ola YouTube my name is Ricardo lino
and a wheel addict welcome to skate talks number 26 and I
mean cold South Africa it’s winter I’m just drinking like hot drinks but today
guess what my guess is again one of my favorite
skaters I’ve been really really lucky I’ve been talking with people that means
a lot to me and I really a fan of the way that all these guys skate today my
guest he comes from the UK and he has a super super unique way of skating at I
don’t know what else I can say about him it’s just well there was a brand called
third box you might remember from the UK he was somehow related to dirt box but I
also don’t really know how he’s related with the brand I do know that he’s 30
years old is about the third he’s about to turn 31 really soon and he’s been
skating for over 16 years now so my guest today is caught Blackmore and I’m
about to call him right now so let’s make the phone call
and curious about this guy I really am I don’t know where you get all that
creativity so let’s see what’s up with mr. Scott yo are you doing Scott how are
you I’m good we like I always love to do these introductions because I always go
freestyle I never know what to say and I know that most other people that do
these things actually studied or they’re guests and I don’t know I think yeah I
think I’m just way too much watching stuff from everyone so when it comes to
the day like today I guess I know a little bit or I guess I know enough and
I like to go freestyle so it’s really where I’ll be scan and I
just want before we even start to you and to everyone listening to this I
always said is in the beginning and please do not get me wrong if I
interrupt you I get really excited and it’s just it’s I can’t control myself
and sometimes I just I’m just like biting nails and just I just can’t
sometimes I just need to interrupt just to ask something and I’m sorry if during
the this podcast or whatever we call today’s if during this talk you find
erupt you in the middle of some thought or something I really saw on you talk
much did you want you can’t stop passion you know it’s a good thing well we’ll
see anyway so I don’t really know a lot about you I do know that I love the way
that you skate and it’s it’s it’s I don’t know I don’t know how to explain
that let me let me first just explain how did I got how did I became such a
fan of your skating so I do know that you’ve been skating for quite a while
like more than like almost 16 years but I didn’t notice about your skating until
a few years ago probably you’ve been skating for longer like you’ve been in
competitions or maybe we’ve been in the same place before and I don’t remember I
do remember that since I moved to Cape Town one of my best friends over here
his name is Craig Fraser ease into filming a lot and he did a lot of yeah
he did a lot of stuff kind of similar to the type of videos that you did but he’s
he skates but he’s a lot into body boarding and somehow his style of body
boarding videos would relate a little bit to your stuff and of course it was a
huge fan of your skating and the way that he skates also reminds me a little
bit of you so the whole thing leads me to you somehow yeah like even in body
boarding you would seem like usually it’s the same the guys those guys drop
the waves they spin or they roll and that’s it but this guy Greg is just it’s
just different and the wastegate is also different it reminds me a lot of the way
that is Kate it’s to say that I’ll be interested I’ll
show you I can show you one of his videos I think he has a video called I
don’t know if it’s low for life I it’s it’s it’s interesting because I would
used to be a fat man I used to surf a lot because I come from like a tiny
beach town in Portugal and I used to be a fan of his videos before I move you
before I even moved to South Africa like three years ago and I never knew that
this guy serves and then we became good friends but I guess we’re going a little
bit out of topic so how did it start skating sure but I’ll always I kind of
had to get to my younger but then I remember the specific time by I start
skating I already kind of my friend was on a pair of skates I was making at the
time I think or something and my friend had a pair of skates I was like myself
go go and I’ve always I was always kind of okay on this like I could just like
go along and it was never really issued to like skate along I was never like I
don’t ever remember like not being able to go a lot remember that was like a
little set I was like three stairs or something and I just jumped down them
and I think I like I think I tried to spin down the more something and
literally from then like that was it but I just I haven’t I haven’t stopped since
then really at all and for you there’s like back then were you already into
like those type of aggressive skates or you just had like cruising skates just
outside just like every other kid on the BMX and whatever or not until recently
ever like skating skates not aggressively I mean I use that
aggressive bit I don’t know it’s cool but um you know I’ve only ever done like
done skating or like freestyle skating ever it’s really scary a lot of my
friends at the time when I first started getting done like roller hockey first
and then went into skating and you could see actually in their skating that there
was so much that at skating like than I was but then I guess years and maybe
more but you know I’d I never I never did
that first I just went straight and polite stunt you I’ve never thought of
stunts kidding like there’s all these downscale because you know what I mean I
made a few videos about it and people keep complaining and obviously a lot of
people have different opinions and I tried to alone arms put mines up there
and a lot of times like people hate me for that but you know what in the end I
try and I try to get everyone to call something the same and the reason why I
try to do that I’m not saying that one name is right I’m not saying that inline
skating is right I’m not saying that rollerblading is right but I keep saying
the same which is the more people call the same to what we do the stronger we
become and the stronger we are the easiest theories for things whatever it
is to be successful and one of the things that I can give you an example
would be like third box as an example I know that you guys last year and I don’t
know you I’m saying you guys without knowing what you actually do with this
but you know I always related you with that box but what I’m trying to say is
that yeah the stronger we become like them the less this type of things can
happen companies yeah it’s just not happening or just dying if you can I
didn’t want to use the word dying but if that if that’s the right word so maybe
studying is a good name to make up sounds like sponge cake or like so many
bad ones right I mean you know we all know what we mean but we all have
different work is difficult yeah there’s where it must be the only one of the
only sports that is like that well I can’t think of another sport where like
skateboard is not like we call it and you are living I keep saying the same
and you live in an english-speaking country in the English native now
imagine if you live in Portugal Portugal is called it’s called Pettine in Poland
it’s rocky I think in Spain is patinas and in France is Rollie or something so
there’s a different word in every other language look at the image
BMX BMX no matter where it’s BMX you might not say it or you might it might
not sound the same way but when you read it when you spell it yeah when you write
it somewhere on the internet because Google is our world nowadays you know it
so everyone googles everything so we’re just losing power there yeah maybe stun
skating is the way to go just joking around tell me whose dirt box what was
dirt box it does seem like I had a little look at the question just to see
what kind of questions all be okay so let me let me just interrupt you there
sorry for a second so I guess most of the people know but for those of them
that don’t know usually before doing these k talks on my facebook on my
personal facebook i usually post who’s my next guest and a lot of people mainly
my facebook friends or someone that knows the the guests because usually the
guest is also tagged in the post they post quite they just put questions in
that in that post and that’s what Scott is talking about right now because it’s
so some of the questions that some people did okay so just go for it sorry being more involved I mean I am in LA I
literally had nothing to do with running it like it was run it well it was
founded by the time Kerry asked me I didn’t know god Anthony I know about Sam
and I’ll tell you I’ll tell you why in a few minutes he’s like a collage artist he’s like
he’s quite successful in the illustration world and yeah so he
started he was like the art worker behind they can do the Latin sound
without the business and also Sam very great he did a lot of the designs as
well and he’s very you know he’s very accomplished designer too so they it was
their company for years and I had nothing to do with
quite probably potential for even knowing me like that which is going and
then just one time out of the blue like on our DRC vimeo so a lot of people get
that confused last in DRC in dirt box are completely different entities there
nothing blew it each other but it just so happened there’s like overlap with
the people that escaped on ghost so DRC was already a thing and that’s
just DRC is but kind of crew I guess the collective of my friends around where I
live and we all just like we made a video together something I see and we
did as though what does the RC stands for it started off as a joke but we just
kind of started off at the Dorset roller blading Club like just because we were
like we tried to like go with like you know how rollerblading you see my uncle
I keep it as a club but and I guess a lot of people sort of the crew but we
just kept it as a club it’s quite funny because there’s that one and basically
my friend made it to keep like so we can all post foes in a group on Facebook so
he just called it the BRT and then it just stuck when we went with it
so the DRC is just like kind of my friend like that’s our you know it’s our
group and dark box contacted the DRC Vimeo which was under my email address
so I got the message and it was Sam just kind of like reaching out so that’s
being like do you want to do something together because we really like your
stuff and then from that point on we you know we became really good friends like
me and say I love all of us basically but me and Sam spoke a lot and then me
Harry and Sam spoke a lot and then he put us on and then from there not and I
guess it kind of seemed like we were more involved than we were just because
when me and Harry made a lot together so I suppose it looked like we were kind of
a really large part of that box but I just happened that me Heron Sam really
well so we spoke a lot and that also meant that Sam would like talk about
ideas that he had and kind of run and run them through us and we’ve kind of
talked about it so I guess we did have quite a lot input but it was always Sam
saying Anthony moved away to LA so he was a pretty involved people but it’s
always just as a hundred percent at the step up nothing like business-wise
nothing I couldn’t couldn’t even tell you how
much they made or anything I’ve no idea I mean I would not ask you that it’s
like oh I would if you would be a Salomon scary I would ask you how much
she was getting when I made a question – yeah
Dooney quieres but like I wouldn’t expect and I won’t be intrigued to know
