(light music) – Good morning, are you ready, Ellie? – You are ready.
– [Jared] Are you excited? – Today is gonna be the
biggest day of the year. – Oh my goodness gracious. And it's not because Tommy's
crawling on his knees, it's because we're going to the property and we're having the biggest
sled day of the year! – We have our family party. Woo hoo! – Ellie's a lot more excited than that but she's sitting right next to Tommy. – I didn't wanna yell. I didn't wanna yell. – So she didn't wanna yell like I did. – We're having a family party. – We're having a family party! Let's get to it. We've got drones. We've got Go Pros. We've got avocado toast. We've got a five gallon bucket of water. We've got all of the stuff and much, much more that we're getting ready. We're going up to the property today. We're having the whole
family come up with us. We have giant tubes. You guys saw us get stuck in the snow. We made a giant course that we can sled the whole way down the property. It's going to be so epic, I cannot wait. – Alright, we're all ready to go. Jared? What you got there? – Oh nothing, nothing at all. – Just hashtag, not a flame thrower. – What? No, that's for us. – It's crazy. I cannot get over the boys
playing with their trucks. You can never have too
many trucks in your home, right Calvin? No? Look there's a truck right
there with a rock in it. K, let's go have some fun. – Oh my goodness gracious. Joel, something tells
me that we're not gonna get stuck with this thing. Look at these tracks. Joel, this is amazing. – I think it's a pretty fun setup, yeah? – [Jared] Oh yeah. – Fun will be had by all. – [Jared] Where's mine? – Oh. (laughing). You wait for it. – [Jared] Okay, I'll
wait right here for it. – When you get to it, you call me. – Oh my gosh, so we got
some propane heaters, we got the maverick, that's amazing. We're getting my Camp Chef hooked up, another propane heater. Look at all this wood for fire. Ah, this is gonna be a blast and you got a snowblower too. Man Joel, you just got all
the sweet stuff, don't ya? But you know what you don't have, Joel? – What? – [Jared] Not a flame thrower. – An itty bitty one. – [Jared] Maybe you do
have not a flame thrower. – Little flame thrower. (laughing) I get it, I get it. (lively music) – [Jared] Oh my goodness,
I can't even believe this like just the background
and everything too just makes this so amazing. – Are you gonna go sledding today? – [Jared] You ready Tom Tom? You ready, TJ? – Penny like is gone. – [Jared] We're finally
here on a day where we can like show justice of the property. – [Ellie] Right? – [Jared] To give it justice. Penny is out there with
the kids just loving life. Are you ready to go sledding? – I'm so ready! – [Jared] Let's do it! – [Ellie] Can you see just
see her running so fast? Look at her. She is going wild. (lively music) You guys look like the cutest ever. (laughing) – [Jared] Dad's got his adventure hat on. – [Ellie] Dad's gonna stay the night. – I know. – [Jared] He's camping out. (distant talking) – [Ellie] So Joel has this
big water buoy cut in half that they are going to
pave the path for everyone to go sledding but in the meantime, the kids are gonna get
a little ride in it. – Everyone look at Ellie and
say, Uncle Jared's the best! – [Kids] Uncle Jared's the best! – Oh guys, you shouldn't have. – [Ellie] Everyone say,
Uncle Joel's the best! – Everyone say, Uncle Joel's the best! – [Kids] Uncle Joel's the best! (laughing) – Wait, where's Uncle Beau? Everyone say, Uncle Beau's the best. – [Kids] Uncle Beau! (yelling) – [Ellie] Hold on, hold on! – Yes! Oh that's pretty good, I think. – [Ellie] Joely, ollie, ollie. This is what life's about. Being with family. This is so fun. Okay we literally have somebody skiing on our property. – [Woman] Who the heck is that? – So someone's skiing on our property and they have like four
dogs and Penny's like, what? People don't know it's ours yet, which I'm not mad about, it's just funny. Growing up we'd always go
to my grandparents house like she'd have a river
that circled her yard and that was just like where
we built our relationships with our cousins and
it's just something that I've always wanted and so it's so fun to be able to just have one spot, whoever's in the family
is welcome to come anytime and we're just gonna make some memories. This is gonna be amazing. Hi, baby! – Hi! – [Ellie] I caught your
kids but I didn't catch you. – This is amazing! – [Ellie] Hello! – This is crazy. – [Ellie] Yes, did you
