I think for a membership it's then understanding that they're part of something bigger underlying normal that is the Solidarity and I think it's such a strong thing that we have here eighty-five thousand odd members under all of our banners and then coming together under one collective banner of the world Players Association is a fabulous thing our members with the US Women's National Team are players that want to be change agents and so that is truly what this entity is trying to do it's a collective effort to with the declaration of player rights to assert that these athletes have rights as they are humans and to translate that over into the athlete's world having an opportunity for us now to be involved in something that is a global representative body that defends protects and advances player rights and interests is something that is a natural progression and something that was long overdue I mean this organization is important to the NFL Players Association because it renews that that fact that we as a group of football players and in America share the same interest as athletes who might be playing handball in Cape Town South Africa to the NBP a given again on large international membership we need to be engaged in the conversation in this space I want to be a part of the global voice of organized athletes from around the world and to have a strong position in dealing with international sports organizations and then we go out to the dressing rooms explain them that Tom Brady aurélien L Messi that they're all pulling on the same string and they're all in the same struggle that's something that's very powerful and motivating for all of us and it's a that's a game-changer

World Players Association

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