Hey guys, it’s Karina. And this is Ronald from… Sis versus bro! And today we’re doing the who knows Ronald better challenge, and today we’re going to be doing it with our dad! Hey guys. So it’s going to be me versus our dad. Yeah, let’s go! Who knows Ronald better? Hmmm… So we’ve already done who knows me better challenge, but we’re going to be doing it again And f you haven’t seen the last one, go check it out because these two did pretty bad. Not gonna lie, they did. I thought I did well. Not mentioning names, not mentioning names. I thought I did very well. Okay. (claps) So let’s start. What’s the first question, Ronald? First question, hmmm… Yeah let’s do it. Which one is better, sis or bro? Sis, obviously. What? That’s a real question? Oh, come on. Not! Just joking, I’m just joking. This is the real question: What is the date today? What is the date today? (Ronald giggles) Wait, wait, let me think. Let me think. Okay, I’m just joking about this one, too. I’m joking about this one, too. Come on. Oh my, oh wow. What a joker. (Ronald giggles) Okay give me a real question. Do I like popcorn? Yeah. Obviously. It’s a tie. (Ronald giggles) Correct! It’s so surprising! So, so far Karina has one point, Dad has one point from that simple question but the hard ones are coming guys, the hard ones are coming. Are you sure it’s gonna get any harder from that? Yep. (Dad laughs) Let me throw you with this one. Go ahead. How many baby teeth do I still have? You don’t even know. Oh my God. I do. Wow I told you it’s gonna be a tough one. Do you have any? Yeah. Gee. I have no idea, but I take a good guess. Okay you have to do one number. I’m gonna go for… Twelve? Okay, so I actually have 14 baby teeth, so no one gets the point ’cause you guys are both equal. Okay. Wow. That was a tough one. I told you. Okay, next tough question, by Ronald. What game did I play on my most watched video on my channel? (fun music plays) This one. You’re both wrong! It changed, it changed, it changed. What is it now? It’s Hello Neighbor. No way. Yes way. Come on. With awesome, 9 million views. Oh my gosh, that’s insane. No point, oh my goodness. Another tough question by Ronald, let’s go. What’s my favorite video game? And Karina goes straight in Dad goes straight in. You guys both got a point. I thought it was hard. I thought the question was hard. Are you sure? Yeah I thought it was really hard. My favorite game right now is obviously Fortnite. So, so far Karina has two points and Dad has two points, they only get it when it’s easy so then they both get a point. It’s gonna be a tie. How many Victory Royales do I have on Fortnite? Combining squads, duels and solo. What? Okay, the closest one wins? What if we don’t know the exact number? Yeah the closest one wins. You ready? Three, wait. Three, two, one. Let’s go. 54, 30… You’re closer. What? 74. You got 74? No it’s squads, duels and solo. Oh okay. That’s not fair. So Dad got a point, Karina just needs– Yes! I knew I could do it. Yes, oh oh, oh oh. All right next question. Dad is in the lead. Yes. What is my favorite song? Favorite song? You even have one? Barely. I think I know what it is. I don’t know if I know the name to it but I know how it goes. Then just write a bit of it. Okay. I don’t know the title but let’s do it. You ready? Are you ready? Three, two, one. Oh. Dad is correct, it’s seven years. What? I thought it was the like– Lazy song. Lazy song. Oh. (sings “Today I don’t feel like doing anything.) Dad got, it’s two in the lead. It’s four to two. Come on. All right. Wow. Boys can do it better. (Ronald giggles) Okay, next question. What is the name of the book series I am reading right now? Oh wow. I’m pretty sure it started with Tom . Oh my God, you just gave it away! Oh, Dad does not even know, Dad does not even know! What is it? It’s this crazy book, I never read it but the cover, it looks very crazy. No wait. The last one is a G, starts with a G. The last word starts with a G that’s my clue for you. I have no idea. Just write something. Tom. Mary had a little lamb. (Ronald and Karina giggle) That’s not fair you’re copying Karina. Of course I’m copying her ’cause I have no idea. What else am I supposed to do? Tom goes home. (Ronald and Karina laugh) Is that the one? No. Is it, is it? I wrote Tom G. It’s Tom Gates. Gates. Not Tom goes home. (Ronald giggles) I was closer. I thought he went home. So point for Karina ’cause Dad copied. Three points to four points. Still in the lead. Well I’m gonna catch up. We’ll see. What is my favorite YouTube channel. Oh that’s easy. It’s gotta be this one. Okay, no I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know! Three, two, one. Uh, RonaldOMG, Sis vs Bro. Seriously? Nope. Yeah. Nope. What do you mean no? Nope. Isn’t this your favorite. Aren’t I right? No it’s Preston Plays! Come on. Oh that doesn’t even count. Yes it does, yes it does. Still three to four, okay. Ready for next question guys? Yep. Make it easy. I am about to, what is my favorite color? It’s gotta be… (Ronald and Dad laughs) It’s nothing on my shirt, you can look at my shirt! Your favorite one… Hesitation, hesitation, hesitation. I’ve got it I think. I think I know. It’s gotta be this one. Ready, steady. Are you copying me? Wrong and wrong. What? Yep. It’s orange! Didn’t I tell you? It’s