Biggy: Ready..? Sockie: Okay, 3, 2- Wait! You go first, you go first *CATCH ME KNUCKLES THEME SONG* Biggy: Today, we’re gonna be seeing which country is the best! Sockie: Each one of us Norris Nuts will be representing a different country! Sabre: And we’ll be playing each country’s national sport! *GASPS* Naz: It’s gonna be.. FUNNN!!! Mama: To determine what country each Norris Nut will be representing… Mama: ..inside each box is… Mama: country’s national clothing! Mama: Soo… here they go!! Mama: Would you like to swap your mystery box? Norris Nuts: Ummm.. Sabre: I wanna swap with Biggy Biggy: I wanna swap with you too! Sockie: I wanna swap with Naz Naz: I don’t wanna swap! Biggy: Ready..? Sockie: Okay, 3, 2- Wait! You go first, you go first Naz: A soldier? Mama: It’s Canada! Biggy: Canada? I’m Canadadian?! Mama: *LAUGHS* Yes you are! Naz: Ready? Naz: What’s there? Mama: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Sockie: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Naz: I’m a kangaroo! Awwww! Sabre: I really wanna be American Sockie: My turn! Sabre: Oh my gosh, imagine if Biggy got that 🤣 That would be so funny. Mama: Sockie is UK! Norris Nuts: Ohhh! Sabre: So that means I am… *NORRIS NUTS LAUGH* Mama: You wanted to be American, you just didn’t want the boy version. But that’s alright! Sabre: Do we have the girl version upstairs? Mama: And here is Sockie, representing the UK! Sockie: I’m going for it, UK! Mama: UK got the weakest competitor! *Laughs* Sockie: Noooo! The UK is on my side, because I’m representing them, and we’re gonna win! Sockie: Introducing Sabre representing the American legends.. *upbeat music* All you american legends, sit back, have a cup of coffee and watch Sabre do America proud *laughs* That’s the worst accent ever! I dont know what I was doing Mama: And Biggy representing the Canadian people! *upbeat music*


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