good evening a couple quick thank-yous for get going I think mrs. muster for all of her help during the winter mr. eel and sandy and Morris for all their hard work with our athletes and in the athletic center I also want to thank Danny written for the video you're about to watch and mrs. Henderson for the letters and awards you're about to receive after the video that we'll see now coach Williams will be up to make some remarks about basketball thank you [Applause] good evening first I would like to say thank the varsity basketball players for their hard work and dedication to the program throughout the season I like to think senior Brenda Crawford and junior Micah Tillman for their leadership on and off the court as captains of our program I would like to thank the parents for their support of our program of giving me the opportunity to coach their sons throughout this season and in some cases for the last three seasons and I would finally like to thank coach Rosati and coach monthly for their leadership of our Freshman team coach Stanford for working with our JV players this year and also coach Bowers for being my assistant coach and pretty much putting up with me the entire season I appreciate your hard work and dedication to our guys as well I would like to lastly say thank you to our seniors there was still nothing but the best and good luck in the next chapters in their journeys guys please understand if you ever need something from me please give me a call I'm always here to help you guys we have some exciting highlights this year starting with our home opener against Lawrenceville Prep after a four point loss to the petty school tournament to Patti after tournament we turned around the next morning defeated Lake Forest Academy for the third place trophy in the petty school tournament after when a break Lee returned home to defeat is a in overtime after a previous losses at the Woodland Hills shootout we had a go hit basket score by a stick from Chuck and a game saving charge by Xavier Lyons that's still the victory against Bishop McDevitt at the time Bishop McDevitt was number two in the for a basketball and a state and both boys finished the game with 20-plus points there was a great performance by both boys probably our most exciting part of the season happened in a four-game span we defeated Scotland sports camp and over time after being down ten points with two minutes left in the game and a huge game-tying three-pointer by Xavier Lions we took that momentum to our game against first left Christian defeating them by 12 this was the first time we beat this program since I've been here and I think says they've been existence then we had a decisive win over Western Reserve Academy and rounding out our four-game span with rival Mercersburg defeating them for the Centennial Cub so two seasons in the end the way we wanted to I'm grateful and honored to have coached and motivated to coach motivated young men who not only work hard on the court but work very very hard in the classroom I leave our returning players with two quotes for next season a dream doesn't come reality without met through magic it's a sweat determination the hard work and then the last quote I believe will be say ease is the greater threat to progress than hardship keep moving keep learning keep growing see you back on the court soon thank you my powers he's going upper we have a few letters to give out this evening please hold your applause – everyone's up here for our managers Brentford McKenzie Savion Jemison see here tonight who that unable to get here tonight freshmen Britt Turnagain state calling frykowski it's kind of sweet yeah come this way come this way please Christopher Montrese please ride and why soon a 1d amazing price Stanford's aid reliance Micah Tillman Stephen Watson Kanan Blackwell huh Jordan bright Brennan Crawford ASA come shopping vasya pizza hey Zeus fella sorry thank you we also have a few wards to give out tonight first up is one of our coaches Awards this young man has been here on the team for three years a very hard worker has some very very funny jokes and oppressions but overall just a very very well-rounded young man and we're excited that we made him a captain this year long whatever in the Crawford Micah tell me our next coaches award he is a four year member of the varsity team this summer started with him being named one of the captains going through our team camps the 14 cats we did this summer he demonstrated good leadership on the court with our young players as well in that process and we're very happy excited for his next steps to college at the college level Brandon Crawford please step up a most viable player he is sometimes I want to sit him down sometimes I want playing more but it's obvious that when he's on the court does a lot for our team and our program he averaged about 20 points a game and eight assists a game this season I was named all tournament team in a fever at one of our tournaments at the petty school basically modulations I have one final award we have a four-year letterman on this on our program like I said this young man he's the part of State for four years I had a couple coaching changes as well in the process I'm very happy I had a chance to work with him throughout his three years I've been here Brendan Crawford please come sector award with that with that being said I'm a carpenter Crawford you gave some remarks for this year's team thank you all right good Nev good evening to all four years ago I could have never imagined being up here today speaking to you I can't remember being a young freshman sitting in the audience listening to Harry range to be thinking how far senior year was away and what it would be like the journey was not an easy one dealing with the coaching changes injuries and much more but we were finally here even though this