I’m Erin Banko with NJ.com. Everyone seems to have Olympic fever. We’re here with the Synchroettes synchronized skating team. You won’t see their sport in the Olympics this year. And we’re taking to them about why they think they should be included. Everybody who thinks that synchro should be an Olympic sport, raise their hand. We’re able to do what ice dancers do, what figure skaters do, what pair skaters do. But it’s 16 girls putting it together on the ice In a really beautiful and incredible way. We’re here outside the Synchroettes locker room, let’s go in and see if they’re ready. In order for synchro to be an Olympic sport I kinda feel like you guys need to be strong. So let’s see how strong you are. I don’t even know if I can hold a plank for that long. Let’s see if I push on you Oh wow, she’s really strong. I think speed is a really important factor and it’s something that, you know people see watching the Olympics all the time. Wow how fast are they going They seem to be going crazy fast. What about synchro. We have to approach each other very fast to make it look smooth and elegant. While at the same time maintaining those clean lines that establish synchro for the interesting complex sport that it is. So skating in general just seems kinda crazy dangerous at points when you’re watching the Olympics like you see all these, sort of crazy moves being done. Synchro is just as dangerous if not even more. Because there’s 16 times more the blades. And we’re so close to each other, that it’s it’s very risky and we have to be aware of how close to each other we are. Ok so there’s this element that you do on the ice where you almost look like you’re going to fall. Seems pretty tricky. It’s called a shoot the duck. A shoot the duck. Why is it called a shoot the duck? I do not know. The one I can’t get over is the one where you lift your leg up, all the way to the side. What’s that called? That is a 170 or if we’re doing it in the pairs we call it a pair 135 or a pair 170. Alright that’s it from NJ.com. The synchronized skating community is lobbying to get into the 2022 Winter Olympics. We’ll hear more about that later this year.

Why synchronized skating should be an Olympic sport
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2 thoughts on “Why synchronized skating should be an Olympic sport

  • February 16, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    synchronized skating? Interesting…

  • February 19, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    Judging from the attendance figures, the audience suggests not.


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