orange? Orange sucks, orange is a terrible color. You have nothing orange! My folder, used to be my pencil case, my water bottle. Oh yeah, oh yeah yeah, that’s your favorite item. Okay, okay. So orange is my favorite color and I’m surprised no one knew it. Three points, four points still, still. No one might get, ever a point and Dad will just win. Okay, next question, this is kind of medium, hard, easy. Okay. I think I’m gonna get it. Which country would I like to visit next vacation? I’m not gonna look. I think I know this one. Ready? Okay, three, two, one! Let’s go. U.S.A, Dubai. Karina got it right! What? I always wanted to go back to Dubai ’cause I love the country so much. Okay so it’s four to four, no one might get a question right so it’s gonna be a tie. Okay, next question. What is my favorite ice cream? This is gonna be easy, hard, mostly hard. Can I put two? No. Which one is it gonna be? Hesitation, hesitation, hesitation. I have many, but my favorite. The flavor or the brand? Flavor. Let’s go. Okay. Okay mine. Dulce de leche and dulce de leche. It means sweet milk. Yeah. Wait, I didn’t say you’re correct. Okay, am I? No, no. Is it cheese cake? It’s caramel. (Ronald laughs) Come on. Four points still and four points still. Okay, let’s go. I told you I’d catch up. What is my favorite store? Your favorite store. You don’t even have a favorite store, you don’t even like going shopping. Staying home. Write it down. When everyone goes to the store. Amazon. Write it down. Amazon. Okay let’s go. I’m going for this one. Three. This is crazy. Let’s go. Amazon and Zara. (Ronald giggles) Remember last time you got everything there? Well, I don’t like any stores and I don’t like going to any store. I hate shopping and I don’t like any stores. Nice try! I told you that! Well I wasn’t gonna say anything. Next question, what time do I wake up on Saturdays? Which is today. Okay. Closest wins. Let’s go with eight. I’m going with seven. 7am and 8am. Can you guess which one’s right? Seven. This one. Seven. Ha! Oh no. Oh no. You wake up so early on the weekends but so late on the weekdays. I wake up at 7am. Okay And I wake up at 10am. Guess who catched up? With some ketchup on her burger. Me. Exactly. How many points does she have now? Five, four. Uh oh. Uh oh. Karina’s in the lead. What is my shoe size? Dad is gonna know this but Karina’s not. Never mind. Let’s go with, this number. Oh! Dad got it exactly right! Yeah! I thought it was like 26. It’s 35! Yeah! (Ronald giggles) Come on. Five to five. Oh, oh, oh. What is my favorite food? Does ice-cream count? No, like real food like you have for dinner or breakfast or something. Okay, it’s gotta be this one, are you ready? Are you ready? Can you guess? I think I got it. Ready steady, let’s go. Cheese and rice. You’re correct. Yes! Seriously? Five to six. Oh going decent. Boy’s are in the lead. Yeah we can do it. Okay next question, how many subscribers do I have on my gaming channel? Closest one wins? Yeah I guess. Okay. All right. Let’s go. 1.203064, 1 point … Okay I need to check. So I have, 1 million point 262 thousand, Yeah! 188. I got it wrong. I can feel the winning dance. You only got one more point than me. I can still win. No I got two more. Seven to five. What? Yes! Way in the lead. And there’s only three more questions. Way in the lead, yeah! So three more questions left, let’s do it. If Karina gets these all right she’s gonna win. I better get them right. What’s my favorite day of the week? I think I know. Let’s do it, for Saturday. Nope and can you guess? Saturday. Nope. It’s one day off. Sunday, Friday? So my favorite day of the week is Friday because I can smell the weekend from Friday. Smells really good. Okay. So, you can only tie this up Karina. Good, good, we got it. Which phone do I like more, Samsung or iPhone? The last one is to top the video off. I was gonna… I was thinking about putting iPhone but then I was like, why would you even put that question if the answers gonna be iPhone. So put whatever you want. Dad has this in the pocket. Dad has this in the pocket. I got it. He’s got the chicken in the basket. (Ronald giggles) Then I’m gonna do what he did. If you do what I do, then you can’t win. I’m not gonna do what you did. (Dad laughs) But you might get it wrong. But how do you know what I did? She has X-ray vision. I could smell it. (Ronald and Dad laugh) She has X-ray vision, everyone run! Okay, let’s do it. Okay, iPhone and Samsung. Guess which one’s right. Samsung. This one. It’s this one. (Ronald laughs) Ah yeah. Ah Karina. Oh. Beautiful. It’s five to eight, the last question, no one’s gonna get it right, nobody. Did… I… poop today? Oh, what? (Ronald giggles) Is that a real question ? It’s a yes no question so it’s kind of easy. You gotta think. Wow, oh that’s a tough one. YouTube get ready to demonetize. Here so anyway I’m gonna win because I’m in the lead by three, okay. I’m ready for this. It’s a yes. Guess, guess what. It’s a yes. It’s a yes, it’s a yes! Dad is the winner. Chicken chicken chicken dinner. And that’s a yes, I agree. So guys we hope you liked the video if you did smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time, goodbye! Dab.

Who Knows Ronald Better?!? KARINA vs DAD
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