where is he where is he Merry Christmas remember at the store you have to be good you like that oh boy what's an equals musta seen you at the store now look Brian here welcome to your time all right wait to see what Jeff how do you do it push that back yeah well no push the other way that or does it go one way it goes the other way you make them go out make the eyes go my that's not for him is it I do it for Lauren look good even so it Lauren come on boy my Brian get out with Lauren hey sit on the seat you and Lauren can play she can't get up there get off future she gets off okay you went out you get okay over here still like that thank you yeah Michael took apologetic you on a camera okay no I just hope it's going through its plain but this you don't move was fun to cry from that who's Maddie that's nice he says like is invited help what's that one overnight to court this morning she waited long way up your water so now was the man hey brah what is that salisu all right would you say hello yes Brian Brian you say okay that says bryan too now we have the role the news that you've got all the people about Katie enough comprendo oh yeah even these your clearance yeah sighs well that pot sustained would guess what's in there oh we oh say see my the man that good outfit I boy games from Stearns that's not pajamas oh she expects you to wear them out the street I don't care how good it is I would walk down a street with my dad to get you who's that from my grandma okay we think so oh can you take him out michael suarez soon we'll see how that you beautiful yeah you don't want no more you many more present anyone named he don't want even close yeah we're close Brian from man oh I think this this is not college no I one thing I sepa bride what do you say honey what is it you know what I open it it's an airplane view you're going to fly what is justice OSAP let's take the bag either way where are the only two things matchups this is a fishing game and this is my jokes all the different things you match up to the person so you'll have pieces all right happy berries in your pain and what's this here Oh like this human more you play with this ring I know he was too old and she was too young right no right now finish up Ernie you can wait later on you in long beach on the phone place you eat your heart do it okay what is this have two batteries oh those are just things I can you know I can't catch the fish I have no really put those ooh yeah I have to baggage and you've got nothing yet yeah I'm transport Oh Brian let's face new jacket leather jacket Oh ever is that hang in the class I want to wrap I was crazy stuff oh let's see this picture to tighten so I'm yeah i know i can g and infants and toddlers I got his great now I got his new hanton Sally 16 azz look then you save the labels oh look who's this me the one that is Brian follow whiskey looks like we don't hit them why no no that's a new one out with you this is that can your league on this memoir by whenever yield that's a new one the price can't beat that I well book to this what it has look what its gonna race it the right slide up put back there's no batteries in exon like no in a truck there it is wow I mean it really yes you push it to the races while you push out of floor and it's got in on emotion you want more okay really yeah headlights go on a lot of you have to but I get a bless you fire on fire oil traffic I think it as you wish Brian crying from an array I'll just for me up a wrap on boys other they say yeah I'm on it said Rudolph save the reindeer what is he dead Thank You Gracie know that opaque bag of 50 more like that cause this is dry ah you went to costume you with the tries to see whose car wash oh not too little and since I keep these away from have a big enough Cindy get a whole wall now [Applause] no it's like close to me bro to the new scotch tape boooo mrs. my baby why wasn't I will examine what these when it is also nice yeah that's it that one person yeah but you don't want things no you keep it locks up now the gloves waterproof I footsteps and I father I touching up the gloves with the bag what an ANS hey I don't know how you did nope this won't measure up like that but maybe men nation how many standing nan chickens retry the Hat sauna made you know I don't know me are they closed er that close and call John [Applause] Wow look at that one food together later okay all right get more see a mortal no that's enough for him to mom yeah he's bringing a kitchen knife because Louis a great big cotton so all these can be put like down I'm one big hot yeah what I'm honey ya know it's kind of easier just having them separately no put the mall she said oh great all right yeah yeah don't bring it to Grandpa he knows how to do you play that yeah we'll do it later okay Stan fauna make noise and rum I have a vague about come on huh I should say yes Lee kill hectic boy looks funny everybody every day went shopping with each game say no more then we go the next game that's nice okay she sits on the floor here and she could pray okay just a minute crap i just put in there the battery and warm enjoy that's more batteries right mm take a very well then it says to double-a batteries these are small they don't go in there Oh that's a nice one yeah uh-huh ya know what thank before I know you know next to you brian has had all the stuff yeah maybe we looked at why was coming you know how to pick up all that stuff with brian and wrap it up wasn't he had the woman that came in the update five-year-old little boy and a grandson fortune she said I don't know what to buy she has everything in the toys and you can't bother Oh try this is for nany you want that one there you go oh yeah Brian all right warman special kick me that's why I can offer a bit oh hey Rach hey geograph like you got it whoa loranger cop oh right way wait a sec oh hey I'm going on to the Fermi worth American beer Tom look at the fur the band with the fur coat brian is something with a Yankee on there too we're Bruce [Applause] [Applause] on the trampoline here I'll walk are you got her this is bad and you give me a deca me already tab I guess Oh Michael yeah Brian I can't give that's my wife I have had the floor babe hey Peter Brook it look I'm wait a minute for with your dress I keep with haha and how big bid oh you got a bracelet off put her on a woody caught on a tambourine oh boo boo come on that was a good one huh gotta get those curls Warren gotta kick those curls you hey hey that pretty good this is a hairy go to the minus side oh it's call of here hey well agree to let me pull out nasty all so fast I can't get to control I wouldn't you don't remember the times we had with Michael Christ I don't know Ronald cuz you know Latrell Bradley now I own speed up come on no Louis so he tries at what time is it somebody to 80 for words when i come out i zoom with it i can do all right who's this guy coming who's this guy's good just isn't like huh he doesn't like standing still on skis nobody holding him know well he's gotta let him go now you see he'd get him learning at the bottom of the hill that he could slide by himself [Applause] you you're gonna get down by yourself right around they look like that character you know that with the pig in the head hey which one is this one now Louis I mean uh that one's mine sir patrick let me get a close-up on this is Patrick huh pageant with the curl hey where'd the rest good this one yet on Jonathan ISM with Diane hey no I brought a plenty close his room i watch Oh close enough taken by no hurry like sleep ok Oh [Applause] to open the great Michael my open the drapes was there full of the hooks and their brand new rates you gotta bring it in any way we got to eat right down get HD sister what she was yet here was a little disgusted with anything I got it hey Mike it are you that he can do it by himself so he said to the middle watch Kevin himself is three ways to sit on I thought of a kind of people oh yeah she enjoys it too much do it to make it up raises a new bubble oh thank you jonathan in the middle yeah sit in your head and you're gonna have a curl the pieces move so the fun never stops more honey into the taste of honey thirsty just push the key in and push the button in the button is a button there you push the button I think it alright not a bit over all night now he's gonna worry about hey [Applause] Oh Oh [Applause] you're super my only this guy's

Xmas, 1988 – Woodloch (Bryan skiing)

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