you wait in five shadow five-five introduce yourself hi like pancakes what else do you like I don't know I like clothes and and ham anyway and I'm more weird than you might think and I kind of psycho anyway that ends our introduction let's go on to pick oh I love boy and I'm going with you what's your sports to for it yes this is the fifth episode and at stay tuned in the end for a room of you um I don't want review this yet um huh you just went through next shows okay this sounds pop in my lesson let's review it will distort you this ISM this is the main menu from here you could stop to play big single event series of events challenges options are you – hi sport or decision is for you I'll be looking at it competition mode you can choose because name use with the keyboard I treat some seven nations for the sake of this review I'll be um America centers in Canada anyway first up we have Alpine T you must open the game if you just won you get a fellow if you get five tops you're disqualified term let's attach three if you look okay we'll get a time energy they're going to put the time you learn to get hurt you bump in the wall to lose time and and then it will take a while to Bari back on fat don't be careful the great remarks were just floating arrow don't look [Applause] this column must run around the corner it matters Japanese its biggest threat by [Applause] explain the house and the closer you get to the inner ring the board once again to worry don't have the same tour just team has determined fit [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey jumpy so you look basically down down on your side down only that but you heart ends up in other players their goals get a faster time than your opponent well that's pretty much it 51 daddy has not window right here if anything it was agreed the way to win the race you need to be on fathom study it well and people cut down and say good feet I beg you overheads on your opponent's hey I'm your feet qualify for is if but you're my berries don't have to win the other game you what would it's not everything okay times hey if you stop to start rolling your carapace hours if you get to your to qualify and we have to stop let's get everybody to decide by dragging them into the sea this is pretty much up top keeps here with the steering wheel and it still has the same problem yeah so that's pretty much it [Applause] let's trace over to the thong on the lower screen Wow you'll peel and fall on your butt and be calm and impatient and a video will be uploaded of a feel compilation of you sucking at a figure skating and you'll become the laughingstock of the internet make it let's get back on topic you failed to draw gorgeous angle to impress a junction phone with buzz and repose to chase it good so you attach the judges the better you do what are you good in my context judges for the best performance the better performance the higher your sports after a certain amount of things after this you're saying and I love you a final routine what you don't know oh yeah pretty much it because that's all the sports in the game but yeah [Applause] [Applause] and after all that for me and just see the top three in the charges and yeah that now time for the verdict I give this game up see I'd give this game a school up 34 it's pretty mediocre at best anyway now time to go over to cons this game has most events are clones of each other there are free outline skiing events which are pretty similar to each other and now I've been different bob said and lose or have the very frustrating least narrow track and are pretty similar to cover again and now there is only one blow up I could find a girl this game there are special challenges and the game runs at a smooth playing rate you but now time for a real question of this review is this game worth the price of 80 cents concert version stick with that if you don't have no interested in this game buy it but but so anyway that enzyme review of winter sports – but that's not the end of the video thank you more you sir going to the cool engines or box somewhere you go once your sports too one nice breakfast reveal this is my bed I sleep on you of course and this is my wheel my television set I have my Wii U and peers to plug into it this is my playstation 2 that's my amoeba watching on top of my old stuff check this is my desktop papers looking really messy on top here's I'm trailing by question and usually the cross lesson on top of Adams this is my money my dog the dog and diamonds my realm of you how'd you get out the box of man thank you very much for watching and have a nice day or night anyway peace out

Winter sports 2 DS Dru review
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