season did not in how we would have liked to I'm grateful for everything that happened the season was a very memorable one left a lot happening from Eagan and rim stuff outlet Rove I said bow is sketchy driving mic is impressing skills and Xavier is game time three two leaders on overtime when I do not think any of us will ever forget this season on a more serious note a bond was made this year stronger than any I may have ever experienced in my four years here food through the wins and losses arguments and celebrations where were all brothers and had each one of each other's backs I would like to thank all the parents and fans who came to the games no matter the distance for the unconditional love and support without you guys I do not know how we would have made it through this season I would also like to thank miss responder mid-semester the season may not have been possible without mr. Luke and our manager save young for their work you guys put in a lot of work out sorry it did not go into this lastly I would like to end off with a quote from the philosopher Socrates which teach the secret of change is to focus all your energy not on finding the old but I'm building the new to the underclassmen remember the season buff but not for too long you guys are the future of this program and before you know next year season will be here put in the work now so you can do something that hasn't been done in a while bring on the state championship thank you and now and now I'd like to think I mean and now I'd like to introduce coach Ross citizen thank you I like all the wrestlers is to come on stage now please all right Thank You Brendan for that introduction like to thank the members of the faculty administration in that flag department especially you guys the student body standing before you is the 19th huge in 2019 wrestling team they have earned my respect in their fourth they have all earned varsity letters given Hannah honor discipline and respect these words best described with coach Gary and Ron thank you by the way for this season that we've had with we've tried to instill in our wrestling program this year as far as experience goes this team fell far short of some of the things like coach in the past but when it came to spirit a willingness to work hard a strong desire to get better and to better oneself this team exceeded our expectations honor with his honor with honor to me as a coach means that is the honor and acknowledge every member of this wrestling team to that I mean it was coach Gary's and my job to honor them by knowing what they may have had a bad day during the school academic hours that proceeded over to the athletic time and still came to practice and worked hard as they could for us knowing that they may have to study for an important exam or maybe they earn some dish hours that they probably thought they didn't deserve but they still showed up respect to mean respect this was what our job was as wrestling coaches we'd like to talk about guy named Chris Pearce Chris loves the outdoors and at times sometimes he needed to spend time in the woods and sometimes it was on weekends it was coach Ron and my job to understand that this is what making Chris who he is and we had to respect that fact but he also liked to wrestle he loved to wrestle there were times that I would ask Christopher his wrestling from his his hunting trip and he would just perk up I I could see him just eager to tell me that he got a buck he got a doe or whatever it may have been actually I was just trying to get some free venison but it worked I got some his parents would tell me things how Chris would light up when he talked about the wrestling program and how we enjoyed this disky and through our offering of meat or venison that Chris gave me I took that to mean that Chris found a mentor that would help to make his stay and we're tolerable and enjoyable excuse me Chris was proud to offer this to me and he found a coach that found Chris an interesting person but we can take other members of my wrestling team like hundred pounds Griffin Donahue David and Ellen Diaz they would either play in a van where they had parts in a play and some need a little extra help in doing so they would show up late for practice and believe me I heard them play and they needed the band practice so I let them do that so you can think for that later right sorry I'm sorry guys we as member we also had a member of the 2019 Naval Academy class who just want to work hard have a better understanding about team unity before he was going to go on and serve our country as an officer in America's great Navy which I thought was awesome we have members of the kiski lacrosse football track and baseball team that wrestled for us this year we have members of the NFL we have members who just had a lot of homework and sometimes he lost your time to study and now commit him to do that respect is what Ron and I come up with was and the word to get respect you have to first give respect I'm talking about adults and I'm talking about the student body I remember seeing Eli bomb block for the first time when I first observed Eli he was walking I think Billy was from McClintock he was wearing a Tupac Shakur shirt and he wasn't so very happy to be here so I made a point to introduce myself for this young man to break the ice excuse me to break the ice I started calling him to paw right I don't know if he likes it or not but it did we sort of hit it off Eli never wrestled before but he wanted to try wrestling that Kiski one practice run and I decided that we're going to work the kids out at a true wrestling practice it was painful the guys were sore they were sweating some even passed a little gas they were working so hard the that's the point they couldn't execute another move or take another step that's when we really kicked into high gear back and