sixty-three-year-old US Army veteran and Paralympic gold medalist Jim Martinson came to the National disabled veterans winter sports clinic in its early years after a long absence Martinson is back but this is the first time back in years and it's much much even more organized and was before it's fantastic martinson became an amputee as the result of a combat injuries suffered in Vietnam it was too close to a bouncing betty land mine took off my right leg in my right finger in and separate virtual things behind my knee and you know being a bilateral amputee above the knee when he came home from the war he found motivation to overcome new challenges at the winter sports clinic and National Veterans wheelchair games eventually going on to win a Paralympic gold medal for downhill skiing in 1992 as he puts another opponent into the wall Martinson is ready to skate his way to the top of a new sport for bid on ice ice skated once 57 years old with my legs this is fantastic we had of Highways 40 years younger I'll be trying out for the team maybe I would only an example of what you can achieve when you simply try martinson offers this advice to newly injured veterans younger guys if I could do one thing i'd say get out there try it and don't give up just work at it for the Department of Veterans Affairs i'm anthony Hardman

Winter Sports Clinic 2010: Paralympian Discovers Hockey
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