is that what I was really surprised about after getting to know Sam a bit
more and like he moved down to my hometown he lives like five hours away
but he moved down to where I live and Harry lived at the time and he kind of
lived here for a summer and then moved back home and he was running dirt box
out of where he was living so I kind of had a bit of an insight to it and I was
really surprised at how much like social media likes and comments and seeing
don’t it doesn’t represent sales at all leave like from the new projects say
like a hat for example and like on Instagram would have like hundreds of
Lights have people how can I get his hat and you’ve got any left my wife and it’s
like I’m like man if they sold out he’s like no I’m so what that’s it he’s like
that’s like people just like they want it and they love it but they don’t
actually probably pretty surprised yes and that happens of mainly with cloning
and yeah you know that’s one of I also made I think I make made videos about
everything but I think that’s that’s why I made a video that I did last week
about cloning and I have spoke with Sam after that via email yeah and he told me
that he has a project coming but I’m not going there yet but what I want to say
right now is that the reason why I made that video it’s because of these that
you’re saying it’s a lot of times there’s not a lot of brands out there
skating clothing brands and one of the main reasons what he just said because a
lot of times what happens is that people like the clothes but then they end up
going out and they go – and I’m not saying it’s right or wrong they end up
good they like something like imagine the council’s make something from
basement or like imagine that box makes like a supercool polo and then people go
out they look for something that looks the same on agent agent em that usually
the air or even Primark and learn Primark they can buy five when it
Koller and they’ll get back home and it’ll be really really happy because
they bought five one each color we see that of one but if you go back a few
years if you’ve been skating for 16 years
you remember how much it used to work but like not money-wise how happy used
to be when you use that senator that mine gave one before like 17 played at
the time when I was like it was like my whole Christmas present I was so happy
with it yeah well that’s what that’s what I’m trying to say I remember
watching I remember men I’m I’m from Portugal it’s an small village in
Portugal when we first add satellite TV I remember watching some em I don’t even
know if it was an empty of your some music thing music show on a German
Channel and I remember watching a guy with the Senate shirt and from that
Senate shirt I knew like that guy was a skater you know those things used to
mean so much for us back then nowadays it’s more about the quantity
you don’t care if if you’re if you’re helping something if you’re representing
something or whatever and I’m not saying I don’t do the same I’m I have no I’m
not better than anyone I try to support as much as I can I’m just yeah anyway
just stating effect yeah support but then if you don’t put the money into how
I’m gonna make better things this is it’s a horrible cycle isn’t it that
we’re kind of stuck in I suppose like I don’t know seeing it I mean a lot of
people also said to me about how the dirt bombs died I thought they were
doing so well money-wise it’s like it’s just one guy like he often put a lot of
his own money into it keep it alive as well as I don’t know like seeing it from
the other side it’s so obvious but then I suppose if you don’t see that it’s
really difficult to see that like unless you buy it it can’t continue you can it
that’s simple it is and even like that I think one of the biggest problems it’s
actually one of the biggest problems with me too the amount of passion that
we have in this makes us blind business-wise yeah
and I don’t know if you if you feel the same but I do know that a lot of people
they get somehow blinded by passion if that makes sense it’s just like yeah you
wanted to be so successful and you put your set you put everything in it and
then sometimes it’s just camera at the moment for me as an example a family and
there’s some things that need to be way more important in my pet than my
passions but I still so many deer that I put it on the scale and sometimes it’s
so hard to say no to the BM you know too much money when I definitely don’t have
enough money to do that that’s like okay so I’m going to buy an expensive camera
this becomes a bigger priority than it should be I agree but it’s just how
isn’t it Scott tell me what influence is the way that you make your videos I’m
not even talking about your skating but you told me not in this interview but
you’ve told me that you work as a teacher
in a hearty thing can you explain exactly what you do and what emphasises
the way that you film or your video okay so my job is like a university but
specifically an Arts University and I teach on a course which is basically
graphic design it’s a little bit broader than that but it’s basically wrapped in
black so I teach my job role is mainly teaching Adobe stuff so I teach like
Photoshop Illustrator InDesign After Effects Premiere like video like filming
taking photos like all of that stuff you know like content creation basically
known so I teach them how to use all of that software but I also like teach I
say teach they don’t call me a teacher because they’d have to pay I get cooled
like a lecturer or a teacher but let me not do this called image yeah demonstrating but it’s teaching but I
also teach like bookmaking and like traditional like printmaking
you know all sorts and stuff like that so that’s basically what my job is but
what is great about that is that you know the more I learn I learned more
like you said before like passion drives a lot so the fact that I have to
like find stuff out to edit the way I want to edit and then I can feed that
back into my session so actually like even though sometimes I’m at work
editing my own skate videos I’m actually teaching myself some stuff for the
students so I I kind of feel guilty about it sometimes but also at the same
time I know it’s going to sink back into myself so my job kind of works with it
quite well to be fair I need to interrupt again I need to interrupt you
there what do your students think when they when they see you editing skate
like inline skating videos stunt skating videos other classes they I mean I know
how cool rollerblading is obviously because I’ve been doing it so long I
love it but they don’t seem to care they don’t give a shit they they’ll see me
editing eleven live alike or they’ll find out that I skate or whether they
know that I rollerblade oh you know how easy Google is like google my name you
find second that that’s where the conversation ends they never end up
looking 11 care and think and it’s really surprised me because if I was if
I was at uni and my one of my lecturers the teacher said something like that I’d
be like I’d be straight on the Internet so that’s that’s what the that’s the
Millennials right how old are your students because I feel like I would say
sorry about 10 years ago no more sometimes I forget how old I am
like maybe like two twelve thirteen years ago when I finished my graduation
in my last year was the internship and I started to be a teacher to be a sports
teacher so on my last year I used to live in a sort of portugal and that that
was the time that I used to skate for USD and that was my party age is the
party a lot so somehow b-meg always used to post my party
pictures I don’t know why I always ended I don’t know I always ended up on
beaming and my students made they always knew about it so can you
imagine you’ll go to class and you see your teacher completely like I was
always yeah always there was like I don’t know why my skating pictures
wouldn’t show up just a party one so anyway so I don’t have that okay so
there we are although your students they when they start they’re usually about 18
and kinda finished 22 that’s like usual age where they like finish school they
vet a levels and then come to uni but sometimes you get I’m the students I’ve
got a student that’s like 39 we’ve had students we’ve actually in the past
promote literacy it probably sorry sorry you go for it too it’s always
interesting when they’re older because they actually I know it seems ridiculous
but they’ve chosen to be there like the young students to kind of they just come
in like I better go to you what should I do
or I didn’t I just hate art at school so I’ll do something like that and then
they just you know they’re going through the motions they don’t really care that
he’s doing you duty but the older students are actually like you know
they’ve lived a bit of life they’ve realized they don’t like that job and
they want to change it or something so they decide that they’re gonna do this
and it’s so much nicer refreshing and that’s what I think to ask you probably
the guys the older ones are the ones that when you tell them to google your
name those are the ones that care the young ones if you think of it the young
ones like if you talk about 18 year old kid so we know that there was a decline
on inline skating and roller blading stunt skating in 2005-2006 that’s when
it was the biggest decline well by that time they were around 4 or 5 they
weren’t even on on a computer yet so they knew what skating was so for them
that’s what you do it’s it was never cool somehow or it was for them now some
of them in some places I know that in Barcelona as an example now I start
seeing some young kids doing it as a cool thing you know like the cool kids
start to do it or there will be a lot more countries in the world because that
friend of mine Greg the body boarder always tells me the same and it’s this
it’s exactly what I think nowadays – yes there’s no coolest thing than a shoe
with wheels man if you think of it it’s the ultimate thing like many move your
legs and you go you don’t need a piece of wood you don’t need like a metal
piece that you need to do cycling movements it’s just you move your feet
and you go that’s it yeah we’ll just need to try that’s what we need to get
them more like to try and that’s that’s what I think that what you’re doing it’s
amazing because what you’re doing it’s somehow making skating look nice but
it’s not intimidating if that makes sense and that’s what I wanted to get to
like when you see guys like Roman abroad or like Julian Kudo they’re amazing what
they do is just like it’s next-level I can never imagine I have a massive
respect for all those guys it’s not my style of skating I respect a lot what
they do and I wish I was capable of doing it but at the same time and for
the public for the young kids it’s amazing the left to watch it but my
question is and I’m not saying it’s wrong we need all these guys because
they are heroes and we need arrows but at the same time someone starting to
skate somehow there’s other types of skating that can be more appealing and
I’m not saying that’s your type of skating I guess it depends on everyone
but having the diversity it’s amazing at the moment I would relate a lot more to
the type of hearing that you do because it’d be a lot more challenging for me
you know it’s like it’s right there it’s so close to what I can do but amount of
skill and the amount of time that you need on every single trick it’s like
some time in my day that’s what I think probably you doing them first try you
know what I’m trying to say is you can see it closer when I look at Roman
abroad or when I look at Julian Kudo for me it’s just like out of