forth they ran crying and cramping and staggering along the way I really believe that during this run that they were conspiring to see who was going to get coach and I talking about Ron here to stop blowing that curseth whistle apparently Eli drew the short straw so as he ran past me he uttered the words this is stupid he sort of brushed up against me I sure was probably an accident I simply responded with the appropriate voice that warns for this situation something to the effect of please young Eli I understand that you're tired you're sweaty full of gas but it is in your best interest to continue forthwith to the nearest wall and stay there and wait until another whistle blows so that you can proceed over to next wall and continue practicing to my surprise everybody started running they finished the workout and after practice Eli approached me to apologize for his behavior my response was something like this a wrestler has to be angry a wrestler has to understand that whether he is on the mat in the classroom or in the business world that he in most cases is one-on-one and sometimes physically all alone that he must bring the fire but he has to control the flame he must learn that he must work through hardships and learn to figure some things out for himself and that if he can't excuse me sometimes that if he can't he can even sometimes control his own destiny if he worked hard enough but he must also understand that if in his eyes he's felt that there's a kind shoulder of a coach's shoulder in his corner waiting for him where there's a parent or a teacher on this Kiski school faculty that understands that this child needs a helping hand and push them forward so a lot of our kids on this campus don't seem to understand why they were chosen to participate in the student body of Kiske you know it's hard it's tough and we as faculty understand that but you have to understand that in order to go through the fire in order to become gold you have to understand the intensity of what you have to go through and that's important several members of our team came to practice just to hang out with Alan because he made it to the national tournament he's a sophomore and I think that's noteworthy which brings me to my last point discipline what is discipline when you have discipline it means that you have soft control it means that as a wrestler you have to control your eating habits meaning that you must eat what you need and not what you want it means that you're willing to perform the same move over and over again just because the move may come in handy someday or catch your opponent by surprise it's a joy I see in a wrestlers eyes that sparkle that light this whole face up when his coach gives him his amount of approval that he's executed something properly let even know that he's doing a good job and it is that wrestler that who earnestly shares his newly found skill with one of his teammates hoping that this move also helped that teammate last just an additional minute on the map you see being a wrestler Hiskey means that even if you're an elite wrestler the most of your teammates are swimming in the ocean full of hungry sharks that wants nothing more get on your feet you on the wrestling that inflict as much legal pain and manipulate and twist your body in ways that you never thought possible and to finally pin you or that the clock run olives fearing further pain it is that discipline or by habit that causes you to stand after that defeat what's the other opponents hand be raised and congratulate him on a nice match it is here that you have earned your opponents respect because you didn't quit discipline is knowing that 90% of your matches will go this way haven't desired to go through something sometimes hell just to gain an extra minute on an that is a wrestler unlike Antonia's not unlike Antonia who never wrestled before for but during flex period I don't know what flex period is but I know with what he's done I know during that time he would run the steps in the fieldhouse just to get better this is one reason that we decided along with the administration here at Kiske to let Antonio with a few of end of Ellen's friends go on to the national tournament and Tony didn't house I say it's okay and Tony didn't qualify but I just got a kick out of watching them peer through the iron pipe railing that surrounded the balcony at a stable arena his hit with twitching contort working to gain a better perspective on the moves that a more experienced wrestler did I could almost hear his mind as he would almost I could almost hear to say like I want to go to Nationals next year or he was probably saying I'm hungry age to the point where he I think he's weighed in that 112 113 point five and nationally 128 pounds so he was eating everybody's wrestling team got strong everybody's wrestling team got faster and everybody on the wrestling team walked away with a sense of pride and yes with discipline that they with the discipline of the exhibited and the respect that they showed for one another it is my honor to be associated in to coach the nine to 2019 kiski wrestling team oh and by the way we did the Western Reserve after they beat us earlier in the year so people are like to present to you the 2019 wrestling team yo Q Awards little Lego the engines of speed okay we'll give us stuff to you later but the special wars are going to go to MVP is going to be lmds Caleb Thank You Caleb commandment is that right because I said is my Rookie of the Year given my hands Griffin and David Diaz earned the coaches award thank you the game Danis fun to speak of gee words good afternoon everyone first I'd like to thank coach Ross and coach gave for taking time out of their days to work with us for two hours in the wrestling room and miss Ross for coming to all of our events and recording our matches in the score book