actually going by just the distances of the other other ladies behind Danny how far they're throwing compared to their seasons best Danny is in Ripper shape forward to seeing how far she can throw at the Gold Coast but I'm looking forward to this race to see how Georgia griffiths goes she hasn't run a 1,500 since Zatopek I don't think like in down at Melbourne Albert Park at the end of last season but she was picked for the 15 holes would have been a very tough ask to do the 8 15 double at the trials but she had a breakthrough season last season when she was in America she I think she she did to a standards in the space of less than a week and she splashed her 1500 PB over there by I think it was close to 7 seconds the price the rest of the athletes in the field hit number one Isabella Thornton bought into Nicola Ferguson 3 Georgia Griffith for Lillian price and 5 Caitlin Murdoch but that's the 2 out in front Griffith and price one and two and a moment in this 1500 meters she's not afraid to leave Georgia we saw her do it at the trials in the 800 and I think she definitely went in with the right tactics I think she had to lead that race against knowing that the other girls in the in the field were probably better at off a slower pace especially the weather if it's a 202 race yeah the thing is I think what she did wrong and hopefully she's lying from this is that she went in and she was just a little bit too tense like there's a that you can lead eight hundreds but you have to lead them serenely and calmly and you have to be ruthless and confident and you have to be off the ground nicely like you're you know you you still got to be fast over the 400 if you're gonna go out there and lead and I think that maybe she probably let the occasion get a little bit to us you she's a little bit too tense in the first lap so she's spun her wheels a little bit so that when the kick came which she'd been really good at all season she'd been finishing her races off really strongly just um she didn't quite have the running in her legs when Britt came past and I mean all credit to Britt because she ran a fantastic race that day and she was rewarded with a personal best yeah going through 215 for the first 15 Lily price still holding on but that gap is opening up just a little bit yeah these two athletes and open up a significant gap over the rest of the field so I like what Lillian's doing here going with with Georgia in the early stages of this 1500 it's one of those races where you might as well why not you know have a crack go out there and see what you can actually do put yourself in that position and then see where you where you end up but obviously we see Georgia starting to to move away now and it's super impressive the way that George is running it I can't imagine how tough it would be to lead a 1500 from from Gunter tape which is what Georgia's knows that she's gonna have to do in a field that she would have looked across and known that she was the quality athlete in the field if she wanted to do a good hit out over the 15 before the call one game she was gonna have to take it and an all credit to her this is a really tough way to run but she still looks really nice off the ground and she's still running really strongly and she's got 330 meters to go but she doesn't look like she's done and she actually looks like she's picking the pace up no so just tell the backstraight only only it may delayed but 400 meters later she's bridge that gap out so now almost 40 meters back to Lillian prices also had you running herself at 250 meters to guys the rain it's pretty much just blanketing this the stadium at the moment Georgia Griffith they're still looking very strong I think she's a super talented middle distance going forward I watched her through her school ranks she's she's just got a lovely way about her the way she runs she opens her stride up she really does rely to rely on those legs but she manages to keep it quite relaxed her face is nice and relaxed but she turns nope she's got she's got pretty good 400-page she hasn't worked on it probably enough to which she'll need to she wants to be a world-class tejana runner but she's got good natural 400 pace and you can see her opening up on the way home she's she's come across the line in a 4-12 which you know what it's a great hit out in these conditions anytime there's a good run in this kind of weather especially on your own you know you pretty much you've just gone out and Time Trial 2 for 12 in the right the thing is with that she's had to come up here prepare for a race and mentally set herself up to time trial of 1500 and it was not easy to do she made it look easy but it's a really hard thing to do so she set her a plan and she would have had a target times with hearth coach Steve Ebbinghaus and and she's she's gone out there and she's targeted and she's hit those times that she was after and you know that that says to me that she is in really good shape heading some compounds for 1500 so fingers crossed she gets into a really good race and what I like about Georgia is she's not afraid to race the world's best yes she was young when she went to the world champs and raw and you know it was super it was a surprise that she got both the 8 and 1500 times but she went over there and she was able to compete against those lady she wasn't overawed she raced them and she you know

Womens 1500m – Final – 2018 Summer of Athletics Grand Prix

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