the Mohawk in figure skating. However the movement is both supposed to be
simple and just THAT to the point. It is supposed to be a move where you can
teach the skater to… Pivot from one direction to the other, and
that is simply all this move is meant to do to teach the skater to go from a forward position
to a backward or a backward position to a forward position. You could see here I’m trying to explain further
how the foot is supposed to Pivot on this trick. And, in regards to the arm movement: arms
have no specific movement (positioning) other than they’re used for balance. So this movement here is called a “Shift”
or in other words, a “Transfer”; they’re both names. And the reason why I chose both names for
this trick is because, “Shift” is the inherent name of the trick,
but a Transfer;… I chose this name as well because “transfer”
actually implies what this is. And what you’re doing is, you’re transferring
– – as you see right there, your transferring your weight, from one edge to another. And the actual… transfer or the transfer
of energy I should say – – from your feet, happens at your hip. See there at the hip? I am pulling at my hip. And, I’m using my… (I guess you could say), glute muscles (butt
muscles) and hip flexor muscles, to rotate my foot from an “in position” as
you see here. I’m on my toe, and then, around. And in regards to arms you could see I’m using
my arms for the actual transfer movement. I’m using them (arms) as a rotation (rotator), to rotate my hips and my feet from an from
a back to forward, or a forward to backwards position. And in this scene here you could see how I
am transferring from forward to backward quickly, although this is slow motion. But, in any regard (in any use of this), you would practice it doing this slow and
then quicker as you get better. And sometimes you can see or feel that when
you’re doing it too quick, that, the transfer doesn’t come out correctly. Your feet might spread apart like THERE, a
little too much, and THAT is a mistake (not really a mistake but don’t spread too much). And in any regard, make sure that you’re looking
forward. You could see my head’s forward and I’m looking
in the direction to which I want to travel. And that your eyes and your shoulders remain
level. And finally in this last movement I am doing
a, Pivot into a Shift, or a Pivot into a Transfer – – as one might say. So, there’s the Pivot… and here’s the Shift. And it’s quite simple, you could do this going
forward into backward, or going backward into forward. In other words, instead of doing a Pivot into
a Shift, you could start off with a Shift into a Pivot, and in many different directions.

Xtreme Ice Skating – Pivots and Shifts
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  • January 7, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    You are a great teacher, can you show how to perform barrel roll?


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