I'd also like to thank all the parents and friends of our team who came to support us at each event when I look at these wrestlers I believe that they they have gained three things from the season honor respect and discipline I see men who are willing to put their heart and whoever it is whether it's in the wrestling room on the baseball field or even in the band room you guys have given their blood sweat and tears to accomplish their goals each day and we came into the wrestling room we work to get 1% better watching these guys work alongside of me in the toughest sport in the world made me feel like I wasn't alone watching them wheeze after a 20 minute long fire drill or seeing the beads of sweat hit the mat as we all push for that last push of them gave me the hope gave me hope for the future of this team I hope that next year when I'm gone you all continue to strive for that 1% every day don't ever quit because I promise you the feeling of winning a match is one of the greatest feelings you ever feel I'd like to finish off with a quote from Dan Gable a former University of Iowa wrestling coach pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit give everything you got today for tomorrow never men never come whenever you guys have those days have those rough days just remember not to quit because it'll be worth it in the end thank you all for making my last high school wrestling season once you remember I'd like to introduce coach Sunday to the stage well ladies and gentlemen welcome to the end of another long winter season this one was a little bit different for me I've been here 10 years and I've actually never had an undefeated duel mead record until this season it would be a little more satisfying if we didn't have quite so many cancellations due to blizzards polar vortexes you know regular PA weather swimming is a long season and it can be a really mentally challenging one usually meats are there to break up the season to provide that feedback to give the swimmers some incentive some feedback to saying okay you know maybe you didn't get your personal record but your turns were faster you know you you really pushed that second half of the race just a little bit harder and in the face of you know your coach coming in and saying yeah that meat that was pushed back because of a blizzard it got cancelled because it was too cold in the face of that you know disappointment you guys kept up the effort you kept working you kept putting in the yards and I really have to hand it to my swimmers this year they really kept up a really strong mental fortitude you know and they kept improving every day when we came in here and we started writing yards on yards and the board you guys went in you did him we did have some highlights or season even brief as it was the IPS Elwyn the entire team came together you guys really swim great as an entire team you put up good times and you came back with a victory that mean our Eastern team Eastern's is one of the most competitive meats on the East Coast and the swimmers that went there went ahead put forth some really impressive times both of the relays that they competed were fast enough to actually come back competed in the finals of each event and finally we of course are our final meet got cancelled because of weather once again but I would say highlight for at least some of those guys was finally beating all the JV guys in our little inner squad meet 12 my swimmers a good job this season again really keeping up that effort in the face of so few meets is an impressive feat in itself it's my seniors you guys have been with me for most of you for quite some time you guys have you know contributed so much throughout the years I would thank each one of you but I think you're at least half the team you guys are gonna be really hard to replace and to the juniors time to step it up next year finally I would like to thank Jason Jennings my assistant coach every time that you know he mentored a kid every time he was able to you know cover for me when my infant was sick you know I really appreciate all the hard work you put in this season so without further ado varsa if you could come up varsity letters winners of this season Christopher Burnham Brian Garcia Garrus Kohut Corbin God Edgard Mercado horn mo Dylan Pettis Ryan Pettis dan ridden Caleb guerrilla Rambo she Alex Stewart Lucca Venditti Tony Wang Angelle Peter job gentlemen your varsity swimming team of the season we have a couple final superlatives this season the swimmer who contributed most to our success through simple points earned our newcomer and one of our juniors we're looking forward to good things next year Caleb rule oh this next winners the coaches award so it's pretty easy to you know put in that effort to keep coming into coming into all the morning practices even day in day out when you're achieving a lot of success this particular swimmer had some setbacks this year at least at first he wasn't swimming like he wanted to but he kept coming in caps you know attacking each and every set he kept up the hard work and he ended the season really much closer to where he wanted to be the coaches award this year Chris Vaughn so this this next award we had a couple swimmers who who didn't quite qualify for varsity letters we had again just with so few meets we just didn't have enough competition but this guy he joined the swim team and he wasn't a natural Mladic athlete but he kept coming in he came in to more morning practices than a lot of the varsity swimmers and he kept improving day in day out the most improved this year comes goes to Michael Stipe and finally even though we have so many seniors this year there's only one that has actually competed with us all four years he's one of our co-captains where we forget him missing next year Peter Zhao finally I'd like to welcome to the stage Horace