today we are going to do an obstacle course that consists of at least seven courses that the girls were each be it for at least a minute they would do at least four reps of it their warm-up usually consists of at least they run at least a mile to get started to get their body activated then they go right into Agility's and then they kind of end with a sprint build-up they're excited for this this season we have a lot of newcomers a lot of fresh a very young team they only have two two seniors that we will be losing this year so just very excited for the season so here's what you're doing today we are doing stations okay there are approximately seven stations when you hear coach Cato's to the whistle that means you run to the next station okay you are first-time now everyone is doing the stadium first I was there these are very very close together you need to be very fast feet nice and tight I know they want the best for me they want the best of the girls so it's a great feeling I'm glad that they're here we've got low hurdles we've got high hurdles start over the low and you cannot go below then we'll go to the hop I need over when you go under again keep your shoulders square big step sink your hips like you're doing a good squat Hey not their bodies but displaying it it's a great great atmosphere yes we play a lot we know when it's time to get serious I'm looking forward to just you know improving getting better getting stronger good workout today again this is just the beginning of our outdoor season so we just need to kind of get ourself focused and ready for what we want

Workout Wednesday: Dajour Miles – Sled Pulls And Circuits
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