see the person skiing? – I was like, it's on your property. – I know. – [Ellie] And he has like four dogs. – And I was like wait
a minute, who are you? – We all shoulda been like, move! And back they all came. – [Woman] Ross, get your
hand out of your mouth. – Are you ready for this? You ready to go for the first run? – Do you think two of us can fit in this? – Oh, totally. – Of course. – Yeah, you go sit in
it and I'm gonna jump and give us a good push. – Oh man. Three, two, one. – One! – Go! (crashing) – Let's try that again. I think we're finally ready to do this. You ready to do this, buddy? You ready to go down the mountain? – Yeah! – You finally ready? – Yeah! – I'm finally ready. My hips about to give out on me. Grandpa, are you gonna follow close? Oh, we got a thumbs up from grandpa. Here we go! Teamwork guys, teamwork
makes the dream work. And we're about to break free. We're gonna cut loose. Here we go! Whoa! Jackson, yeah! Here we go! (laughing) Everyone say, yeah! Whoa! Ah, it's starting to rotate. You okay, bud? – Yeah. – Whoa! (laughing) Where'd your body go? You alright? Here, let me push you. Ready? Here we go! Is this better? – Yeah! – Whoa! Here's some bumps. Ah! Ah, we're back in the track. – Try it again. – Let's try it again. Whoa! (yelling) Whoa! (light music) This is the best way to
get back up the mountain. Walking is the worst. (lively music) Here we go! – Penny, get out of the way! – [Jared] Watch out Penny! (yelling) – Penny, get out of the way! – Come on Penny. – Jared! We finally got Penny out of the way. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Dang it, Penny. (yelling) Do it again, do it again. – Ah, that was so hard, my hands! (lively music) – One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four, let's go! (yelling) (lively music) – Penny, get out of the way! (screaming) – Whoa! – That is intense. – Whoa! Put your hands in the air and say, yeah! – Yes, baby! 52 acres! – Kiss me, you fool! – [Ellie] Jared! (lively music) – See you later, Ellie! Did we forget to bring matches? – [Ellie] Don't worry,
we have a flame thrower. – It's not a flame thrower. – [Ellie] Hashtag, not a flame thrower. – [Woman] Oh my gosh, look
at that, all that ice. – It's lit. – [Woman] Oh, wow. – [Ellie] There we go, good job. Grandma's hair didn't start
on fire so we're good. – It's a good thing. – [Ellie] That woulda been
sad 'cause Tom Tom's asleep. So Bonnie's not like way fond of Penny and Penny happens to be chasing Bonnie. – [Jared] There she goes. (laughing) – [Ellie] Penny won't stop. I bet Penny loves this. Dogs love people that
secretly don't love them. (lively music) ♪ Action man, Joel. ♪ ♪ He's cutting wood so good. ♪ ♪ Because he's from the hood. ♪ ♪ Power stands Bonnie. ♪ ♪ She likes to eat salami. ♪ ♪ Grandma's feeding Tommy. ♪ ♪ He can't eat salami. ♪ (laughing) (lively music) ♪ No one stands as cool as Kevin ♪ ♪ and his favorite number's 11. ♪ ♪ Ruby's favorite color's green, ♪ ♪ Don't cross her 'cause she's so mean. ♪ Oh! (lively music) ♪ Ellie's looking cute, cute as a boot. ♪ ♪ And then we have Beau, he's
the smartest one you know. ♪ Well guys, this is not a good sign. Unfortunately, both of
my pockets were unzipped. Fortunately, this camera
was in one of them. Unfortunately, my phone was in the other. Let's ask ourselves, hey Jared, is your phone in your pocket? Let me check. Nope. It probably fell out when we crashed so I'm walking up the hill making sure I can find my phone, yeah! 52 acres, it's like finding
a needle in a haystack. I believe in myself. Captain's log day three. I've been at sea for what
feels like 24 months, two years and I have
yet to find my iPhone. I have found a stranger along the way, he just keeps following me. Kind of makes me nervous but
I enjoy the companionship. Captain's log, it's been 82 years since I've last had my iPhone. I'm lost without it. I don't know what to do,
it's part of who I am, it's my identity. We'll find it, hopefully, someday. It seems as though I'm
approaching some sort of village civilization, anything of that matter off in the distance,
maybe they can help me. I have some good news
and I have some bad news. – What? – The good news is I made it back alive. – I know, poor Penny. She like threw up. – The bad news is I seemed
to have lost my iPhone. – No. – Yeah. – No. – Yes. – Did you? – Yeah, it's not in my pocket. – Jar. – [Woman] What did you lose? – My phone. – No you didn't, Jared. – What? – It's (mumbling). – Oh! Oh. I was seriously walking this whole way up and that's the only reason
