I’m going to talk about helmets today. If you are new to the ice rink, you can borrow a lot of helmets.
How much do you rent a helmet? Can I borrow 500 won once? (about 5 cents) It costs about 10,000 won (about 9 US dollars) per month if you get 20 times for 500 won a day. A cheap helmet is normally in range of 10,000 won and when buying a helmet people are basically apt to think an inexpensive helmet is not safe. Let ‘s talk about it. Well, this one in front of me is a helmet I usually use for bicycles. I called it Urban style here, and at first I put on this. Weight is light, but let’s weigh. It looks like 236 grams.
But when I put on this, It was a bit chilly because there were a lot of holes. I bought this because my head was cold, but it is slightly heavy. It’s about 413 grams.
It was okay at first but more and more It was heavy and back of neck was hard. I do not really spend money on expensive one. I compared a variety of helmets and finally purchased this. This is Mr. SaGong’s, and the design is the same. It’s EVO. How much did you buy it?
I bought it for 70,000 won (about 60 US dollars) for acquaintance I know.
Used but almost as new. I bought it for 150,000 won. (130 US dollars)
Let’s see what weight it is. 314 grams. I think a short track helmet is a little heavier than a bicycle helmet. Would you like to see it again? This is new EVO This is What Ahn Hyun-soo used, right?
Yes shape.
Is the graphics different?
Yes. If you look at the weight, It’s a little light. It weighs about 287 grams. This one is what one of our crew have been using for 10 years. It’s like it’s melted.
Let’s try the weight once. Uh, this 418 grams and it is a little heavier than the Urban helmet.
And last one is Maple. Maple?
It is not a genuine product, isn’t it? Do you want to see the weight once again?
I think it’s light. It is about 256g. How much did you buy? 20,000 won. (about 15 US dollars) The price is about 50,000 won. (about 45 US dollars)
It’s a helmet from a company called Feel Morys. I do not know where this is called KOSTON.
Two EVO. This is Louis Garneau? No, it is LAS.
Is it LAS? It’s LAS. This is Maple brand stickers attached helmet. What is a good helmet? What is more dangerous and safer? I think it is relatively unsafe to have this hole open. because When you fall and bump into the blades, you can get stuck in your head like this. You mean blade comes in like this?
It’s dangerous to come in. The hole is a little small so it will not come in deep. (Frankly, if you are not fast as much as athletes , it rarely happens) It looks like there are small holes for ventilation. I think that is good.
Yeah, I guess I did not feel hot while skating. And inside, It’s packed in compressed styrofoam. Can I see something?
The structure is similar. I think the lining looks a little bit more expensive.
My bike helmet costs about 50,000 won (about 45 US dollars) and there’s no big difference with these high-end helmets we use. Actually, there’s no difference in these parts.
Then is Styrofoam different? I do not even know this at all (there is a slight difference).
But the price difference is 50,000 won and 150,000 won. The expensive bicycle helmet is 200,000 won and 300,000 won. Is it safer? I do not think so. What do you think? You also ride a motorcycle?
Structure of Motorcycle helmets is a little complicated.
Bullet-proof material on top of the styrofoam. So the price goes up and the weight goes up.
On the other hand bicycle helmets, short track helmets are simple to structure. It’s all about plastic attached on top of the styrofoam.
Makes the advertisements glamorous and it says Aero effects are good there, and there are some things that are more stable. Is it true?
I do not think so. Just in my opinion I think that you each can just buy according to the consumption conditions, according to the circumstances of your pocket. (Expensive thing) It is used because it is pretty.
In fact, a helmet that lends me 500 won at the ice rink It’s pretty good. It’s light and it seems safe and not bad.
You can choose one according to your budget. Thank you for the good talk today. If you have fun, please press like and subscribe.

Which Short track speed skating helmet would be good? [cc]
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  • February 18, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    하필 오늘 EVO 헬맷을 주문했는데 이 영상을 보다니 ㅋㅋ 주문 상황을 보니 이미 발송이 되었네요. 그래도 영상 잘 봤습니다.

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    Great video!

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    전 기모레깅스에 스노우보드 보호대 차고 그 위에 츄리닝 바지 입고 강습 받는데 쇼트트랙 하의에 대해 알아봐 주세요^^

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