Boston fans in general are passionate and knowledgeable plaza fans love to see enthusiasm an effort above all there's a perception that a player lacks that they let him know anymore see players who care about the game as much as they do guys who have a certain comportment about them people who will really work at it people here really do relate to that it is also this expectation that yes you are a great player but you're also humble about it I think patrice bergeron fits the more perfectly [Applause] a guy who can deliver a game after game after game with the consistency and definitely with that humility of being just a good decent guy who can do all of those things and not be self aggrandizing this is a city that embraces history and embraces tradition Pedro Martinez when he pitched there was a buzz at Fenway Park it was an event it was special you sent you're seeing history in the making he embraced the city and its passion he loved the pressure he loved the rivalry with the Yankees embraced that aspect of paper that he wasn't backing down I think in the current crop the player who has struck a chord with people is Marcus smart Wacka smarts clear passion resonates with the fans and is it's almost recklessness and is appreciated by the fans [Applause] smart Marcus smart is not the most skilled players but certainly what the smart is understood that he is a flawed gem of a player he attempts to do things that no one else will attempt the answer often succeeds grok spiking this is how we do it unquestionably for the Patriots it's Gronk because of his style of play because of his size how he played how he played the position how we spike the ball after he scored the touchdown Gronk has been out there from the day he got here there's no comparison I think for anyone they've ever had in the Patriots being part of the city being part of the history and the tradition of the city that's what this city is about that it's more than just playing a sport that there is something larger something bigger that they're taking apart

Why Boston Sports Fans Are So Demanding

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