my league you know so yeah that’s what I was trying to say I think your type of
scaling it’s really important and a lot more guys like Bobby’s pass off that we
made also a skate talk a few weeks ago yeah guys like you guys are amazing to
watch and I think you guys I really need it in this world but where do you why do
you get the creativity for those freaks is it skateboarding is it all coming
from your head comes from your classes from your students where does that come
from I think what you just said was quite a good point like accessible and I
think the reason why it’s so accessible is because you don’t need a skate spot
to do it necessarily you know like a traditional spot like a Ledge or a rail
I mean and I think that answers the question in terms of like I think that’s
why because I we look where I live you know there’s a few ledges and rails but
you kind of run out stuff that you can do your on those few spots right so you
kind of have to think right let’s just go so many times we’ve gone out on
missions not knowing where we’re going mean like I wonder what we can find and
then you know anything but you like that kind of makes you do something that you
wouldn’t easily do you know like pulling up to a spot that’s not really grind of
a war it doesn’t really have something initially interesting about about you
like the area is cool and there’s got to be something to do that so you your mind
create something out of it you know so I think it’s kind of more I think the one
meal Harry realized together I mean we don’t are we don’t we have a very
similar view of skin but it’s not exactly the same you know so if you’d
like to turn up at a spot and I think we realized quite quickly together that the
spot has to drive a trick like not in the way of like okay I’ve got to this
rail what’s the battery do want it because that’s a very linear way of
looking at skating but like what’s the most interesting thing I can do in this
area what that’s kind of more how can we look at it I think I look at it at least
you know so I think I think that’s where I mean in terms of influences the
skating but there’s so many people that I could miss play it like they’re
skating influences me but I think it comes more down to like just
a spot you know the spot has to tell you it sounds ridiculous but the spot has to
kind of tell you what is the coolest thing to do there I understand that it
totally makes sense to me especially the way that he started answering which is
yeah when he told me that you kind of run out of spots that that leaves me two
questions one of it one of them is do you used to be like the type of scale
that used to spin two grinds in big rails and stuff like that cuz I don’t
know I never met you back then and I don’t know if you were that type of
skating but it seems like you have a really good background and skill on
skating that’s one of the questions and the second one is you kind of say that
somehow there was one of the things that made you start looking at other spots
but then I see a lot of your stuff in skate park and I’m not saying this in a
negative way I love it in a really tiny place a skate park and you the way I
choose skate it’s just like it’s just different from people with the way that
people use the skate parks we’d stunt skates probably we’ve been trying to do
I mean I’m trying not to separate skating not used in the skating now I
guess it’s led to one place I suppose but I definitely have done my fair share
of rail you know switch ups and handles and drops and come on I say we would you
spin2win could you fight for it could be 450 al no okay welcome to my world my excuse about that I spin the opposite
way one row out I know you can do switch to example we have seen the way that you
skate you can do everything like regular and switch with that amount of skill you
could like I definitely have done my back you
have that type of skating well sure I was like a car rat for mom you know
seven or eight years ago I worked in the skate park like bacon give that did you
get an ID on with could you do know it’s not consistently come on I used to do
front flips and misty your students your students want to know that you do nine
and it’s just like Tony Hawk come on that’s what up until you know a couple
years ago I was definitely into I love grinding around like I like it may not
seem like that now but I love grind rails and I loves you know do doing like
a like a spin to a grind on the legislation school when they I lied
still that’s well it’s challenging win and that’s the way that I yes that’s I
keep saying the same that’s that’s why we skate would you like to challenge
ourselves and if you start going way too much on the type of steering that you do
now in a few years you’re gonna want to go out of it and that’s that’s just like
how we were yeah it’s just – yeah you get bored you know going back which is
really fun just as much as like doing a background on alleged really fun stuff
like just cuz it’s not creative it’s this fun to do that so yeah yeah but
then again you can find a spot where that thing can be the most creative
thing you know it’s just there’s always different ways of looking at things in
my opinion of yeah now tell me yeah going a little bit more
out of the RT part what skates are you skating right now just purely because of
color like I just like to have lots of different colored skates at the same
time but they’re all v30 but I mean I’m definitely I’m really not escaped nerd
when it comes to Serbs and things I don’t care no just you seems to but it’s
just it’s just like I I think any of the you know the more the top skate
companies like you can wear any of them and still be out escape right so it’s
trying to they’re just such a simple basic skate it’s like good nothing bra
together good enough for me that’s kind of how I look at it that’s the good way
to see it so are you gonna skate the damn skates now I’m intrigued by them
for sure but i– i depth not enough to pre-order them or anything I mean I’d
have to C and D tricky to know what size to get as well I think so I’ve got quite
big feet and I’m you know I’m six foot five so I’ve got fairly big feet so
what’s your you case I’ve done my UK size is nine but that’s kind of I’ve got
intuition – so I can get as small as possible because you can get medium
never on what I know that’s the me that’s the size of Robbie Pitts there we
beer you don’t really want much bigger than that do you it’s gonna be very nice
well you look at Miguel do you know Miguel Ramos oh yeah Miguel is skating
the biggest the biggest size when you look at him skating he looks good
somehow yeah man I guess I guess the scare is what makes this kid it looks
and skate looks good I wouldn’t say that the damn skates are the best or I
wouldn’t say that this case that I’m skating right now the USD sevens or
whatever are the best is just again like you said if they’re good enough for like
some of the pros getting them they can be good enough for us so just yeah I’m
getting used to it yeah ends well /v thirteen I mean people
like Danny bear skate the Robbie Pitts doing creative stuff you’ve got the cows
both skating and we were incredible with like technical stuff and then you’ve got
brass cow and toys and we’ll doing massive props and I mean they can do all
the types of game can’t they so and they’ve got wrong with and now you got
Niels Jensen skinning them and you know you’re gonna be like the craziest
biggest stuff yeah full speed and yeah that’s two good choices I think what do
you think it’s going to be the third one was an or third
already mentioned elsewhere there was another person now there’s there’s
another kid but it’s just like it wasn’t pro there was also a shared Ornish I
think oh yeah but I do like competition starscape because obviously those two
alike they are legit like Street certified but they’re also healing it in
the park so I think it’ll be another person like that which are partly but
I’ll put my name out put my money in one guy Dominic Wagner I don’t know if it’s
gonna happen or not if there will be a fourth one and if we
need to be American even if he’s not showing up in that many places I would
say Jeff Stockwell but we’ll see maybe something like if they’re paying
Monterey would be a good choice these again like Street certified but kills it
in competitions montre I don’t know maybe I’m wrong and yes I hope he
doesn’t because I also I still work with bar slides I hope he doesn’t leave I
love to have that guy on the side but still that I couldn’t really imagine him
skating such a slim skate but maybe it’s just me maybe obviously he would skate
good with every skate so yeah if you look at if you take my skating names
like everyone else was like rock and roll and all that and then you would see
him fully gangster yeah killing it so I don’t know yeah yeah he’s just way too
good tell me he’s too good Scott have you ever got like badly hurt or does
that that was like yes that was one of the questions on on Facebook to the did
any injury ever made a difference on the way that you skate nowadays we didn’t
spoke about that he didn’t refer it but and I did have I mean in terms of like
individually like a broken leg or like you know a
broken bone but I I broke my urethra which is yeah you know and that’s kind
of as a as a Mary but you know that’s kind of one of the worst things you can
possibly do I swear so the simple answer that question you
get obviously changed the way I skate because not that made me but I don’t
really see it handrail in the same I’m like I said before I love skating
handrail girl I’m just doing like a backs like that rail feels great I
really need to consider it way more before I do and that you know the
passion has to be really high or the idea for the rare or whatever has to be
really really good for me to have to consider running around out because not
because of being scared I mean there is increased fear for sure but is it a
higher risk if you fall on the same region again or it’s just there’s no
it’s just here no no that would be for sure because it would be it’s definitely
weaker than it was in terms of I had made literally had to operate on him had
to take skin out of the inside of my mouth and like you know reconstruct it
with that skin so that’s like not is not the same as it was before like it
literally just the tube it wasn’t anything else rather than the tube
inside we both like what and what a nightmare injury I could never imagine
like no man did it happen in the rail like you said yeah yeah like I mean I’m that fool many times before and it
definitely wasn’t the worst one that I’ve had but must have been specifically
on that point and it was just for like four months it was completely not right
it’s it’s it’s weird like a lot of times for people who’s scared of scaling rails
it’s just like it doesn’t need to happen on a rail that’s something that’s one of
the first time it can ever learn anything and at the same time so many
times we see people falling like one eye one leg of each shot of the resin so
many times you don’t hit it anything yeah it’s like it just it’s hard because
most of the time is like on your leg it’s harder to it’s easier to to get
hurt on the coccyx then actually where people are scared I did bleed I had my I had my my time this actually happening I can’t believe
it but the answer the question yet did mainly because it would be fucking
stupid to do it again like I would be I would be an idiot to that injury again
and the doctors even said that he’s like yeah you can see it again I’m not gonna
tell you not to skate it’s like it would be really bad for you to do it again
