WHY STUDIO “ECHO”? Let’s go a few years back. The longest project I have worked on so far was actually before studio Jeka started. Nothing that is happening tonight makes sense. We have been filming a skate video for 3 years, spent hours and days on streets filming for a video that for a long time actually didn’t have a name. Until this one time we stopped in Karlovac at a spot where we filmed a lot, and every time someone yelled we heard an „echo“ from the buildings near us. The echo was really strong, and we thought: „that’s a good echo“. „Hey wait, we can call the video..“ ECHO We dropped the Jeka trailer, and a year and half later we held a video premiere at MM center. This is literally the only photo we have of that day. 6/21/2019 – JEKA PREMIERE ONE MONTH LATER… In Zagreb today on 8/8/2017 Jeka workers sign.. Where’s the stamp?? I didn’t have to think much about the studio name, everything was pretty clear. Now all that had to be done was: A logo, open a website, make business cards and buy new equipment. A lot of new equipment! Since that day Jeka is getting stronger and stronger, You could say it is really echoing…

Why studio “Jeka” – Zašto studio “Jeka”
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