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HOW do we get ice rinks to accept our sports: Xtreme Ice Skating and Freestyle Ice Skating?
Well, we give them same thing every business needs: MONEY. We as participants of both sports
translate into money because we are the customers that visit the ice rink. Customers are like
the pillars that support a house on the ocean: the pillars keep the house from falling into
the sea. Well, the main pillars, or reliable sources of revenue for ice rinks, are hockey,
figure skating, learn to skate programs, public sessions, parties, instructional teaching
for hockey and figure ice skating, and the like. Well why not ADD Xtreme Ice Skating
and Freestyle Ice Skating as extra pillars, or reliable sources of revenue, …for ice
rinks, to keep them sturdy, especially when times are tough or when times are slow, especially
during the summer months? There are other sports that can be added on the ice or activities,
such as ice-boarding, \lang255 freeline skating\lang1033 on ice, ice skate parks. The customers and
the potential target markets have no boundaries. The only question is: how far will rink management
be able and willing to accept our sports: Xtreme Ice Skating and Freestyle Ice Skating?
And our new ideas: our “ice-skating Revolution.”\par \line [pause]\par
\line However, all ideas need to correspond with money, AND, all ice rinks need to face
a future of whether they THINK… it will be failure, or success! Xtreme Ice Skating
and Freestyle Ice Skating are two sports, but one movement: “X-ism” movement – – to
push for recognition of our sports. In order to do this, we must target the ice rinks that
desperately need the money.\par \line [pause]\par
\line We’ll need to show ice rinks worldwide, that we can not be ignored. How? Create a
“Revolution”: two sports, one movement: freedom on ice: “X-ism The Revolution”…where ice
skating changes everything.” This revolution must occur worldwide in order for it to be
effective. Each sport must be recognized as two separate target markets. Xtreme Ice Skating:
a target market akin to extreme sports people. Freestyle Ice Skating: a target market akin
to break-dance and popular culture. The idea is to combine the customers of both sports
to one much broader and bigger market called, “X-ism The Revolution.” When working together,
we are at strength in both numbers and the types of people that are attracted to the
movement.\par \line [pause]\par
\line Two sports, one LARGER target market: “X-ism The Revolution.” The X-ism market would
become MORE lucrative because of it’s size and the types of the customers it attracts.
“X-ism The Revolution”: Xtreme Ice Skating and Freestyle Ice Skating. Make the “X-ism
market” an \lang255 opportunity cost\lang1033 . So lets create conditions where rinks lose
money by turning us away. The “X-ISM SKATER.”\par \line [pause]\par
\line Does it sound mind-numbing? Yes. Will it be easy? No. But can it be done? Absolutely.
And here’s how: get just one ice rink to accept our sports due to the issue of money, extra
customers, and the reliable source of revenue, and market this particular ice rink with the
“X-ism movement”, “a Revolution”, “where ice skating changes everything.” What gets changed
is we finally, FINALLY, have freedom on ice. We are free to do as we wish, and to be as
we want to be. Take the ‘X-ism approved ice-skating rink’, and we’re ready to move to the next
level of freedom.\par \line [pause]\par
\line Next, inform other local ice rinks about our newly acquired “X-ism ice rink” or rinks.
And let other ice rinks know that an “X-ism ice rink” is located very close to them, “them”
being the X-ism approved ice rink. And let these ice rinks see the monetary success of
having approved of our sports: Xtreme Ice Skating and Freestyle Ice Skating. Essentially,
the idea is to let every ice rink know, that it’s not only beneficial\i \i0 to approve
of our sports, but they’re going to have to compete with X-ism ice rinks anyway over our
market. And the reason why there will be business competition, is because we as skaters would
rather drive the extra twenty minutes or thirty minutes to get to a rink that approves of
our ice-skating sports, than drive to one that’s only five minutes away that does NOT.
But for this to work, we’ll all have to work together.\par