though yeah but you know what I sum up the three trade you do still scare me a
lot more than skating around like those yeah exactly I mean if I’ve got an idea
you know I feel like it’s worth that risk and then I’ll do it and you know
like you support passion will take over and it’s like even Harry I said before
while film you like me but you like I don’t know and I’m like no I’ll do it
but that’s just what happened do that mean people do dangerous tricks because
they just want to do it there’s no there’s one trick that stuck in my mind
and it’s the most basic thing it’s probably ankle high in an ankle high
ledge I wouldn’t even say if it’s a ledge it’s just like a simple back
torque to backwards Willy you know that one right oh yeah in the skate park yes
yeah I that tree doesn’t make any sense in my head and I seriously I’ve tried it
just stole it and just to try to understand the movement and it just
doesn’t work see for me and I’m not even as a skater like a real skater anymore
but I would be a million times less doing a rail and I don’t skate rails
that much anymore than doing that because it’s just for me that’s just
instant death I know that even if it’s the soup yeah low ledge it’s most of the
time is more dangerous for me when I try to do a top side or if I try to do
a backwards Willy on a really tiny ledge quite a fall backwards yeah and it just
hurts so much more rather for the room yeah watch motion like a I’m not really
like I don’t do many stuff like that sometimes I get an idea where involves
one and it makes it so much harder for me to do that trick because I don’t ever
practice I do them I think I’m not very good at them but I had that idea as well
as like the back that’s like backs like today like no way
so you’re telling me that you don’t know how to do the basic one but you think of
a more complex one so you need to learn in the moment and you learn straight to
the complex one just just breaking it out for someone that doesn’t visually
see it something way and visual imagine you want to do a 720 topsail but you
cannot do a 360 topsail so you got straight a 720 it’s something like that
basically it’s obviously it’s the last V it’s earth there’s a little bit less
risk in it but still that can be a lot of the grind kind of go straight into it
it’s kind of it just it makes sense when you watch it but then when I got to this
cake it’s not I don’t know if I can do it that is one of the triplets you kind
of have to just come in work I know I can’t imagine it’s just I can’t see
myself doing it no let’s go straight to a question let’s fight right now I’m
gonna get the boxing gloves and let’s talk about this do you skate would you
skate Salomon skates they’ve never been for me never been to me and I don’t I
kind of you know I’m just me this question I’m talking about the
boxing gloves cause I the truth is for the type of skating that you do you
remind me of at least two guys that used to skate with Sullivan skills would be
Mikey eager and the other one would be Nick regal somehow I don’t know why but
somehow I can see you like the next level of what they’re doing being Nick
Leoni Kregel the first one and then Mikey a few years later somehow like a
more developed Nick regal with a different style and then years later you
I would see it like the next step somehow and they both skated Salomon so
I could actually see you skating Salomon and a lot of people I made that that
video about killing the industry with Salomon a lot of people really took it
the wrong way and I don’t mind people see it the way they want yeah but
there’s a reason for it and I guess we spoke about it when we spoke about third
box and about one of the reasons why things happen so yeah I guess people are
I mean yeah it’s kind of ways I can look at it I guess like I buy a lot of
clothes and character stuff because it’s a shame for things to go to waste right
like why chuckle they close when you could just buy brand new clothes when
you can reuse something outside see so this is the same for skate so I kind of
see that but at the same time you’re completely right like how they can’t
keep selling skate no one’s behind like they can’t keep making that like an
online so I do get it hey just I mean out Thomas Capel Sullivans if I weave
into them but I just don’t really care about them that much it just works out
that I kind of support the industry because I have to know but now I don’t
anymore because vallis are not working anymore yeah I mean I did consider
buying them escaped but I’ve got like honestly I’ve got about five or six
skates that are set up so it’s like I don’t need a seventh pair of skates I
don’t I don’t even really skate that much
it’s like ridiculous and when I’m saying they’re like you can obviously always
get the sole place from roaches from Rossi yeah people also make fun of
missing cheese from roses so it’s I’m obviously
just making fun of the whole thing yeah let me move away from here before we
fight uh what did you thought about the dirt box wheels the really hard ones
were you skating those wasn’t wearing 95 or 96 were you skating flat on those I
skated those flat for quite a long time I always struggle with flat setup like I
always wanted to be able to skate flat and I struggled with it for a long time
but then I thought you don’t really do it is to just do it so for about a year
or two apart member that year so I just skated solid D flat and then I was
completely fine with it you know it’s a good thing and those wheels definitely
helped they’re really solid and that’s where you know like some of the wood
did that came from those hard wheels just like playing around with them and
you know being able to slide on them a bit more so yeah I did I genuinely liked
those words and the flat profile I mean I said I’m not really a skate nerd I
don’t really I don’t really think about it too much but the flat profile really
helped as well for the rules like that actually what’s one of you who’s about
what you called it it was like magic rocker or something like if we tried it
it’s actually cool no but I was watching us like that is genius
it wasn’t purpose man I was just it was weird it was before this year’s winter
clash I was I was with Robbie pits in in Amsterdam and I changed the wheels I was
staying in this guy keV Kevin I was saying at Kevin’s house and I changed
the wheels I Disney these two different sets of under covers and once I change
the wheels I realized that they had different profiles and once I put him
down I was like damn it dude like not even flat but then when I see the skate
to one of the sides I was like wait that’s cool cuz when you
turned and you got like this rock ring and then yeah the magic Rock Creek was
just a funny name but it actually it’s actually cool obviously doesn’t last
forever because especially if you skating Street a lot not that I skate
Street that much still nowadays so in a parka left me forever do you find
it difficult to skate street now like I’m sounds like a ridiculous question
but is it easier for you to just go and hang it apart and skate there because I
have not this getting street fun either and it’s because I just don’t have as
many people to skate with so like weird spot is tricky yeah I think so you know
what I guess like since I moved to Cape Town which like I said it was about
three years ago it’s been changing a lot and makes me sad somehow ice when I
first moved here I loved it man my two best friends would be Earl Abrams
and this guy that I just told you Greg Fraser we’re living here yeah we used to
skate at least twice a week we used to go Street skating at night and we used
to do Street skating during the weekend some at least once a weekend and
obviously like since one year ago I have a baby so it’s not as easy but I still
find ways to go out and skate yeah but those two guys one move to Johannesburg
which is a capital and a lot of people don’t have idea of the size of South
Africa but is living basically a thousand and eight hundred kilometers
from me which is basically skate together and the other one like the body
boarder the one that actually show me stuff about you before for yeah Greg is
now living in a farm so far from you like two and a half hours so in the end
I end up being here of course I have a lot of friends here and a lot of people
that I skate with but those it’s kind of like you know you have those guys that
you skate with and you completely fully relate to it when you skate and then
it’s kinda like they’re gone and done if you like damn it and then a few weeks
ago I was in Portugal and that felt I have to admit that felt so good because
I was in Portugal two of my best friends one of them was
living in London and he moved to Portugal and now everyone is kind of
like the crews getting back in Portugal and I’m like damn it I might need to do
something about it anyway we’re not dead but answering your question like about
like skating a park I guess we time you and a finding more fun and it’s all
about the food yeah you know if you obvious you want to get some clips or if
you want to film something you’ll go outside and you’ll make the struggle of
getting this part and then you need to drive or to skate or whatever for 5-10
minutes to the next pot and you’ll do it or you go specifically a spot for a line
but if you are in a part you can be with five or ten more people and everyone is
getting each own spot and everyone is having fun and you still clap hands and
it still like even if they’re skating something completely different you know
and I guess we time you’re gonna end up going that way and one thing or not
skate parks are done for that so it’s a good thing yeah I think it’s I wouldn’t
call myself a park rat even if I haven’t been skating Street for a while yeah I
mean it’s exactly the same for me like I’ve got I’ve got really good friends
here that still skate but not as much like you know me and Harry it was a
really good we just had the same vision for skating really liked is going out
and not even planning spot or anything is going being fine you know and it’s
like not having that is just means I end up going it’s getting parks not widget I
mean I’ve definitely stepped off the gas a little bit in terms of like making
stuff I haven’t filmed anything for ages and that’s really not like me but I’m
really just like we’re making edit and literally before that one’s even
finished we’d be normal next one toe Ondo I don’t know it may be after things
for you I have to ask you I have one it’s to ask you for something in the
other one no one is the question the other one is something that I would like
to see the request the request would be the request would be come on I just want
to see a nine hundred I don’t care even if it’s to a foam pit even if it’s a
four bit just to stardom at it just for the fun of it did you ever watch yes yes
era limited I remember it I did a 720 in that on the little kicker
yeah really it was meant to be a 900 I really want to do a 900 but I just could
it wasn’t big enough I I couldn’t get like you need to put that little kicker
down a step 12 years so now it’s gonna be better than troubles you can tell
your students man come on think of it Tony Hawk I’m obviously just
joking it would be cool cuz it will be something you know that that’s something
that I was going to come next with usually you come with things that people
are not expecting and that’s obviously why I said the 900 thing is obviously a
joke and if you could do it with be amazing imagine like something like
people isn’t really expecting you to do it and that that’s what I was so
