got a big ears he's tired the big strong today East and West Berliners are celebrating Christmas together for the first time in 28 years Monta Mia celebration broke out on both sides the berlin wall in the Brandenburg Gate in both directions it's certainly lifted these requirements Mary Jo honey those around she said that she knows what did you get oh why is that clean do ok there she goes Louis Louis see this go on don't do nothing like I tell you it's a joke is balloons right it shoots dots shoot the dodge of the triggers underneath designs what else what else did we miss you you gotta go see that yours the golf cart ride oh go play golf and let's see what what's this what is I thought it was stupid it's something else to bring home Michael the whole thing that bugs bunny yeah o sin oh ok back to flourish cattle or me see all this Lois she's fine flowers she's played hose it for the camera this little work she really works yeah yeah [Applause] [Applause] that is a Brian skiing now we can see Brian skin this say 225th but really is the 26th day after Christmas oh yeah I was goin down pretty good you gotta jump this time huh oh boy look at him jump jump oh boy you hi Oh he can't sing that what is good asset better that was a good one wouldn't [Applause] here comes Brian skiing backwards hey miss ski by yourself Keats right come on over to me this is bryan skiing by himself good ok start walking towards me [Applause] hey [Applause] Wow [Applause] look a Brian scheme by himself why are you doing great are you doing great see me can catch him okay yeah all right hey Brian bye you never wash my pajamas did you you didn't wash my pajamas Oh scary very happy for a female water i grow on a coffee make it up now I'm askin I don't alert oh do you ever make funny can you paint Ronnie yeah you make da make a connector chop chip cookies doing them yeah the bulbs right now I make brownies like we're connected this is my family you see that you show show now that enjoying the funniest home video yeah I get Paula Zahn [Applause] Lori now go get yeah yeah Ruffy Oh Jeffie okay go get their safety they were hey what is today's date hello okay yeah yeah yeah yeah like that happy healthy here Kelsey look healthy please do baby no not here there honey that's that's amazing oh okay look look I god oh my so I miss ya notice it's a fake questions like this you

Xmas, 1989 – Bryan Skiing

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