the temperature dropped the snow began to fall and it was another amazing day at the National disabled veterans winter sports clinic day for marked the invasion of the Olympians as gold medalist bode miller and six-time national champion Casey Puckett joined the veterans on the slopes to offer their encouragement and join in on the fun you know these guys have already faced adversity they've already faced now they've overcome you know the adversity that that's sort of popped up and i think that's one of the biggest things about you know advancing through sports is your got to be willing to adapt and and deal with the setbacks and the challenges and these guys are you know that they're experts at that these guys inspire me they think they want you know they're trying something new a lot of them are trying something new and and I just want to be part of it and help mout and if they have any questions about skiing and then I'll be the be there for him VA assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs l Tammy Duckworth a former winter sports clinic participant was also on hand to show her support and take a turn down the mountain the winter sports clinic was part of my rehabilitative process I remember waking up at Walter Reed just about a month and a half after I was hit and I haven't even learned to sit up in bed yet and I was towed if you work out really hard you're going to get to go to the winter sports clinic and it motivated me to work out really hard so it's part of that it's part of keeping a very physically fit lifestyle when you're disabled it's easy to become sedentary and if we can keep people physically fit it's good for them in the long run and you know plus we get to have a lot of fun on the way making it to the middle of the week the veterans continue to gain courage and a lot more speed as they flew down the mountain with their sights set on race day for the Department of Veterans Affairs on ebony heart you

Winter Sports Clinic 2010: Day of the Olympians
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