hi I'm Chris Stokes I'm the captain the boys basketball team we've been having a pretty good season so far it's a great group of kids it's been tough going playing a good division good league but there's no quit in our team showing up especially well as Stephen Anthony the kid is just amazing on the court and he's leading our team and just about everything you can think of right now we got some big games coming up and we're looking forward to a great rest of the season I'm Nick : my name's Jacob Barnard and we're captains to the wilmington high school wrestling team i would say so far season's going by not as good as we hope but not as bad as we would think it would be yeah we've got some short numbers but we've been battling we got a great group of kids really tough we uh we had a four finalists at the capacitor namond the other week and I one of them place first we just had a super super quad here we went two and one there's great day for us and the kids are battling that's all that really matters we're having some success this year and we're looking forward to the rest of the season hi I'm Gina I'm the captain of the basketball team missing is Gabby and Cass this year we're a very new team we've had a very successful season we did have a bit of a rough start but we ended up doing very good were six and three now we have a couple of tough games coming up but I think with a strong defensive effort we can be good this season yes I'm tired of Thomas the throwing captain and I'd like to happily say this is the best season that the track team has had since entering the Middlesex League we we are the first team to beat Burlington with the record of four and one we've had multiple state qualifiers and we hope to do some damage at States and have some state medalists we had a couple state qualifiers in mid-distance including the 4×8 Sean Rowley in the 600 and such as myself in the thousand we're looking to do pretty good at state relays on Sunday and our team hopefully will do great at the lead to meet as well hi my name is Chloe I'm the captain of the cheer team our winter season has kind of just started we're getting back into things after fall this season we're hoping to place top 5 at States again and just continue to have good competitions a good a good season Connor Byrne common Duffy Air the captains of the ice hockey team we started off the year pretty well when in the Christmas tournament in Haverhill but I'm you know put ourselves in a tough position the last couple games you know we're on a three-game losing streak but um you know if we can just get the penalties down we you know getting a lot of penalties out there and get back on the road yeah we got some big games coming up against the big teams and uh after losing those three games they're gonna have to pull out a victory against one of these couple of big teams coming up in order to secure a spot and the tournament later on in the season so I think if we can like harness that Keith the penalties down will be good I'm Matthew Thomas senior swimmer from the Wilmington North reading swim team and the season is going pretty well we have a couple wins we won our last meet against Ipswich and a couple of weeks ago the boys won against Hamilton with them so it's going pretty well we're having our senior night this Friday the 18th at the nor the reading YMCA and we love people to show up and support us I'm Ashlyn fen we're currently practicing for our league meets on February 3rd and it's been really awesomely a part of this brand new team my name is Emma Garrity and I'm a senior captain for the girls track team so so far we just had a good week season and now we go into the more competitive invitationals and so far we have two girls that qualified for States and we have a lot of girls and a lot of relay teams that are close so hopefully we'll bring more people to States my name is Evie Miller News oh I'm a junior captain for the track team and we've been looking good so far especially in field events and sprinting events we have a strong 600 with three of the four fastest in the freedom division and we have the top runner in the Middlesex League we also have two of the top high jumpers in the free Division four the Middlesex League and we're close to qualifying for States and a few other events so it's looking like it's gonna be a good finish to our season hi my name is jeonnam is Erika I'm a junior captain I run distance we have a lot of improvement in the distance crew this season a lot of new additions to the team a lot of PRS across the season and we're really excited for the rest of the season in springtime

Winter Sports Update 2019

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