I’m from Vancouver Canucks getting set to wrap up a brief new game homestand and they’ll do it against a Jets team that’s beaten Vancouver’s six consecutive games giving up to six goals in the process here’s a long shot by Chris Connor hope Chris tannins last goal was against these Jets last October 56 teams low-scoring buffle enclosed shower down comes in from the backhander stop by Jacob marks are now been shroud along shot and marks to the steer that to the corner and the Jets wheeled that great pace to this game earlier just a minute in and back and forth they go Marcin couldn’t clear little scores a giveaway by the Gold senator Jacob Markstrom and Brian little into the empty net makes it one nothing Winnipeg its off Ben Hutton and Jacob Marston just throws it to Brian little and little scrap the whole net you can see the Canucks coming back there could choose they thought Jacob markstram was going to throw it behind the net and instead he threw it off the boards read to Brian little backhands one through the crease here’s two ten throwing one off the side another Paki right in front and Perot stopped by marks turn near Zieler is back to Josh Morris healers one-timer kicked out by March the rebound clear to the side but not out dishes off line he shoots blocks that hurt Troy Stecher is down to one knee but back on his feet here’s Blake Wheeler across line and couldn’t shoot it now he centers tipped on goal rebound pulled a save by markstram put the glove up work safely just as the penalty is about to come to an end [Applause] [Applause] carbon copy of Saturday night and the Canucks are back on even terms now it’s centered intercepted bison so Maurice is gonna have to win to keep pace with Babcock who had a comeback win over Columbus today near Zieler with a hard shot rebound this score safely a hot shot that Markstrom couldn’t control the rebound and Mark safely makes it 2-1 Jets Jacob Martin thought he had that one squeezed inside his body in it came back the other way chopped into the corner now the Jets take control Byfuglien starts him here’s hunter cutting in from the side chose shipped it up over the right shoulder of March 2 and a power-play goal makes it 3 2 1 4 minutes remaining here’s color it again and March some had to be sharp to make that limp at save sketcher please 1 ahead for Marcus Graham checked by Tyler Myers for about following up cutting in front dishes to Gagne Horvath turns no wave with clay bullhorn bat gets the shot on our helmet comes across gets a piece of it great across the goal line as you said John not off both bulls but great across the line never crossing the line continuing to battle for able to his pass for gold OVA didn’t work and Shuba right on late chance here for the cannot stay in back within one Nikolai goes over the post on the gong even a tip by the channel lightning again she comes here’s gold over moving NE slows still has the puck wrists it on the Olin swings it around the blank [Applause] the peace officer Delaney they say by works to McCain quickly to his right after finding all the way across Lake wheeler safely is stopped by clarkster here’s Lyman under a minute to go on the powerplay corner back to Buffalo and Hitchcock swallowed up by monster puts the puck to Perot other side poppin rashad stick save marksman and sure up there gives it away to go Horvath which one in front and Erickson couldn’t make contact Christian upholds the POC team here’s Rochelle turning with a shot off the goal stick into the air and grabbed by Connor Johnny pokes one two good Branson he lets go with a shot into the crest of the Jersey granny was on to me pukka Center writing skills malfunction at the junction and Kyle Connor sent up Patrick lining to make it four to one Patrick line a only is second even strength goal and no communication lightning chasing ma short-handed tunes did the Canucks need that a short-handed goal from Tyler mod and Mini Coopers back within two head up man up rolling puck settles it down he chops at the puck jets come over that little cut to brownie shoots much will be vented and regrets who was there to clear off the goal line seven home kits touch so the play goes on as the move the puck ahead Sam Gagner wrist shot fall off and that on the rebound chop the puck wide of the goal here’s a steel 911 cutting in George Wilson George solo effort from Nikolai gold golden in the Canuck sir within a goal [Applause] and now he’s got the puck back to hunt and hunt the Pettersen shoots tipped and stopped near side for Tyler mock tried to shovel it back and Brandon James Henry passed a monocoque state on the puck mr. Lou stop there and grabbing at his markstram gonna reach back to Kevin Healey’s for Tyler bought in with a wrist ruler go over bat-hooks one goal and how about be able to hold it out turn shoots marching the save or some room the short side wheeler rushes into the drop pass to sack with Connor Baxter safely erect Oh save and here comes Patterson descent [Applause] has the puck channeler shoots kicked up on the left and Tim’s shower still looking for his first goal of the season here’s Patterson again pertaining to the man hello buck the win for the poke check and misfit pass ahead here’s gold oven Henderson more than that here comes for tanning production three-on-two for tanning on the right side of the roof shot attempt let me record just past Nikhil Dolman Jetson transition Kyle Connor moving in drops two little centering pass they score that’s recliner his second of the game [Applause] little two line in looking line to get ready for that before the little pass got to him lion he’s ready to shoot [Applause] to knock it away from the goal line scatman faithfully Morrissey off the stick pouches in no pressured by mock gets the Punta Cana very attentive [Applause] their hat-trick sixth of his career and the Jets lead six to three and the Winnipeg fans realizing that back throwing the hats on the ice julieopp can’t find his feet down to the Horner this one comes to an end the hat-trick for Patrick lining Jets rack up 49 shots on the vancouver ahead they’ve now on seven straight against the Canucks in Vancouver’s below 500 for the first time since starting the season one and two as they fall 6-3 at home to the Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets vs Vancouver Canucks | NHL | NOV-19-2018 | 23:00 EST
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