surprised obviously again like I said before you have the skill so you can see
it the way that you skate but the question is after being so long without
making an edit don’t you feel some pressure because from the guy that I
know and I know quite a lot of pros that struggle we the same and one of them is
is actually Richie iyslah you know that Richie whenever he puts something it
used to be so good that it put it so much pressure on himself that somehow
after a while it becomes a problem because even if you want to put stuff
you always want your next thing to be better and sometimes it’s a lot better
but in your eyes because he’s skating every day and you’re watching the clips
and you watch the clips over and over and over after a while they get you
think that they are boring oh boy and that’s what you think about your clips
but if anyone else sees them they like gold you know and I do I mean
subconsciously I haven’t before back to you said if I probably do gaudy
strangers like you I think for me was a bit of a peak that I’m probably I
realize what I made it I probably could make anything is like that again maybe I
don’t know like I mean not that the skating won’t be as good just I don’t
know I just when I finished it I think I realized that I’m not going to be
skating as much as that and I don’t think you know
I think it was a build up to that point of like all my ideas went into that so
then suddenly I was kind of had nothing I had no clips I had no ideas it’s kind
of all empty again which is kind of nice so then the next thing that I made was
Kings did that on purpose because I was like I’ve not done anything for a while
I need to do something and I did it in the park so it wasn’t really competing
with my own edit if that makes sense yep so now I haven’t filmed anything
courageous or deny how I feel about it I would like to make something but I’m not
really in the situation I haven’t got me and Harry would go out like you know
three or four times a week and we were just still and now I gots getting quite
a lot not filming which I never ever did before but it feels quite nice just like
not do that so I don’t know I’ve got a lot of ideas again and I’ve got a lot of
you know tricks that I want to do and spots that I’ve seen I want that but I’m
not it feels weird to not be in any rush to do it I don’t know I don’t know why
that is but I just haven’t been skating because much I don’t know I guess but
you know you start the ideas will come I believe that yeah exactly and I do
questions I do probably thought there is a bit of pressure on that but you know that’s one of the reasons why wanting or
not I respect skateboarders at least some of
them so much you look at those older guys those ones with a state with the
legend status and then and most of the times whenever they put a new section
it’s just worse than the one before it is most of them it is but they keep
putting it out there and a lot of times when they get older the skate balls they
do classic tricks they they focus on what they call style and most of the
times what they call style it’s being way worse than they used to be before
and way more out of control than you used to be before but for them that’s
that’s like imagine those 10 tries that they do that trick that’s the one that
they feel the best that you put it out there and that’s yeah sometimes that’s
we need in general to be more okay with us aging you know obviously we need a
new year we need a newer generation but we need
to be okay with us getting older because yeah
I mean is a little bit different for them in terms of they continue to do it
because they’re getting pages they got age sorry it’s quite I lost it there a
little bit I think even though it’s not really about my size just gonna just
take it aren’t they like I lost you where you said it’s different for them
sorry yeah so it’s different I think for them
because they continue to get paid and if if they stop making edits and videos
they are probably not gonna get paid anymore so even if they feel like it’s
the right or wrong thing to do for Kingdom you making works and what edits
they get paid regardless you know I feel like sometimes I’m really like I always
call it eminem effect because you should have stopped making albums at the Eminem
Show probably you know I mean and like now like I feel like kids like that are
into rap when we look at Eminem like eath crap that he’s not very good at you
know he’s not a very good rapper but it’s like they don’t know they don’t
know what he did like doing what he wants because you made shit after it you
know I mean I feel like there’s there’s definitely some Gladers that have got
that going on as well you know and you don’t you don’t want to ruin their own
legacy you know ok that makes this somehow
Kitana so I don’t want to name a name to the bit art in it but yeah kind of
there’s definitely some places out there where they’ve been made some really good
stuff back in the day and continue to make stuff that wasn’t good it’s like it
just makes you forget doesn’t it yeah but I don’t think I totally understand
what you’re saying but at the same time it is what it is you know it’s dealing
with reality and probably if you’re not skating for any brand now there’s that
that’s what’s going to happen with all of us caters because in general if we
all gonna keep skating and the way that social media is going especially
nowadays everyone has social media no matter what you might be more or less
present but the way that it’s going all of us are going to get older and all of
us that really love this we all gonna keep doing this and there will be a time
that even if we do it every single day there will be a decline this is like a
negative talk to a butt again it’s gonna know it’s like we might
not be working with brands anymore or we might not want to represent anything or
any sport but we’re gonna be doing it because we love it and if we put it in
social media it’s already going to look a lot better a lot worse I used to be so
I guess it’s something that we need to learn how to deal with it I understand
the M&M that you’re saying especially if they’re getting paid for all that stuff
and yeah sometimes we need to learn when it’s the time to to drop a project or
something like that at least to be the face of a project but somehow I guess we
all gonna keep skating and content we always gonna be watching content from
people that used to be our heroes you know like Dustin letting it still looks
amazing I don’t know if you saw the clip less yeah two weeks ago yeah but
probably in 20 years even if he is amazing probably for Dustin maybe I will
say 40 maybe in 40 years the cinema will will look better on skates you know
probably imagine if he was still making like he didn’t stop it was his last
probably accidental machines or open Oh bang I can’t imagine he hurried on
making videos after that they probably couldn’t keep that down maybe I don’t
think so that was completely different I guess that he was already
he was already getting so creative with the skating and somehow that’s one of
the problems that I see when it comes to creativity skating like yeah
– exploring the extremes of creativity obviously I don’t
maybe there’s no ends for creativity but you start coming and start going out of
normal you know and somehow give you a few examples of people that started
going different from what everyone else used to be doing like what was the name
of that Canadian guy that used to do Parker on England scale yeah you saw it
going in a way that no one else was going but for him to progress after that
you know I don’t know I couldn’t see something above that and I’m not saying
that he did anything wrong with what he did was amazing and then another guy
obviously completely different because he used to be the cleanest skater and
then slowly started changing with my Seng Homer used to be amazingly
skilled and then he started going like after a few years and he was heavier and
all that he started going to – yeah a weirdly different creative skating and
then he went to a way that it was kind of like doing flips against walls to
flip back and for a lot of people that was just dumb but in the end he was
having fun you know yeah and I don’t know what’s what would be coming after
that so Dustin was kind of like the same like Dustin was just going into a level
of skating that I couldn’t see what was coming next and I don’t know yeah
because like you know if you think from words to bang how he reinvented himself
ridiculously every time and like he got like so much there was so much
development each time between those videos and then suddenly it’s like he
skates kink rails now and like there was maybe just a plateau to his creativity
and it was like you can’t you can’t just keep doing that every time because all
right you know I just have so much respect for Chris farmer does that I
don’t even know what to expect but every time that I watch him I don’t know if
you saw that latest section he did again in the snow like he did a few years ago
what I see with Chris farmer is first of all I have massive respect for this guy
for the amount of passion that is because when everyone came and left and
left and whatever he’s still here it didn’t left one single day you know he’s
here he’s low – what – our sport and he’s one for sure one of those guys that
I said like about Legends that need to be respected because easier for us he’s
been doing it and trying to represent us the best that he can obviously you can
see that I wouldn’t say doesn’t have the same amount of skill but he went to a
certain type of skating I remember when I first saw his stuff I think was VG 19
now saw it be or as I think I saw it before but in VG 19 that’s when he has a
when he had that section skating I think it was on rollerblades and Salomon sti’s
I think it was so good he could do everything both ways you know like I’m
not saying that he can’t anymore you can’t still do it and that’s what I
was thinking about that’s no video part that he came out like a few weeks ago
you were yeah I think it’s just weird I just don’t know what to think about his
farm I just I just think is super super talented but probably like you said you
wouldn’t see the same amount of progression now after skating for so
long as you used to see same with David Sizemore
David’s eyes were progressed in a completely different way progress in
like control and style because at first David Sizemore every time that he would
seem he would it would be spinning 180 more into a grind or it would completely
different color pants more and more flashy I’m not saying this in a bad way
man it was a kid and he grew up to something that’s completely different
where everyone respects him and is like even like right now is like every scene
his last video yeah just wait on Bruce man done Bruce’s yes yes so dumb Bruce
is one of those guys I’m he’s been surprising me every single time that I
see Dom yeah I’ve been a huge fan of Dom for like at least four years I guess
since you won yeah the no more than that since you won them the winter class
juniors the the summer class juniors I think yeah and since then every single
time that I watch him is better and better and better and better just yeah I
like that last week I don’t even know what to think about it obviously a few
years ago a lot more people would do it but it just I don’t know man he’s he’s a
weird one reasoning is he’s like he’s so rated everybody knows how video we’re
the same time you’ve got under 8 how was he not had a pro food he’s definitely
how he’s not had like skater of the year or anything ever like he’s he’s he’s
gonna get it’s really he’s gonna get there is really really I would love to
