So this is the woman’s Scribe binding
this is a great performance but softer style binding. Softer is going to make it
a little bit more skate like surfy a little bit more forgiving but still a
high quality binding it comes in EST and re-flex the differences being EST is
compatible with channel boards so this will ride best with Burton boards
because you’re getting a little bit more board feel underfoot so it will play
into that soft skatey feel where as reflex is going to be compatible
with all boards. The Scribe comes with a really easily adjusted forward lean for
girls who want to get that more custom ride. The flex slider is great because the
ankle strap will just fall out of the way as you open it so as you’re skating
to the lift or you go to strap in there’s nothing in the way and you can
put your foot right in.

Women’s Burton Scribe Snowboard Binding
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  • September 27, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    I truly hate women.


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