the boto need bio adapt his company as you see right there front and center that so many athletes use and it's Lego again getting that early lead Scotty Lake snowboarding this race could be one of them it really is but Schultz making it interesting there at the end as you see both coming in sub 17 skip and a jump I'm gonna figure this thing out boys it's not track and field here great look at it bike shorts that is responsible as well obviously has been talented the most adaptive X Games medal both of them have had such classic memories over the years here at X Games we'll see if Scotty Lego and his teammate Quan Quattro pi can hold on to that first place that they're currently clinging to but here's Christopher Purdue he's going head to head with she's a real tight race great starts for both athletes when trucha pie from chile represented chile at the Special Olympic Winter World Games in Austria 2017 and this is a nail biter crack and it's per 2.4 seconds all the difference for Purdue great starts from both solid edge control going down there to train when it's North America suffer because obviously it's Chile's winter stuff have you written their personal I have never ripped them personally I usually good to see the teammates hanging out with one another we move on beany Davis going against sage kotsenburg sage again making his Unified sports debut Dani Davis back at X Games after injury held him back last year excited to get him back in the pipe in 2019 I cannot wait to watch that matchup Dani Davis Scotty James to the all time phrase going at it Sunday night under the lights will be there we hope he will be with two well completely different styles true such a good point that Danny Davis handling that red side with these as he wins his heat once again coming in under 17 in run one that was a close one between sage – sage – obviously bonus points for the 180 and there we see our current leaders what else is new our defending goal Bella's Chris Klug and Henry B's they're still in that top spot drink to more athletes left to drop their look at safer a metal but will it be gold Brenda look in Wang against chase Lauder soup teammates with sage chase with Danny but again nice and cloak in that gold medal position this is our final race of the day they all clear from the starter racers ready one two three and they are off chase getting the lead early sook stay controlled on that blue side jace doing a little color coordination on that red horse with the red pants matching the red gates good solid cross the line in first place so che slaughter by just over three seconds taking that top spot on the red side and that will help out his teammate Danny Davis invested sage kotsenburg interested to see where these times will put them in the final standings couple high fives straight face straight lace do what you have to do the results are in Chris Klug and Henry beast defending their gold medal they had to come back and grab it they were in second place heading into the final he cried after run of one and I mean flag oh and watch her Perry they will they were looking so solid but nice club winning pedigree they come correct yet again and Schultz and Perdue rounding out our top three and there we see the gold battles familiar space for Henry and Chris well let's head down to DC who's with our defending gold medalists thank you very much guys hanging out down here with our defending gold medalist on the top spot again congratulations Henry and Chris Chris can you talk about your recipe for success defending the gold medal you guys are just so dominant I don't know about that Scott he gave me a good whoopin on the first row and I said boy I better pick it up for my partner Henry here on the second run so he had two solid runs and inspired me to go faster on the second run now Henry five of six gold medals now here at X Games can you talk about this experience out here at X Games I was pretty stoked and I was surprised they came back to us again well you guys earned it congratulations and one more time let's hear it for your gold medalist Chris Klug and Henry nice performance from those two taking the top spot once again before transition is no work you would know it though so good so solid every single year he's been here he's the picture of consistency Chris blue talking about how he got beat pretty good by Scotty in that run what Henry piece perfect runs and how about the unveiling of our 2019 X Games Aspen gold medals the very first medals pounded out here this week and a lot for those coming over the next four days oh yeah what a start to X Games Aspen 2019 congratulations to henry beasts and chris glue for taking the top spot once again

X Games Aspen 2019 Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding Part 5

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