\line [pause]\par \line Now for business models of ice rinks,
competition is ALL\i \i0 about ideas, especially those that mitigate risk when it comes to
making money. And rinks implement this strategy consistently and clearly in most situations.
And, when rink operator’s start considering our \lang255 emerging market\lang1033 , they
will quickly determine whether WE as Xtreme Ice Skaters and Freestyle Ice Skaters, are
worth their monetary risk, or not. And THIS is the ultimate question! If the answer is
NO, than we have to try another rink in hopes that the \lang255 opportunity cost\lang1033
will prevail. But if it IS worth it their time, than we have to engineer that SUCCESS,
with the right strategy.\par \line [pause]\par
\line To delve deeper into strategy, our approach must be to market our sports not just as a
movement, or a “Revolution”, but for the “X-ism market” to became a pillar of an ice rink,
or, reliable source of revenue. Sort of like the pillars of\i \i0 “The House” that keep
the house from falling into the sea: we must target specific rinks which we think would
be the easiest to convert into an “X-ism ice rink.” The other pillars of ice rinks, will
probably be larger pillars than the X-ism market, or at least at first. Therefore, we
must go after the ice rink’s weakest link: the summer time. For the summer, ice rinks
are like ghost towns: you can practically see the \lang255 tumbleweeds\lang1033 rolling
across the ice. Our market must became a reliable source of revenue, during the summer and when
times are tough.\par \line [pause]\par
\line The “X-ism market”, …now sitting firmly on the pillars of opportunity that brought
in the success of our first “X-ism rink.” This is how we gain RESPECT among businesses
by showing them the costumers and the longevity of our market. And this opportunity requires
more than just preparation: it DEMANDS STRATEGY! Next, we must closely look at and identify
the tactics to PURSUE in order to force a \lang255 tipping point\lang1033 in our sports.
Our “X-ism ice-rink” must be included in the media, the internet, online video, and other
resources. To gain legitimacy, we must further organize and show proof of the burden. Just
because an ice rink CONVERTS to “X-ism”, doesn\rquote t mean the rest will follow. Each rink and
community of skaters must organize around each other and the entire “X-ism market” – – and
with the mission on FOCUSING on that “X-ism ice rink” and the movement itself. We must
really appear to be!\line\line XTREME ICE SKATING and FREESTYLE ICE SKATING! We’ll need
to adhere to an agreed upon target and goals to accomplish. \lang255 CHANGE\lang1033 doesn’t
happen easily! Which is why we must meet that challenge\i ,\i0 as an unstoppable force!
From there, we’ll build upon our\i \i0 success from one rink, than to the next, and the next,
until it ALL pushes off the cliff into one common targeted place: OUR REALM.\par
\par [pause]\par
\line “Freedom on ice.”\line [whisper]The light… is here!\par
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X-ism Business Video: Gaining Acceptance of Xtreme Ice Skating Worldwide
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6 thoughts on “X-ism Business Video: Gaining Acceptance of Xtreme Ice Skating Worldwide

  • December 25, 2011 at 4:19 am

    ♫ X-ism Generation… With fire in our eyes… Strong are the ties that bind us… We don't need no alibis!!! ♫


  • December 25, 2011 at 5:31 am

    they have that at my ice arena from 12-2 and u can do what ever u want and it's 4 free u can do anything : )

  • December 25, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Good think, but it can only works in rich countries like Central-West Europe (Germany, France, Austria etc.) and North America..

  • December 25, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    @Prolite You're right.

  • December 26, 2011 at 5:48 am

    @Prolite it runs only in the winter but 12-2 is free skate so u can pretty much go crazy and do what ever buy the way am happy that they have a free skate i mean what more can u ask 4

  • January 17, 2012 at 3:24 am

    Very nice video would love to see rinks here in the UK support this sport alot more seems to be frowned upon alot of the time due to the safety laws -_- but im working on it at my local rinks 😛


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