speak with him on one of these K talk soon
and it’s getting there I’ve seen him a few times and I would love to do with
Dom I would love to sit with him instead of doing it via phone or something I
would really have to say with him and do one of the
not really he’s got a really it’s gone in person that’s really and just like it
catch it doesn’t it’s like I don’t know been dead less before especially when
he’s fucked much game dude when he made that 720 he lands it and then it jumps
into the water you know what I felt it made me so proud to be a skater you know
you watch that and that thing was like I’m proud to do these things to put
these really boots that’s what I felt was just like yes that’s all I can say okay tell me tell me tell me I was gonna
ask you a question like what who are your top five right now like these
ladies how’s it Stan yeah I only like me and my friend always have the
conversation right for me at the moment okay there’s one guy that will it’s been
one of my favorites even if he’s not skating forever that’s John Eliot one
wanting or not John how it is I guess it’s gonna be there forever and then yeah still is I think it’s gonna be
forever in my current top five because it’s one of the guys that made me see
skating the way that I see nowadays for sure oh then guys I would say the guys
that I go and I watched your Instagram probably and I want to see what they’re
doing and stuff like that let me see one of them is Richie wanting or not I love
that guy the way that it does it and what he’s been trying to do sometimes I
just like I just wish II you could put more content out there which is now
doing it but I totally understand man I totally understand the way it does it
and is I don’t know sometimes it’s hard for me to understand he’s got
unbelievable scale yeah that’s the thing that’s the thing but she’s unbelievable
but we’re talking about yourself sometimes it’s not that you don’t see it
it’s because you care so much about what the others are going to see about you
and that’s really important and I think I lost that along the way I just don’t
care what people think about me so I’ll just do it
yeah so sometimes for me it’s hard to see that but I have a massive respect
for what it does and for its amount of skill and when I mean it does is not
just skating and when I’m when I talk about people and my top five skaters I
don’t talk just about the level of skating you know it’s more than that
yeah and then I would say Dom Bruce would be in my top five for sure two
more left I have two to go now it’s hard let’s do the last two the last two organ
Anand has to be it’s just you know it’s it’s like when I used to do more sweet
chips is like what I never dream of being possible you know is above what I
always thought that could be possible to do on skates does that make sense yeah
yeah no I agree and when you start like watching it and then you kind of like
clock which way he’s doing a certain tricking and you realize that one with
switch at some point you like what he again has unbelievable skill yeah way
into dude and then other guy Howie see I would need to go for a super complete
skater someone that can do a little bit of everything everywhere I don’t even
know I don’t even know there’s a lot man out there’s one guy that I respect a lot
and I wouldn’t say is the best aggressive skater or is the best at free
skating but it’s just everywhere and it’s just good at everything I would say
probably same Crofts and I love what he’s doing you know and if I know that
you’ve been skating with him or I believe that is skated with him and in
the way that it looks at skating I respect what he does a lot so yeah it
would be in between him but then there’s more people man no I don’t know I
haven’t really skate with Sam Cross like recently I skated when I was younger a
bit but lately I haven’t and I feel like I would be scared he doesn’t scare me
stop yeah but it’s the it’s edited towards those you know it’s just like
he’s doing it because he wants to it is not the answer if there’s it doesn’t
if there’s a camera if not it’s like that’s what I like about salmon that’s
why I respect him so much man well I had like a solo session with him in Germany
we were both at the power slide little town and we went out for a skate and he
was like okay let’s find a drop rail you know you know that that kind of feeling
that we I used to have like I don’t know maybe fifteen years ago and I loved it
just to go out and look for a rail for him and then it’s just like he’s out and
like he doesn’t even care I put his phone he goes it does it but if there
wouldn’t be any phone or any camera would still do it it’s just it’s it’s
edited that makes me respect him so much so I think there would be more yeah I
love it man oh yeah I would even say there must be more people which is like
it would need to be a guy I guess my for my main forward those and then Sam would
be the fit yes they might died okay you managed so far so far I mean I’ve been
trying to think we can say like thought you might put the question back at me current it’s this kind of time of year
as well you know that at the end of the summer there’s going to be loads of
stuff it’s going to change my mind calling my forgot to call it modern good
going Martin Danny bear like it I forgot does to Z that’s the problem like we’re
not that small well inspiring but not in a way that like that’s the kind of
inspiration you can’t copy like you can’t you couldn’t like make a second be
like right I’m going to try and scale up Danny beer or Paulo Martin’s like they
there isn’t like a specific way they skate just what the fuck is it but it’s
not just it’s like there’s so many things that lead to dead type of skating
it’s skill it’s not just skill is like it’s your
I can explain what you’ve been doing with your skates your whole life man :
Martinez is getting for way too long I don’t know if you know of these
chicago-based photographer cold he used to be used to live in Chicago
Ryan surely he used to work for bread I knew we became good friends he that is
the reason why I met everyone that I did why I like whatever I did in daily bread
why I started skating for USD is the main reason why I’m probably doing these
nowadays Ryan shootie and since the day that I met him he always spoke about him
Colin Martin every single day so it’s been like and way before people speak
about it you know and then he a time and then he just disappeared somehow and
then a few years ago like two three years ago I started like posting that
type of crazy stuff that is just like no way so I don’t know it’s just like he
has like a lot of background in skating that obviously leaves him with that
amount of skill and control that it’s like I said impossible to copy yeah
anybody weld anybody I don’t even know what to say it’s just like that guy I
know it could be an Olympic champion uh it brings me out and it’s like he makes
game looks so much fun it’s kind of like a goofy kind of fun but it’s like it’s
amazing it’s so good it’s enjoyable you what you see someone skating like
they’re like I want to be part of that I want to do that you know that’s that’s
what we need that’s what we’re talking about probably if that’s the type of
skating you would show to your students yeah maybe like okay what else we got
three more I mean I feel like for a long time being my top five but wait let me
make you a question I love Sean and I’ve been trying to get Sean to make one of
these and I’m I met Sean a few times and we actually made like a tour for a few
weeks and but I haven’t been getting an answer from him I really wanted to do
one of these with him but my question is would it be Sean mainly
of his level of skating or or because of the whole thing that it does because I
know that he hasn’t an insane amount of control in those skates since forever
but then is filming and is editing video skills we also made the whole thing even
more appealing you know what I’m saying it’s just like yeah when you talk about
it Maykel so it’s not even because it’s the Kelso’s it comes as in the days I’ve
seen kind of to type well not to touch the skating but two main types of skate
right people that are fucking sick at skating and then there’s people that are
like they do simple skating but do it really swag and just do it really
stylish Li you know and there’s a very small handful of people that can do both
and he’s definitely one like he’s doing he’s like he Steve’s and everything it’s
like stealing everything out like everybody else to do but he’s doing
tricks that nobody else can do so he’s doing the most technical thing that
you’re just like what and then he’s also like just stings in on it so hard and
it’s like that’s fucking you can’t yeah but I was speaking about it when I made
one of these with him he was speaking about the way that even like the way
that you put your fingers and all those things making a difference and you can
see you can clearly see that Shawn cares about it yeah it makes it so much more
authentic that you can do it while doing is very difficult if you’re like you
know you’re doing a basic trick but you’re like speeding it out as hard as
we can it’s like yeah you can do that when you’re doing an even trick because
you’ve got nothing to concentrate on but it’s you’re doing you all you’re doing
saying that fucking hard like gotta be pretty authentic you know let’s not be
quite natural it is isn’t it I can think about doing like a truth in front talk
to Sonny else and then thinking about how I’m gonna put my arm and how I’m
going to speed it because that’s just too much to think about
I’ll tell you why I told you that we did this to this BMX – that was in 2005 in
2005 he could do hurricane top assets or hurricane backside – no it was hurricane
top asset both ways I think that was it he was doing it in a rail in Prague both
ways if you’ve been doing it it’s not an excuse of
what I’m trying to say is he’s been doing it for so long that thinking about
the way that he put his arm or the way that is smiling or something like that
is the natural progression because there’s a time that’s like the way that
you want to progress or are you gonna put one 180 more or you want to care
about the way that that is looking so I guess it’s just a little progression but
it’s just way too good it’s been way too good for way too long but I do remember
the first times I saw Sean Kelso the first time that I showed a dick Kelso’s
back then it was just like I didn’t even knew which one was Sean or Colin but I
remember that they used to do the weirdest frontside torques back then
which yeah I’m not saying that they changed the way they do it but there
were the first ones that wouldn’t do with the foot completely sideways you
know back there everyone used to do a frontside torque more like as an ally of
Macchio then then the way that they do or that they started doing they started
doing more like as a fish brain and then somehow Eric Bailey also did him like
that and that’s the only way that I can actually do them and I like them
nowadays like that but at first I used to think no that’s not the way to do it
yeah it’s way more than the position that you put your foot okay I think you
have to yeah Sean is amazing they know Warren all right have you seen their
thing is amazing Oh God JT Truett I think is really good
wait who is the JT true is it JT – Oh James – it I don’t know he’s always in
like Carla blanks using part of the blank plate edit video I ever say no
deal that VOD what’s his name and ah come on and and the the guy that does the front
flip Andy something oh yeah I did yeah and if I can’t you mean that’s so
