I'm sure travel eaters and many other places would be a boon to the footwear it's only autumn that winter sports are on the way it won't be long now so come with us to the city ski centre in london here are several winter sports ready to give you some hints on fashions for the snow right gays snug passions and while we look them over just strike up a tune there will you introducing Jean attractively clad in a pin des sports anorak it's glamorous and practical too and it costs about a fiver a bit extra for the fur trim on the hood at well let's have it shall we Joan will surely be there too and she evidently favors wool the wraparound Jersey wool hood with fox fur is three guineas a girl can look a very best in ski clothes and she doesn't have to be a millionairess to equip ourselves properly from head to heel details like gloves are important and naturally thinking of the white background of snow a young winter sport can let herself go on color Oh joins the girls rather a classy sweater don't you think you'd pay about seven pounds for it now meet Sandra she's chosen a Swiss patent anorak the cost under a quid with her is Olympic ski champ and tintas l Jean comes back into the picture just to encourage the musician not to be outdone well shows his reversible lightweight quilt with a Ford's maximum warp it would set him back a mere 10 pounds or so and it certainly cut a dashing figure in it Joan in a flower printed anorak and those earmuffs colors the thing all right a jumper costs just over 3 pounds easy to be smart isn't it yes the winter sports will surely have all the fun you


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