b-sides on-air x games 2019 silver
medal winner for her men skate street Nyjah Huston congratulations
thank you after so many years at what point does it become where you’re
competing against yourself and you’re trying to come up with different things
to fend off the competitors I mean it’s it’s kind of always been that way for myself so for me it’s even happy to be
happy with the second place but I mean I’ve been out here for a while the
youngins are coming in Utah sore all those guys so I’m still trying to
keep up but I’m stoked to be here so nice to see yuto get his first gold what was it
like when you got your first gold it was a man it was a good feeling
I it took me about I think it was five years to get my first gold cuz I started
so young I started at 11 but it’s definitely it’s a relief you know it
definitely feels like a lot of hard work pays off and it was only a matter of
time before he was gonna get one right right
prior to the competition we saw you massaging your knee was there anything
in particular health-wise that was contributing to your performance my
knees are always in vain for the past seven years bronze medal winner for women’s skate
Street mariah duran congratulations and we were just talking about the
environment here the atmosphere pretty pretty crazy yeah I know I was a last
minute shopping and I had I felt like I had the whole crowd like behind me after
every trick just like getting louder and louder cuz I everybody knew like what
like what was on the line I was like either gonna get gold or silver if I
like landed that to like up my run and like I just had the whole Crouch at the
very last ring and it was like insane feeling like I was landing one trick and
everybody’s like oh and then it just like grew louder and louder and louder
it was crazy how do you handle a situation like that because I’m sure you
have your own internal pressure and now you have all the support I mean I feel
like it just like almost pumps you up like the crowd is like so involved it
you just want to keep committing and just like filling that feeling of just
people behind you and you like landed chick like it’s like a vibe you can’t
really get from anywhere else you said it best it survived what about the
progression of women’s skate Street and skateboarding in general and getting
invited to the Olympics in 2020 what’s your perspective um yeah I feel like the
skating is definitely pushing a lot harder now everybody’s being a new
tricks everybody’s here to show up you know what I mean so it’s like all you
can really do is just like you know progressing your skateboarding and do
your best and like see whether I guess you you know Gate big-air gold medal winner Eliot
Sloan I’m saying those words and the joy your cheeks are hurting right now
yeah they hurt man I’m just oh my god I’ve been dreaming of this moment man
like just coming back from last year I was so bummed it and like just wanted to
make that run man so high you see everyone else especially Mitch he pull
out the 12 yeah I thought it was over did I thought I knew he was gonna make
that run we all saw him trying in China and a big thing that I’ve been working
on is just my mental game and really you know trying not to worry about what
other people are doing like I know what I can do
I know what I’m coming here to do and so that’s all I got to concern myself with
you know and so I’m at well obviously have super stoked and happy for all my
friends I love all these guys I skate with them all the time
Michie clay Alex Sam they all live like right down the street from me so it’s
all good in the hood you know so you have a moment with oh jeez Danny way and
Bob to take that opportunity because like those guys the reason we’re here
the reason I’m here you know it’s a trip man
I’m from New York originally I first watched the DC video in a skate shop in
New York and when I first saw that I was like what the hell is that what did I
just watch I want to do that like I need to do that and so that’s what set it off
for me and just crazy all these all these years later seeing Danny here you
know the trip man here we are like this is crazy you bake
you’re at one point going to jump out of a helicopter like Danny and go over the
Great Wall oh well actually did just jump out of a helicopter but not into
under a ramp I’ll leave that to Danny and Bob but uh I’ve actually got
something new I’m building in my backyard that I’m super psyched on it’s
hopefully going to be done soon and you know it’s gonna change this whole thing
I think quite a bit I’ve been thinking of this for so long and it’s just you
know if you think about it this ramp hasn’t really changed at all since the
inception of it you know so there’s so much you can do add on to it you have so
much speed and it’s always just been the one – and you kind of just stopped at
the top of this thing with so much speed so I’ll leave it at that you know I’m
excited I’m excited congratulations well deserved

X Games 2019 – Athlete Interviews: Nyjah Huston, Mariah Duran, Elliot Sloan
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