amazing yeah like you I didn’t know what trick was on the neck you never knew
what to expect dude he’s amazing as a skateboarder have
you seen him he had a full hour before it so I guess he used to be remember his
last name he used to be amazing in an amazing inline skater and then I guess
he disappeared for a while I don’t know exactly why and then like three four
years ago on Instagram I used to watch a lot of his stuff and he used to
skateboard and he used to do just slides kind of like power slides and stuff like
that kind of like the downing skateboarders but he used to do it on a
short board and he used to do like a lot of spinning tricks and then slowly
started mixing those with inline skates in the same videos and then I saw that
she’d be like a few weeks ago and I didn’t knew what to think I know that he
is on the team of wish frames is one of the three guys on on the wish friends
team is amazing I don’t know I don’t know just amazing the front flip out
this is like yeah yeah yeah I remember when farmers just like change from doing
spin2win tricks and like then started being you always love patty do a line
where you’d like to set slide on the saint-lo did it cool all right and then
we’ll just do a 360 and so down handler we’d like that wicked because you can
just you know it was the first guy who was the first guy that you that you
remember that stopped doing 360 or spin tricks it was from the UK I don’t know
if you remember he stopped doing it shows to stop doing those and to focus
on other type of skating that was all he short all the short was the first guy
that I’ve ever seen doing a hurricane Topsail and the hurricane fishermen
way before everyone else like the first time that I saw it like properly done in
videos was Abdel Kohlberg I think it was fo r 2 or F or 3 I don’t remember
but way before that in a high railing in the tall rail in London all the shorts
getting some some roaches Roces skates I don’t know if you were the fifth
elements or whatever skates those were cheetah is whatever they were black and
red and in with those kids they did a hurricane Topsail and then it did the
perfect hurricane fish brain and he used to do them so good he could do 540 kind
grounds he could do all that stuff and then it just chose to stop doing it and
it’s so wicked the way that it that is skating became and how much she got
respect yeah some people obviously a tournament I’ve been in that spot I’ve
been in that’s right yeah it makes no sense why it doesn’t
make it when the thing is men I know that Ollie used to do a lot of tour
roles and arose like little things but you never saw only doing a spinning
trick like that that would be the type of streak that I would see that guy Shea
is rushing doing but I never saw or doing them and then the first time that
I see all you do is something like that it’s on that spot yeah that’s the last
person I’d put in my top five even make it six
well bet I think nothing my best you also have a definite just he was amazing
he hasn’t made anything for a while but yeah the amount the level of skill is
just for sure there yeah and he’s one of those super complete skaters that I was
talking about yeah it could skate everything like it could slide on wheels
on boot on whatever he was the first guy that I guess that I saw not the first
but maybe the first one that made me think wow how is it possible to put
slide like that one of his first Kyser videos usually but slide and Barcelona
and now I still don’t understand how he did it
or we could do it I just don’t understand there’s something maybe I
don’t get it yeah but it’s more skaters mana I don’t
know why I always talk about the top ten and they didn’t speak about Nick Lomax
because is he might not be your favorite but the level of skating is just yeah
just I don’t know it’s I don’t understand a lot of things so that’s one
of them I don’t understand it yeah probably a don’t even I didn’t say
which I don’t know I don’t know why I didn’t say top five and I know that I’m
speaking about some of them as USD skaters but it’s not about that I guess
is one of the guys that I watch more consistently on on on Instagram and I’m
like wow why like I always go with the same questions how or why and no no
let’s talk about Brosco which is weird I guess everyone puts him on top of the
thing huh you said it during this conversation he said if you work for
Brosco works for me sir yeah he’s just you know he lied why it’s just the best
in the world know what happened how was that whole time
yeah yeah I was speaking about farmer and I forgot about that
because when I say that farmer has been on the game for forever we cannot forget
about him and we cannot know about Fe so basically in the end yeah team Viper
looks it’s been there forever so big up to Adam Johnson because I don’t know
what he did there but the team is just there I mean that seemed that he had
been KFC freaking out like our gone is always a surprise in my state Aragon
because of the type of game that I do now I suppose but man that Aragon which
section was it ego but arrogance is to ego sections are just fucking incredible
you are man once I want the one on that wrs think I guess the thing with
arrogance conversation with someone before the thing is
we got so used to seeing on that level that we stopped giving him the respect
that he actually deserved because when we got comfortable yeah yeah we got so
comfortable with that’s just that’s just arrogant man it’s not just Harrigan is
it could make skating look really good it wasn’t my favorite style of skating I
always thought that he was like man he looks way too he looks way too good I
rather watch only short skating it’s the truth but at the same time it’s just
like it just doesn’t Bend I don’t know there’s a lot of things that it did that
don’t make sense at all like that yeah Eric fakie Eric in 540 top so how why
it’s like let’s move away from Eric ain’t oh okay let me go to I got a
postcard you know what I’m gonna talk about don’t you okay I got a postcard
this week so basically here’s what happened I got an email from Sam Sam for
those earring days he’s he was now now I know after this interview he was the
main ad of dirt box I actually thought that you were one of the guys from dirt
box I didn’t you but I know that Sam sent me an email and asked me for my
address he wanted to send me something but it didn’t want to tell me what it
was and he said I’m gonna send you something and after watching some of
your videos I think you’re really gonna like it
but it didn’t want to tell me anything Danny yes wait wait wait and then I got
a postcard I didn’t even know what we was he said he was going to send
something and I was in Europe but there was three days before I leave to South
Africa and I told him I’m leaving in three days but my wife is in London so
if you send it to London she can bring it to me tomorrow so so he did that
then when a Monday he send it still Monday and my wife got it on Tuesday and
she flew to Portugal before we both fly to South Africa so I got that I didn’t
know it was she never really told me what it was and we
were in such a hurry that I didn’t got anything until I got to South Africa
once I get to South Africa she said so your friend sent me a postcard and like
what I don’t know what he was going to send you never told me he said I was
going to like it but let me see it so I opened it and there was a postcard with
a picture that picture was a gate with a hole and that was you jumping through it
and then I’m not gonna read it because I don’t have it here with me but I’m gonna
resume what was saying in that thing sometimes it was something along these
lines sometimes you try things no I’m gonna sorry I’m gonna go back a little
bit he said when when I shot this image of Scott jumping through the hole I shot
it first and then I didn’t really told him but I didn’t shot it right so I had
to ask him to do it again so that I could shoot it but I was so scared to
tell him but I ended up taking a picture I ended up shooting and this is the
picture that you’re watching it’s the second shot and from what I guess what
is trying it was something along these lines and yeah I guess he’s trying to
tell me or to tell the world because I know that it’s in this postcard with
this image I don’t know if it was with the same text to more people
I guess he’s giving another try to dirt box I don’t think it’s gonna be called
dirt boxer and he says he’s planning on every like a refined project and from
what he says he’s been he moved away from where he used to be moved to a farm
he’s been thinking a lot what he wants to do and he he now has an idea so I
have no idea what’s about to come out can you speak a little bit about this I
can speak as much as I know and I don’t I don’t know that much I know that he
wants me to be involved which is great news you obviously know the name cause it’s
on the hence the white muzzle I didn’t knew yeah it’s nothing to do with box doctors
dead well he’s kind of I guess from what I can tell by talk I mean I talked to in
most days I do not really well that he doesn’t tell me much about this because
it’s just the kind of guy he is like he’s just he’s I guess you know the name
muzzle like he’s kind of like actions speak louder than words you know he
doesn’t like talking about stuff and not delivering just fucking do it you know I
mean that that’s kind of a guy you so that make Ivan spoke about why it’s when
it muzzle but that’s what I would assume because it’s just like let’s not just
look until where it’s just do it and like have you know what a muzzle is so
for me it’s just all Chinese sorry like you know when you have like that dog it
means you kind of kosumi over his mouth it’s like you know it’s not to explain
but it’s ok I think to stop them being able to open their mouths okay I know
and keeps your mouth okay keeps your mouth shut so basically Sam no one
really like quiet he just like gets on with it and I think that’s what means
just like saying get off of it from what I can gather anyway so from what I know
about it is the devil is gone he’s taken what he’s learned in dirt fox-like girl
under you know and refining it deemed little bit because what I know from dirt
box before you know he had to keep up still on the team from five years ago
and they’ve not made anything for a long time which is not to say that they were
doing anything wrong but he was still like giving them products and not
getting much return so it’s kind of like I think he’s learned from that it’s like
keep it very slim I you know like it was a smart idea obviously and I don’t know
about there’s a 5595 which isn’t being poured in the same
factory as the dirt box will but I think it’s going to be very similar like in
part was a real good I have no idea was the third box loaded I have no idea yeah
I mean I was always skating for a long time I I skate in that same wheel with
anti rocker try rocker and flat like this alright
ages you know great think he’s doing he’s doing a grime wheel he’s doing 55
95 and I think it’s either a 100 or 110 so he’s doing like a bigger wheel as
well ah there’s also that’s quite interesting
that’s cool and is it do you know if they’re gonna
have clothes and stuff like that as far as I know there’s a few things in mind
but I don’t know that he was saying before how soft goods armed you know
they’re not the money maker not easing it to make money but he wants to be able
to continue it’s good for the the ride there’s to somehow promote yeah and I
still want the switch stocks I don’t know I need to find him somewhere I never like ever asking for product is
