I know how are you great to see the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki visited the 24th National Veterans winter sports clinic monday to show support for veterans with disabilities well you inspire us i mean that's that's why you know that's why we do this is because you guys say you want to do it if it weren't for that none of us would be here the secretary spent the day talking with in learning from veterans about how rehabilitative sports enrich their lives and help motivate them on their road to recovery have somebody that I up in the youth organization come out to support us while we're out here it just makes you want to come out and do more the secretary kicked off the week by delivering the keynote speech during opening ceremonies sharing his excitement about the challenges these veterans will overcome life has changed for you many of you but you haven't and I hope you are as excited about the experiences and the challenges that lie before you this week as we are I can't tell you how excited all the rest of us are to get you on the slopes and watch the attack of the mountain the veteran participants will hit the slopes all week improving their skills and having a lot of fun along the way for the Department of Veterans Affairs I'm Anthony hard man

Winter Sports Clinic 2010: Secretary Shinseki Visits Disabled Veterans
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