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Minneapolis 2019 with a familiar face Ryan Sheckler welcome back dude thanks
dude yeah it’s been a it’s been a minute I was super bummed to miss last year but
I healed up from my injury and I was feeling really good today man like felt
good was skating good just stepped off on a couple that were crucial and other
than that though man it’s been a great experience I love X Games my 18th time
at X Games so the love is real the fans are real and it was a good day so
heartwarming to see you back first they have practice and whatnot and how did
you feel what would you say 80% 90% I feel like my body’s new 100% is about 92
so I feel a hundred you know I feel 100 for whatever that’s worth but um I felt
great man everything’s working the ankles feel good my back spin my knees
are good I just you know I just had some step awesome and that’s how
skateboarding goes you know some days it works perfectly other days it’s a you
feel great but some tricks don’t work and that’s where I’m at today so I feel
great very blessed thankful and everybody ripped so skateboarding’s
getting gnarly bring that time off you did a lot of things with charities and
things like that and right before the competition started you hosted something
here yeah we hope we hosted it was our fifth stop at the B be the change tour
and yeah we did a ten thousand dollar grant to this foundation called wiggle
your toes which helps get prosthetic limbs for kids that have lost an arm or
leg things of that nature and so it just uh it really kind of gets them out of
their shell their goal is to allow kids to have a full-blown life instead of
looking at you know missing a limb as as as a negative you know so what they do
is incredible work and we were super fortunate and blessed to have X Games
allow us to use the bowl and allow us to have an hour to hang out with these kids
and these amazing people and yeah I was the fifth stop of our sheckler
foundation tour and we’re gonna keep going we got four more stops this year
and it’s been it’s been amazing that’s so
awesome congratulations on getting that together I really appreciate your time gold medal winner for BMX big air Ryan
Williams congratulations and redemption I know Redemption last year I came out
man I couldn’t put it together but this year came out did it and I hope you like
your sweaty hands a I’m gonna wash this hand again sorry about that you said
that when people were starting off their runs just right out of the gate and you
were trying to come up with things in your mind but how many tricks that you
have in your bag I honestly had I think I had three runs maybe playing and uh
anyway I guess I got to do one of them and that was the one you seen and uh I
managed to throw a front flaring bird I really wanted to do that but uh I
managed to get the win on the second run couldn’t be happier what was the most
challenging thing tonight out of the whole thing I would have to say um
crashing my first run you know when picking myself up I really hurt my foot
but I didn’t want to think about I just wanted to get it my second run done I
didn’t know what to do I was like do I take it safe and just try to land that
run again but I told myself you know what this is X Games Minneapolis 2019
don’t be the three-peat make history you got to do this and it worked out are you
gonna top yourself I’m not even thinking about that but uh I’m not I’ll think of
a wife both feet let’s go exactly Congrats on the gold my friend bronze-medal winner for skate park lizzy
our motto congratulations yeah what was your mindset coming into the competition
knowing that some of the others like Brighton and Jordan might not be
competing and you know the fierce competition that still existed I mean
they weren’t here just because I love skating with them and they’re I know
they’re injured and like that position always sucks like I think all of us have
been there skating wise but I don’t know I’m excited to get see them back in the
contest what’s the most challenging part of today’s runs
I feel like waiting in between like it’s it’s the anticipation it makes it feel
like an eternity oh really did you get in your head during those
moments is that why or is it that you lose momentum and you’re you just want
to keep skating it’s like you’re watching only like your friends just
like put down awesome runs and you’re just like I want to go next like and
back them up big year next year with 2020 Olympics and skateboarding being
one of the primary events for the first time ever to be showcased what are your
thoughts on that and how do you feel that you’ll try to qualify I mean I
think it’s awesome I think there’s gonna be so much more opportunity for
skateboarding and there’s gonna be more parks and more people getting into it
and it’s like it’s something that I love and I hope some other people like end up
feeling the same about it congratulations on bronze and great to
see you and best of luck for the rest of the competition

X Games 2019 – Athlete Interviews: Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Williams, Lizzie Armanto
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