mo our other co-captain to give a little speech gentlemen you may return to your seats hello everyone good evening first of all I wanna start with congratulating basketball and wrestling team under success this winter I also wanted to thank our manager and mystery for keeping our team healthy this year I appreciate all the support from the families my peers and a faculty members for our swimming team now I want to thank coach Sunday and coach Dennis for their hard work and dedication to the team this year the swim team wrapped up very strongly this season and it was the best one I've ever had in my three years comparing to the last two seasons this was the year that the team won the most meets we beat WRA Linsley and Derry all the winnings stimulated the whole team he always stays as a United competitive and emulative family this attitude led us to the last two peak time after 17 years we brought the ipsa championship trophy back to our school again in WCC swimming championship our 200 yards freestyle relay placed six which allowing us to receive medals it was all about the team effort and teamwork another big congratulation are the swimmers who went to the Easterns of you guys reached the best individual time for the season besides I was proud that you realize were made to the second heat of finals the team consisted of a majority of veterans most notable seniors Peter Zhao and Aaron Joe the only four years swimmers on the team but the new blood we had this year such as Caleb reuleaux Chris Bonin and Tony wine infused the team with their aspiration and ambition I also admire the spirit displayed by jr. Gary's Kohut who had a scary arm injury last year but always tried his best to come back to path to the practice as often as he could he dived into the pool normally and made efforts to improve his swimming skills it was a strong motivation our team encouraging both veterans and new swimmers to keep working hard without the doubts swimming is a tough sport the practice is monotonous and the pool is always the same and it was hard for all of us to soak in the cold water for nearly two hours every day but that's how Olympic swimmers will tell you about the hardest part of swimming you just have to endure it and stay with it swimming is not a competitive swim is not only a competitive sport but it also develops our fortitude mentally and physically this is the charm of the swimming and for all the sports as we are always challenging ourselves I also learned lessons from a teammates did not be late for practice do not skip the practice and do not sleep over in the morning you guys know what I'm talking about my whole swimming career at the key ski school just ended but I have no regrets it was my honor and pleasure to be a member of this amazing swim team you guys are energetic fantastic and adorable I hope other swimmers will keep fighting Kohaku's Alex Coby and Patty's brothers I'm looking forward to watching your YouTube swimming videos next year mr. Sunday needs you and I think you guys all have a promising and bright future again thank you guys for the memories it's time for life to begin thank you now please introduce mr. Spalding stage all right a couple quick thank-yous I want to thank mr. Joe Byrne for all of his help this year coaching and behind the scenes things like that school you pay attention wife had children for all their help also want to thank Darcy for his managerial skills and keeping pumps and water bottles and everything else in order Rozier pushes that drop on a phone already I also want to thank all the parents and family students and faculty who came to the games especially yesterday it was really nice it was a really good year the kids battle through injuries never complained you know the team that we thought we were going to start off with this year I wasn't the team we ended with yesterday and had quite a few guys that were injured but the kids battle through it we finished 15 4 & 1 it's a record they should be really proud of a couple highlights of the year we finished third at the st. Andrews tournament in Canada which is a really good tournament really competitive last year we finished 7th two years ago we finished 2nd so it's really good this year first and they come the new tricks tournament for the fourth straight year we won the midwest rock & roll classic for the third straight year and then won our league championship yesterday for the fourth straight year you know the great thing about this team I think it's comprised of kids who are talented golfers you know talented baseball players lacrosse players you know kids that play many sports and hockey might not be their first love but the kids played really hard listened and you know competed hard and wanted to win I'm gonna announce all the letter winners now and if you could just hold your applause until afterwards that would be great our first one is Dylan Brzezinski jr. he is our biggest fake Patriots fan on the team and but we still love them we drop a queen up the clapping right now secondly coming up then crew for your goaltender force also plays baseball also Mazda head prefect once in a while as well that crew Nick Darrington had two big goals last on the championship game came back from a broken wrist last year I believe the first two goals he scored all season for us but they were two big goals well this next one Nick DeLauro nick is a freshman and for those who are hockey fans my memory guy named Paul Coffey more in my time Paul Coffey was more like a fourth forward on the ice and never really believed in playing defense and yes he's a hall-of-famer as a nickel point out but we only have you know three or four defenses most of the year and a lot of times just kind of two lines with injuries and Nick still love to rush the puck many times that often created two-on-ones for our goalies and for