great for put just a little bit behind a slaughter that's gonna give it to you he was an X Games boat as he takes that one run one officially in the books part I can't wait I still don't know which course is faster that's it yeah so if you weren't here before it didn't get illicit basically now each teammate will flip flop and get on the other color flag let's head down to DC who's with a couple of special athletes thanks guys hanging out down here with our X Games host Jack my try we got a whole bunch of dudes up here in the mix danny davis scotty lego sage kotsenburg as well jacked you up pulling out a new one from the quiver here the speed date this board pretty much designed for racing talk about the equipment here on out here that's right strategy is key DC this is a speed date designed by terry a hawk and sin for the banks law on the legendary one so you know what speed date sounds pretty fitting for the race now let's talk about your waxing technique this morning you have a wax technician out here helping you um yeah I wax my legs my chest my arms basically try to get rid of all the hair so I could be more aerodynamic well it worked you took outs Leonarda on that first head-to-head talk about what was going through your head is you're about to take on one of the hottest Norwegian snowboarders in the mix at X Games medalist one of the best slopestyle riders in the world I was so nervous I could hear her creeping up on me the entire time and I was just kept looking back and she got closer and closer but I'm glad I took her just by that point 1 well there you have it very versatile Jack Maturana congratulations on that first win against silly ignore and all our X Games host and out here winning races back to you guys Jack came to play I mean if that man that's not fraud in a custom board and a wax technician board from day one here at buttermilk it's Special Olympics unified snowboarding who gets a goal we find out you there's nothing like yesterday trails are covered are what they used to be nowhere to be found welcome back to day one of X Games a spit 2019 it's our first event X Games aspic 2019 with the Special Olympics beautified snowboarding we're halfway through Craig McMorris and the Stars have come out to play there's a couple stars right there cata tater beta Schultz I mean they have been riding together for five years guess how many years we've been doing this event no doubt about it on their first heat both of them comfortably taking their races they are the ones to beat right now his helmet choice last year she was at full cover up now just the half cover up so we could hear I like that I like the wardrobe change so with this second heat if you're just joining us each of the riders will now switch courses essentially that was the case when it was all set dumped I don't think so we get ready to set off heat number two let's send it down to DC what do you got hey guys hanging out down here with Deb Sullivan from challenge Aspen she's the program director for the adaptive program and Deb let's talk about challenge Aspen and what you guys are all about what were the 88 provider for that Aspen Snowmass Ski Areas and we serve anybody with a disability and a good portion of those people have disabilities that participate in Special Olympics now this is the fifth year we've had the unified Special Olympics here as part of X Games have you all been in attendance for every year here becoming more of a presence last year has it been inspiring some of your participants with challenge Aspen totally we do the Special Olympics regional and state competition and then a handful of us about six of us are going to be going for our fourth year to the NASCAR nationals so we're really into the racing wonderful thank you so much Debbie Sullivan and challenge has been a beautiful program in which we wish you all the best of luck back to you guys yeah thanks DC such a fantastic and inspirational story and this program is just so instrumental in bringing so many of these athletes out here today I just love how there's so many events like this going on but for X Games to take it under their wing and let's put it the first let's put at the forefront of X Games that's so cool Wow well said so we've got our standings after run number one and it's Juan and Scotty with that 35 point oh five setting the pace and our defending gold medalist sitting right behind them Chris Klug and Henry moose we've got a battle on our hands here we do have a battle I'm very taken aback that Scotty Lego had one of the fastest times he looked certainly worked and he had a lot of pacing going his way even did some push-ups after his run he did he's feeling himself which is impressive because in Aspen at that altitude when you finish a race like that usually your gas not one in nine snow chips so

X Games Aspen 2019 Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding Part 3

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