(light music) – [Andie Voiceover]
Previously on Foursome. When all the girls were
in sync on our periods, – [All] Ow! – [Andie Voiceover]
Things got emotional. – Where’s Mr. Zapp? My golden goose
has flown the coop! – [Andie Voiceover] I don’t
know if it’s my tampon talking, but I’m feeling stressed. – I have my period. – [Andie Voiceover]
Luckily, the guy I’m into knows exactly what I
need to feel better. – [Andie] I can’t wait
for homecoming lock-in. – A whole night of being
locked in school with you? 3:30 can’t come soon enough. – You do realize you’re
decorating football hall, meaning you’ll be stuck
with Alec all night? Worth it? – Absolutely. – [Andie] Aw, she said yes. – Here, maybe
these will help you stop being afraid of
your older brother. – You know you
basically just told me you wish I had balls, right? (laughs) Do you smell that? – [Jenny] Oh my God. For me? – Everyone knows
Jenny loves meat. I love that he
asked her that way. – I wish you loved
meat as much as Jenny. That was bad. Forget I said it. – So did you do
this at Stephenson? – What? – We call it home queries. People at Brayer get
super psyched about how people ask each
other to homecoming. – No, must just
be a Brayer thing. – Well, I’m glad I
go to Brayer then because I think it’s super fun. – Ah, I’m late for calc. – I’ll see you at 3:30. – Can’t wait. – Oh my gosh. I can’t wait. Yes! (screams) – Hey guys. – Imogen, you look
like witch skin. – This really cool
senior told me that all the sophomores wear
green for spirit week because we’re so
green to high school, and I just got pranked
again, didn’t I? Yep. – Spirit week is my
favorite week of school. – You don’t go here. – Ah, the dress up
days, the home queries. And best of all, the lock-in. – I couldn’t go last year. Alec, ’nuff said. – A teacher chaperoned
event where nobody sleeps and you can’t get out and you
decorate the halls all night? That sounds like the perfect way to say goodbye to public school. – You look like emerald
shitty. – The lock-in’s nothing
by drinking and pranks. My two faves. – Thank God Kent Yodaed
Alec into letting me come. Bring on the mixed
drink and high jinks. – Kent is really
upping his game. Do you think he’s gonna ask
you to homecoming tonight? You know, the lock-in is
always the home query hot spot. – I couldn’t really
read him, but maybe. He did seem pretty
pumped about lock-in. – I know what you mean. Foreign people are hard to read. Clemont smiles when he
talks about his dead aunt. – You look like frog pubes. Andie, forget Kent. We should go together. I’m not over Zapp, so
might as well go a friend. – Sorry, Kota, but if Kent
asks me, I’m gonna say yes. We can be each other’s Plan B’s. You could go with Imogen. – Plan B is a pill,
and so are you. – You can start thanking me now. – For material to make
fun of you forever? – I scored the media club the
best theme for our hallway. The future because the theme
for homecoming’s Time Travel Dance
Through the Decades. – We wanted the 90s. – But you always
dress like the 90s. Come on! Get excited! – Fine. I’ve had nothing
to be excited about since Zapp zipped out of here. I’m ready to flip this round. – I will use crayons! – I’ll get home queried. – To the future! (cheering) – Yeah! Noise. (upbeat dance music) – [Andie] The future
is really not as easy to decorate as anticipated. – Yeah, I mean there’ll
probably be knew colors invented by then and there would
definitely be no paper because of the decimation of our
forests and all the glue would be gone because of
the dead horses. – Screw the horses. Lock-in’s all about
boozing and cruising. Skateboard, bam! Watermelon filled
with vodka, bam! – No, Courtney. – That is a dangerous
combination. – Let’s just all close our eyes
and picture our own futures. Maybe we’ll get inspired. (serene music) – Hello? Well, I guess it’s official. I am now the last
person on Earth. I hereby pronounce this planet Imogen Dia. Aye aye aye aye! I knew all my precautions
would pay off. I am immune to everything. – Shh, I’m visioning. – [Male Speaker] Dakota,
Dakota, who are you wearing? – Myself. I’m the greatest fashion
designer in the world. Damn, I knew I’d be
fab in the future. – Future. Can’t wait for homecoming. I love high school. Woo! (coughing) – What’d you see? – Marry rich? – Yeah, I’m super
successful and definitely not still hanging out here. OK, Andie’s turn. Blood sis. – Being hall neighbors
has its perks. Can I ask you a question? (romantic music) – Yeah, if you want to. – Can I use your girly
handwriting for a banner? We gotta sign the 80s and I
can’t quite nail the font. – Oh, yeah, of course. – You’re the best. – Andie, Clemont
asked me to homecoming and he left this
beret in my locker. – Imogen, your first school
dance and you have a date? I’m so psyched for you. – Translated it says will
you come home with me, but I knew what he meant
because, French people. (laughs) I’m gonna go show Dakota. Bye. – Imogen got asked. That was mean. – [Imogen] Oh my goodness, I
am so excited for homecoming. – We said congratulations. Can you please stop talking? – Don’t be salty. I mean, it looks like
we’re going together anyway because Kent blew me off again. – I will not be
