two weeks of hard Frost and bright sunshine in perfect conditions for the World Ski Championships at Bad Gastein Austria in the main slalom but Werner of America is the first away and with only one fault he weaves through the 70 flag poles in 59.6 seconds an excellent time for this difficult cost many of the Munich West Germany isn't so lucky very few manage to write themselves after fall on a course to drop 660 feet between start and finish one slip is one too many here's the favorite handsome young Austrian film star Tony Siler champion of Cortina with four world titles to defend in this week of steam as he crosses the line he loses his footing but all the same he manages the clock 58.3 and it's I layers teammate yours'll rider who makes a nice perfect run of the day not a single fold all the way and a style that's a joy to us over the nineteen fifty-seven point seven and your Sarita is the new well slalom champion Sylas lost one of his titles market still austrians

Winter Sports (1958)
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