I walked the dang hill 'cause I was like, I gotta find my phone. You were using it to film us, Joel! – You're so sweaty. Oh man, you're sweaty. You are so gross. – I love you. – I don't wanna touch your back, it's wet. – Oh. (lively music) – [Ellie] Oh Penny, no! She's gonna throw up again. – [Jared] She's doing something,
I don't know what she, she's like, oh I'm tired now. You girls ready for this? – Yeah. – [Jared] Three, two, one, go! (lively music) Penny, where's your head? She's a flamingo. – [Ellie] Jared come here,
I know you don't wanna take pictures but I want one. – [Jared] There you are. Alright Calvin, you're
gonna hop up here with me and sit on my lap. Is everyone good? – Yes. – Everyone comfortable? Let's have an enjoyable ride. Make sure you follow all
of the bus driver rules. Keeps your seats and
tray tables in the full upright and locked position,
we'll have a safe flight, okay? Can we all agree to those
terms and conditions? – What? – [Jared] Good, okay perfect. Can I get a verbal yes from everybody? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Jared] Thank you oh
and Chad back there. – Yep. – Okay, we're ready to rock and roll. Calvin, are you ready to drive this thing? It is time to get ready to pack up. We're getting everything
back into the truck and we're getting all the sleds picked up. Someone was walking up the hill with one of the big sleds and
let go and it went all the way down so I've got my sled here and I'm gonna go get it. Here we go, oh! (laughing) He got me, no, no, no! He got me right where it counts. Ah, stop throwing snowballs at me! Here we go! Hey! We're finally getting some, oh yeah. We're finally doing, oh! Whoa! Oh! Here we go! What the heck? – [French Accent
Creature] Two hours later. – Yeah, finally, I did it. I got it. And, no! I lost it, I lost it. Okay, there we go. Got both the sleds. Found these stragglers down here. Guys, I pack up for two minutes and you get my car stuck? What the heck is going on? Beau, it's stuck. We just gotta get a new one. – Yeah, it's time to get a new one. – [Jared] Yeah. – [Beau] I hate it when they get stuck. – [Jared] I know, if
only it were that easy. Yeah. – Now that the car is out, Calvin, where would you like to go eat? 'Cause he's the one that
really didn't wanna go and I kind of bribed him. – A cookie. – Oh, a cookie. That sounds great. You know, I'm really kinda bummed that the car got unstuck because I was really hoping we could just leave
it there and get a new one. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) You are so (mumbling). Who had so much fun? – [Jared] I did! – I don't want our car stuck. – You don't want our car to get stuck? – No. – [Jared] You're so sweet, Calvin. You're always thinking of others. – Can you hear Tommy laughing? Calvin's making him laugh. I wanna ask you guys, do you have, if you guys live close to family, do you guys do a snow day? All growing up, we would do one day out of the winter and we
would do a family snow day and all of our cousins would come and we'd do like one big snow day and we've always tried to do that, just like with my siblings and the cousins and today was definitely a big snow day, playing in the snow
and we had so much fun. We are starving, I have food at home that I was gonna make
tonight but I'm like, I don't think I can. So Jared's picking up a little bit of food but I just wanna see if
you guys do a snow day with your family. If you do, comment down below, what do you guys do, do you guys always have hot dogs and chili or do you go out to eat when you're
done or you just hang out, I'd love to know what you guys do for your family snow day. But we gotta get these kids home. And fed and put to bed. I think that was the first of very many family get togethers, which we already have a lot but. – We do but at that place. – But the first of many. Thank you so much for watching. We've had such a good day with our family. It literally was like rejuvenating, just like being out in the cold but laughing and playing and we are all. – Beat. – Pooped. All three kids are like so we're gonna go ahead and go to bed. Thank you guys so much for watching. – If you had a good day with us, give the video a thumbs up. – Do I have food in my teeth? – I don't know. – Yeah, we'll see you tomorrow. – Bye.
– Bye guys.

WORLD’S BIGGEST Backyard Sledding Hill! 52 Acres HUGE!
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