for 25 years veterans with disabilities have been coming to the National disabled veterans winter sports clinic the word had a scheme find meaning in life and build bonds that last a life the instructors at the winter sports clinic recognized the abilities of each veteran and teach them that the only real limitations there are are in their mind oh no for some reason you just feel so much better being around other people who's injured and then you see what they can do so they show you that you know you still can do everything you used to do before you just gotta find a different way of doing it and as the week goes by participants begin to realize on their own that they can overcome amazing challenges whether they are skiing down the mountain in Snowmass using all the strength they have to reach the top of the rock wall or testing the speed of snowmobiles in Aspen that's my forget my problem so it makes me forget my problems I'm calling went through my headaches and everything and it just it just like everything just floats away at that time when I'm out there at rest and it's amazing to witness all the great things these veterans are able to do that's why the clinic is often host to Olympic athletes and top representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs well there's so there's such an inspiration you know a lot of people think oh I'm too old to ski on too you know I'm not good enough shape I wish I'd skied but now I can't these guys are an inspiration to show not only that you can get out and ski and have a great time but that also you can learn how to ski well enough to out ski most of the people in Snowmass here this year the clinic hosted its most prominent advocate today Vice President Joe Biden you guys and women are so incredible you don't even realize what you do for so many other people or wheelchair-bound you don't have any idea the inspiration you provide for literally tens of thousands millions of Americans who feel like they're really down on the luck and are ready to give up and then look at you the vice president's words echoed throughout the week as veterans took control of the mountain and their lives for a quarter of a century this clinic has been more than just a week-long event it's a life-changing experience for everyone involved that proves there's no such thing as a limitation too great to overcome and for the next 25 years and beyond the winter sports plans will continue to be a pinnacle of rehabilitative sports and instruction for veterans of past present and future further Department of Veterans Affairs you

Winter Sports Clinic 25 Years of Inspiration
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