anyone’s sloppy seconds. I’ll just go stag. Maybe the music and lights
will make Joe Herman look enough like Zapp that
I’ll feel like hooking up. – Boo. (laughing) – Oh, we totally got you. You should see your
faces. (laughs) – I always see faces. – The first prank of the
lock-in has commenced. Pow pow. – Was it even a prank if
none of us were scared? – I just peed a little. Just keeping it real. – Me too. – I’m blowing up. Oh, you know what we should do? We should oil the
drama club hall. They’ll react so, um, dramatically. What do you say, blood
sis, you with me? She’s done it again. Dammit, come on, Mae. (hissing) – What, where did all
my double-sided tape go? I brought seven rolls
and now I just have this. – What, I had a vision. – Dakota. – Just go to another hallway
and ask for some more. – Just go to another hallway? Another hallway
filled with strangers and seniors that
prank me every day? I’m just gonna be like,
hi, I know that you tell me to be invisible every
day, but by any chance do you have any
double-sided tape? This is why I am
going back to being. (groans angrily) – What do you say, new babe? Make a split decision. – I say yes! – Alec asked a freshman. Typical. – I am seeing a
silver lining though. At least we get your
place to ourselves. – Oh, that’s what you wanted
to do the night of homecoming? Hang out at my place? Lucky me. – You’re about to get
lucky because in 20 minutes I was about to ask
you if you wanted to meet me in the janitor’s closet. But I have to show face at
the football hall first, so I’ll see you then. – Oh, OK, yeah. – I’m crushing my balls. I’m crushing my balls. – Homecoming with a senior. I’m so excited. – Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m pretty stoked myself. Every dance I’ve rocked
has been with my ex, so I’m gearing to hook up with
way more people this year. – What? – What? (lively dance music) – 80s. Hey, excuse me, excuse me. Do you have any
double-sided tape? – Ew, who are… Wait, you’re Imogen,
Greer’s friend. – I am.
– Oh my God, shut up. Greer told us what an alien
you are and we’re obsessed. – What?
– You guys, it’s Greer’s fave emoji. Say what’s a vagina? – What’s a vagina? (laughing) – What’s this noise? Oh, serendipity.com. I sure was hoping you’d get lost and stumble into cheer hall. Come hang with us, boo thang. – No, Greer, I really
have to get back. – I said come hang
with us, boo thang. – Oh no, I just
was just saying– – Shh. – I was just saying–
– No. – OK. – Perf, let’s go take
shots off the JV swim team. Flip, strut. Wrong way. (laughs) – That robot’s a dick. – Is he single because I’ve got no other options for homecoming. – Oh, Plan B is looking
pretty good right now, huh? Whoa, I just sounded like
Courtney after a honey bee date. – I just don’t understand
what Kent’s problem is. Is he embarrassed
of me or something? I mean, maybe Alec
isn’t the reason we’re hiding away in
corners to hook up. I just wish he would
make a grand gesture. – Why don’t you make
a grand gesture? Ask him. – I just for once wanted to be the one that people
were chasing after. This is not how I pictured
my first lock-in going. – That’s because you’re
doing it wrong! (screams) We’re having so much fun! – Court, it’s in my mouth. Courtney, Courtney! For why though? – Lock-In! Woo! Oh, maybe there’s a
little left for you. – I know you know better. – Come on, you guys, let’s
just do this lock-in proud. – We’re obviously going
through something. Kent, Zapp, read the room. – I’m gonna go clean this off. I’m sorry, Court, I’m
just not feeling it. – I’m gonna go find Mae. I keep thinking
about Zapp and that wig-wearing Waldo is
a walking distraction. (phone buzzes) – Oh, hey, I was just
about to steal you away. – To a hidden corner? – [Dakota] Girl, what? – It’s oil. – Mae, are you asking
me to homecoming? – I want to dance. Publicly. – And I wanted to be in a
relationship with a teacher, but we don’t get
what we want, do we? Yeah, you’re right. I’m better than this. Going to a dance
with a friend is exactly what I need
to get over Zapp. Yes, Mae, I’ll go with you. – There goes my Plan B. – Who’s the girl that
looks like a ghost? – That’s Mae. She doesn’t even go here and
she has a date to homecoming. – She doesn’t go here? How’d she get in? – You know, I just remembered
I’m actually supposed to be helping Imogen
go find tape right now. – Tape? – It’s double-sided, so
she’s gonna need my help. Ow. – Are you OK? – I’m fine. – You are crazy. What’s a vagina? (laughs) Come meet me in future hall. Whoa. Excuse me, I’m so
sorry to interrupt. My name is Imogen
and I was just– – No need to introduce. We know who you are. You’re our favorite
member of the Foursome. – Other people call
our group the Foursome? I thought that was
just an us thing. – I mean, there are four of you, so it wasn’t the
toughest nut to crack. – I didn’t even know you
guys knew I was alive. We were just at a
sleepover together and you said one word to me. – Was it pomegranate? – No. – You are the truth. – [Girl] You want a brownie? – I am the truth. – [Male Speaker] Hey,
it’s the dog cage girl. – I am the dog cage girl. – Why were we nodding? (trumpet ringing) – [Girl] Yes, of course I’ll
go to homecoming with you. (trumpet ringing) – Hey.