Stewie ancillaries playing with them so that's Nick Navarro Paul Coffey Nicholas Fausto came to us this year freshmen played hard got better as the year went on making his way up here now always that is inhaler with them case things weren't bad sometimes he forgot the inhaler on the bench we had to get a form then we have been foster whose non dress code tonight faking a an injury then had a really good year for us then got hurt last Tuesday against Linsley had a really good year for us a lot of goals assist penalty killing played really well you know we missed them obviously yesterday but it was good to get out Lilly Gillis another goalie four years with us strongest guy on the team got very mad against Lindsley on Tuesday and some ones that kids are very afraid of him off there another goalie Patrick Jacob third year very good golfer mr. Saudi worries every time a puck goes off of his body in case his golf game gets in trouble Chris Kendall freshman played really hard for his year hard-working kid scored a goal and kept the puck number that he asked the referee for the puck and he got it then we have Jacob Rosa who kind of plays like a soft flower like a butterfly out there not very physical size away from contact I think three goals in our first game yesterday and a goal and assists in the championship game the other roasters more the physical guy takes care of his brother unfortunately actually jump there makes his brothers being you know picked on we saw that a very strong strapping man coming up here and it force her to see like your tie and then we have our one person wearing a blue shirt tonight Ian Russ his non proper dress Koval was so calm up the end battle for injuries all serious had a great goal against Lindsley he was very happy to school her it was the third second goal yeah right gratulations he had played well for us this year then was a big help yeah areas Brice Brice Brice really didn't improve over the year and he really is a hard-working kid but unfortunately our prices highlights was if we couldn't get Bryce subs for the Gilmore game but school protocol we made sure he was okay he wasn't his room but we had to leave that almost started for the second period I see Bryce's dad at the game in Ohio Whitney and asking me where it where Bryce's his bracelet bought a call has done and tell him he didn't make it in time for the school vans to leave and then here we have this guy here probably heard he was 20 years old almost every game this year he's only he's only not you just turned 19 correct we're talking to you yeah we were talking to you doing with the crazy so Nathan's a defenseman force played two years nathan solaris you can come on up please get some fun last night fans were talking to and enjoying his hockey ability this person here has put me on blood pressure medicine that's probably stronger than what i've had between me and coach novum telling him begging yelling at him to stay out of the box I think he went four games straight with no penalties when we when he knew we were like down about eight guys playing but had a you know had a nice assist last night on the third goal that kind of put things away for us Noah Cooley who also played injured he's very tough young man I hope he's limping just to kind of add to that that's good JP Swasey third year with us I believe he had more goals into Laurel this year and that was very happy everybody's very happy about that I took about a tenth of the shots and last but not least Stewie for years defenseman for us has played really well became a little more offensive this year and probably had the biggest check of his life this year's senior year remember that one I do so these are our guys this year 2018-19 team so got our couple wards to give out so Most Improved like I said earlier you know this guy came to practice every day works hard he got hurt hurt his knee against Western Reserve and are in our season from now home finale and worked hard to get back and you know he was crushed that he was hurt but look before to see this progress in the next three years Chris Kendall's our most improved coaches award so I admit I am partial to goaltender's you know I I played goalie in college and growing up in prep school so I let go always to get Awards because the back one of it seemed in my opinion but Patrick it's a second-year kind of back to back getting coaches Awards Patrick's very talented we have three really talented goalies but during the game she's not playing Patrick is cheering on encouraging guys but also practices it's tough to kind of not know you're playing every game but go to practice and play hard so you guys have you know good goalies and tough competition and Patrick's been great in the last three years I'm looking forward to watching the next year plan it son more games but Patrick Jacobs our coaches Award winner this year all right so we have three four-year letter winner okay and a couple of neat stats I'm on a big math guy but a couple stuff is I go so we have Billy Gillis bend crew and Jason Stewart you got some stuff forward okay so these guys have played all four years for us so we have a shoot goalies you can go a little more if you want come on let's make it nice in the middle there we go so there's two goalies and defenseman you know so we the great thing in hockey is you can get out shot 53 to save 14 and win which would happen this year we'd be the number 5 team in Ohio and we got shot fifty three forty have a really good goalies other games I think the next game in that tournament we got shot 33 18 and 1 3 nothing you know Billy had the 53 saves for the 33 saves and the shut up and then Stewie actually got a concussion in that tournament so we really missed enough for that but Stewie's a really good defender you know block shots for us and pretty much his defense first so you need guys like this to be successful so these guys in their four years have a record of 64 11 and 3 which is I mean it's pretty amazing means 64 11 and 3 which is a winning percentage of 75% we say win three or four games they play which i think is pretty impressive okay they're good guys they're easy guys to coach you know and we say it and this is not you know it's you want kids who are mentally strong and physically strong and these guys were I mean this is a team that really could have kind of cried and complained about them things did go well or injuries or get behind but you know I never heard it maybe coaching of them did but never complain never yelled that guys you know is everybody kind of together and that's an easy team to coach in my opinion it makes it fun to go with them but also you know that they're together and then they mentally can handle what's in front of them and these guys are three big reasons I mean you don't give a good go in a good defenseman you're always in the game so these are our three four year letter world winners Billy Gillis Ben crew and Jason Stewart all right so Billy Gillis is gonna say a couple words for us as one of our captains you guys come back office I gotta come back up hello and thank you all for showing up tonight first I would like to call up the seniors on the 2019 hockey team I would like to start by thanking a few people I would like to thank mr. who Luka and Miss monster for their work in the athletic center mystery for keeping our team as healthy as possible our coaches as well as mr. K and even mr. price bringing us to practice sometimes when I first was test to write this speech I wasn't sure how I wanted to start it but I wanted to start it exactly how hockey started with a van ride for those of you who don't know we take a van to and from practice day-in day-out these rides are no longer than a half hour but the bond it brings between the team last an eternity on the ride it's a practice it is usual to see coach bond interrogating members of the team and gazing back at them through the front mirror this is purely for his and others entertainment at least that thing we chat we laugh and we sing along to music when it's kept on and even see an occasional car crash the van stories are endless but just as in Vegas what happens there stays there but that's just the beginning of our ride now what all of you are here for the sports hockey after the ride to the ring it is time for practice or games as you look around the locker room you see everybody getting parrot in their own ways some dance some listen to music others talk and some slip their hair back with a lot of water but when it's time to hit the ice all of these individuals become a team and they are ready to take on any battle ahead of them we have had our fair share of injuries this year and have always had less men than our opponent but for what we lacked in size we always made up with heart we knew what we had to work with did not complain and did our job and a really good one as you can see I want to thank all of my teammates for that but that was just a stop on our ride lastly the ride home is a usual time for players to talk about their amazing goals in which they score it in practice the players will come up to the goalies they scored on and tell them about them the goalies will always answer back dude it doesn't even matter it was only practice meanwhile this really does get to us I guess what I'm getting at is whether it is the beginning middle or end of a practice a game or a season or a van ride there will always be a story to tell I'm glad that each of you were able to add a chapter to my story or better yet our story so my guys next year good luck and for my fellow seniors this was our last ride thank you at this time I would like to announce coach spawn and coach no one back to the stage please don't worry we'll have something thanks guys yes you know usually don't I usually don't make remarks at this at the Sports Awards program mainly not because I don't have anything to say but because by the time we get to the end everyone's looking very hungry and eager to go out to the lobby and dig into the cakes with your faces on them that'll happen shortly I'll be brief but I did want to say that first congratulations to everybody on a fantastic winter sports season and we always say this but it's true that the results you know the wins and the losses and trying to measure a season for any particular team quantitatively and all of the great awards and the bling we have up here is fantastic it's nice it really is but what's more important is the way you play and yeah I've been here for 17 years of that master so I've gotten to know a lot of the a lot of the refs for the different sports and they regularly come up to me after the games and say what a pleasure it is to ref kiske games because of the way all of you behaved and I know that this season in particular there's been a lot of stories of people on different teams and teams being taunted and heckled and in some cases physically assaulted and in every every case he behaved this gentleman and upheld the great standards that distinguished our athletic program of sportsmanship and and fair play and that makes us very very proud so so I was thinking you know what would be an appropriate reward for what for a great winter sports season and you know we have some things on the schedule on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday but I forgot what I was going to say and I'll leave it to you to share this news with your classmates and friends but this Thursday in honor of a great winter sports season we'll have a free day [Applause] so congratulations again to all of you and we have some refreshments for you in the lobby have a good evening

Winter Sports Awards 2-24-19

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