– Hey. I just need some crepe paper. We’re building a DeLorean
in the 80s hallway. – It’s in the cabinet. What are you doing? – This is just a hunch, but
seeing as how you’re all alone, you’re not tipsy, and you’ve
melted into this couch somehow, I’m guessing you’re not
having fun in the future. – Lock-in just wasn’t
what I expected it to be. – Here’s another hunch. We’re not just talking
about the lock-in, are we? – Your hunches are correct. It’s just this guy I’ve
been hanging out with and… I’m sorry, this is weird. – It doesn’t have to be weird. Look, we used to be
friends before everything. I still want that. Don’t you? – It’s a complicated answer. – I’m here for you as a friend. So tell me what’s up. – So we’re doing this? – We’re doing this. – So homecoming is coming up,
obviously, and basically… – Kent hasn’t asked you. – Yeah. I don’t get it. I mean, we’ve been hanging
out all the time and recently it just feels like he’s
embarrassed of me or something. I just, I don’t want to
go through that again. – Again. Andie, I never wanted– – It’s fine. I didn’t mean to
get into all this. I just for once wanted
someone to pick me, no matter what. – I would’ve picked you if
things had been different. I guess what I’m
saying is that he would be crazy not to take you. (gentle guitar music) – Josh, that’s such a great
way to ask Greer to homecoming. So good. Awesome, she’s gonna love it. He must really like you. – He better. – (laughs) Hey, thanks
for walking me back. Sorry if I made you leave early. I just wasn’t in
the mood to party. – No problem, I’ve
been to my fair share of CEO in hell parties. (laughs) Honestly, I invited
you just so we could spend some time together. Yeah, I’ve been
thinking about you since that last BDX party. – I was a mess that night. – I take it that
since you’re here that you and your boyfriend… – Over. It was just past its time and I feel that way with
a lot of stuff lately. You’re gonna think this is lame. – No, try me. – OK, I was at my high
school’s lock-in tonight and it just wasn’t
how I remembered it. Full confession, all
of my best friends are still in high
school and I just wanted to show them how
much fun it could be. But I think I overdid it. Is that pathetic? – No, not at all. I’m a senior in college
and all my friends from high school are
still my best buds. – Really?
– It just sounds like you guys are in different places right
now, but that’ll change. – Yeah? I love that you don’t care
that they’re sophomores. – Sophomores? – Oh. So you used your
love of photography to ask me to homecoming? You must be really
into pictures. – Well, I’m a photographer,
so pretty much. – Surprised it’s not
a Polaroid though. That seems to be your thing. – What?
– Nothing. I love it. I’m gonna go show the girls. Oh, and doll, if you
need advice, try Girsten. She gets me more
than Andie Fixler. OK. Oh, and babe, I’ll
be wearing gold. (Kent laughs) – Gold? Good luck matching that. – Matching outfits are
the least of my worries. – Right. – You taking anyone
to the dance? – Nah, dances aren’t
really my thing. – Yeah, I get that. I think they might be
Andie’s thing though. – Really? She said she’s never been. – That’s because no
one’s ever asked her. Her brother’s… Well, you know. I don’t know, I just think
it might mean something. Just a thought. – Thanks for looking out, man. I’ll go talk to her. – We are definitely not
winning best hallway. – Hey guys, I’m back. – About damn time. Andie found double-sided
tape two hours ago. What, did you get
locker stuffed? – No, no, the exact opposite. I met so many people, cheerleaders and stoners
and the yearbook club, and they all knew me
and they all liked me. They said I am the truth. – Your timing isn’t great. Finally realizing how dope
people think you are right before you ditch them and
go back to homeschool? – Whoa. There’s that brownie. – What?
– What? – Hey, Fixler. (romantic music) Boop, boop, boop,
boop, boop, boop, boop. Ring, ring. – What are you doing? – Just pick up the phone. – You can’t be serious. – Ring, ring. – Hello. – Hi, Andy Fixler, I was wondering if you
would do me the honor and attend Brayer High School’s
homecoming dance with me. – Yes. – Did I do it right? My home query? – Cheesy and weird,
but it was perfect. Why is nobody slow clapping? – [Alec] What do you think
you’re doing with my sister? (shocked gasps) – I’m asking her to the dance, and it would mean a
lot to me as my friend if you would let me take her. – I’ve been waiting
my whole life for someone to show me
that type of respect. Asking me my permission to
take my sister to the dance, that’s what a real
man would do! (laughs) – [Andie] Ow. – I’ll tell you
what, Kent Saydak, I give you permission
to accompany my sister to the dance, huh? How about this, we
all go together? (laughing) Now you can slow clap! (cheering) (easygoing rock music) – Hmm, I wonder what my
future will look like. (joyful music) Keep pushing, Shaw. Fivesome is just a future away. (joyful music) (light music)

Whatta Lock-Block | Foursome S2 | Episode 9
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