it always I didn’t like being that guy like these laughs um can you send me
something but the socks man I couldn’t get enough of the socks that was one
product good yeah so muzzle as much as I know Sam Hill will I be like oh we might
not be many copies but he loves making stuff that’s why still doing it knows
like he loves it he absolutely loves it so yeah I imagine there will be some
soft goods for sure I’ll make certain oh I can’t believe I forgot the first
product technically is the box so he brought out he you know Mike Simpson had
the first board so if you haven’t seen that on the muzzles
I think it’s muzzled off-site Mike Simpson has the first like a video so
that’s the first product technically the Mosel dot what’s all yeah
Muslim eww dead le dot sight let me see let’s see yeah Mike Simpson
do you know Mike Simpson yeah I do know that blog on that it’s he might be in my
top five why can’t Harry could be both in my top five to be honest wait well
you can’t really put your own boys in the bag okay it is that the one earth slow feature
Mike Simpson editor okay is there
their view D yeah mmm I didn’t knew about that let me buy amended as a great
variety of skating aliens got I getting wizard in there is he and Luke frames in
there at some point that’s awesome let me buy this thing
right now okay so that’s something that’s something to watch later today my
internet isn’t yeah like the for instance I might need to pedal a little
bit for this download today anyway so that’s a we know about smuzzle basically
you it’s going what type of what you say that you want you to be involved as it
as a skater or you think you’re gonna be evolved differently in the brand I think
just as a skater to be honest I I don’t know anymore of team really well I know
Mike obviously Mike is involved because he’s got the blog and I know Sam Biggs
of skiing a lot but that’s all I really know he yeah I think he wants me to make
some stuff so I do need to make something new yeah of course about doing
that because I honestly I haven’t got anything usually at this point if
someone was like oh can you make an edit for me oh look my harddrive ready to go
by actually at the moment I am cleared out anything okay which is crazy
really it’s the first time in the long term what yeah yeah that’s good no it’s
like starting from zero now one question yeah are you going to be skating with
big wheels or what I haven’t skated on big wheels for a long time there was a a
while in last summer I was skating those try next frame with someone tens in them
I think no way did you yeah and I had them rockered I had them pocket so the
two outside ones were up in the middle and was down you know it’s only an
artist but it like yeah awesome because a lot of my friends at that point was
getting on wizard and I didn’t really I wasn’t I’m still not sure how much I dig
big wheel scale obviously I really like going fast and it’s fun but
and yeah I’m not sure I probably have to be honest I think I have the wrong dope
rat all of brain like that m12 oh not right it’s super low yeah probably if
you have a different liner could make a difference huh
you know what if you gave like if you if you try it you were saying that you’re
not a skater nerd but think about it if you have a thicker liner with some
lacing we’ll give you a lot for like the last seven years or however long they’ve
been around by intuition line is all about back yeah I haven’t tried the
liners I know that the material is really really good but if you were like
what I was saying is like if you have a thicker liner you usually can give you a
lot more support I know that some guys on intuition liners with intuition
liners they try to use the ones with the lacing with a higher Lessing just for
extra support because you might have with when it’s k with v 13s for like a
taller frame obviously like yeah for me is getting us this case there’s only one
pair of skates that I actually like to skate with those big wheel frames and
that would be skated a lot of people don’t like which is this way every other
boot I don’t think it’s high enough to support some people don’t really like
the look of it I learned not to like it and actually nowadays I really love it
so damn good I get when I put a try max frame on a boot it would only be on that
boot I don’t want to scare with anything else on like with any other boot on that
frame somehow I think there should be more three well friends now I think
there’s something like even like a more grindy three-wheeled frame you know and
I listen to the Nicki Adams podcast today while I was doing some work he
said I’m getting the three wall frames and I want to see more of that like I
always thought like bit like because he said doing unit even like doing a unity
with one in the front and one in the back were like yeah you can actually do
it interesting if you tried because the thing is you can actually do it with the
trimix if you skate eight millimeters on the
try max you have so much space so the first day that I skated try max I skated
not the first day since the first day I skated with 100 millimeters
and I would have a little bit more space than people with 110 so I could actually
the first day I was doing back savannas and stuff like that and I can actually
do them it’s not too hard I would do them in between the front two wheels but
if you skate like 80 millimeters you have such a such an amount of space I
could actually give it a try that could be a cool added just skating with 88
meters or something like that on those skates it actually be a cool thing yeah try it come on no you wasn’t much you
you were saying about skinning them rockered the thing is if you just pulled
the front wheel up it’s already rockered on three wheels the way that you are
using it both wheels up and the middle one down that’s extreme rocking that I
feel like you fall backwards the whole time or four yeah I mean it was fun I
was really enjoying it until people would be like right next on the hill and
you’re a bit like did you ever try to skate sorry did you ever try to skate
the Wizards no I’ve not tried the Wizards yet again because I haven’t got
the right dude I mean when I first put the try max frames on my m12 boots I as
soon as I started skiing a lot the sole plate bolts popped through the holes and
soul plates and you know like kind of Marilyn Fisher kind of yeah yeah and I
had to put some washers in that I got from a shop to like put in that because
it wasn’t really working so I knew instantly the boot wasn’t right for it I
think one thing that the n12 in the vo I think completely is that in snow they’ve
got like five or six bolts going into the sole kick through the socket in to
do the frame should definitely screw through the sole key and into the boot
do you think so you know like it’s you feel that yeah whoo so the connection I
just don’t understand why you wouldn’t like because in all of my skates that
I’ve had I’ve got had so many pairs of those skates I don’t want something bad
about because I’ve got loads like eight so but every pair I’ve had
after a certain amount of time they all go really Kathy and like lucky and you
know no one likes Tapia escapes and it’s just nothing you can do about it like
they just go that way and when you get a brand new one it’s fine very good and
suddenly it will just go tapping it’s just like I feel like that would fold up
okay that’s good there could be a good thing I’ve so last week I’ve been since
last week I tried to skate those shift those razor shifts so they send me a
periscope to the review and I tried it and the razors shift in between the
soleplate then one that comes out and the boot they have a little bit of Sun
that looks like carpet I don’t really know what material is that it’s kinda
like a carpet and that could also solve the problem on the m12 because it’s like
it would be an extra layer in between without noise and because there’s an
extra layer could also make the skate sound more solid and at the same time
fill the space that makes it clicky you know I think that could probably but at
the same time you wouldn’t have the same feeling because the less material you
have in between your food and the grinding surface or the rolling surface
the better so I guess it’s all yeah 12 with a sock wrapped around it because I
took the sole off wrapped a sock around the boot for the sole get back on like
I’ll wheel it back and they cut the sock around the sole kids like how the sock
layer between I think it helps on was it the switch stuff like a ridiculous skin oh good it’s been interesting loving
this talk I’ve been loving like the diversity of things we’ve been talking
about wait let me see talking you’ve been talking about like for an hour and
42 minutes yeah anything it goes fast man is like we started it’s not I keep
saying we start talking about things that we actually love too and it goes
yeah is there anything I’m just just before we
finish this I’m downloading slow the the VOD on my own muzzle dot let me see
muzzle dot sight yeah and it’s actually super slow my
internet I’m waiting to see it so after we finish this I’m gonna gonna watch it
one question Oh any last thing that you want to say is there anything that you
want to say before I finish this okay one way cool anyway this time you ask me
the top five best skaters right I’m gonna ask you the top five worst
skiddish the top five guys that should have never started skating now I mean
like what I mean by that is like is there obviously everyone should have
started skating and I’m just obviously just having a little bit of fun here but
from the guys that ever made it to to pro skater which were the guys that you
never really understood how that happened it can be from 20 years ago you
don’t need to put anyone on the line okay I can be one of them I make it you
make it easy let’s make it easy I’m one of them and then you have only four more
to go I never understood dude I’m gonna tell you something I had this
conversation with someone else before probably not here hi Chris
I have a massive respect for him not for the way that he made skating look but if
you look on that have you ever heard about the TED talk with hi Chris have
you so I don’t want you to change your perspective about Thai curries but
please watch that cuz that guy never went to school is
parents were like they chose to never put him in school and it’ll everything
he learned he learned by himself I’m thinking I don’t even think even did
home school they told him the best way to learn is de life you know and and he
became a really successful businessman even if we agree or not with these
decisions and I’ve been again I’ve been trying to do a skate talk with him and
have been ignored a million times but I’m just so used to be ignored that I
don’t even care anymore anyway watch that escape watch that TED talk
I’m not gonna I’m not expecting you to change your opinion or whatever a bonsai
tree but it’s amazing and it completely changed the way that I see taiko is I
used to see him as the guy that only wants to win and all that but it’s a
little bit it’s not only it’s a lot more than that so one guy we have four to go okay you can sit a chris times five and
resort to dissolve it to be set to be honest there’s a lot in the UK I’ll help
you there used to be guys that like what else remember Mike Budnick yes he used
to be somehow there was a time that I used to like him but then in the end I
couldn’t like the way that he used to skate so see I’m not being that that bad
at him but it was just like the truth it it wasn’t my favorite guy my favorite
guy to watch not understanding Andi Cruz and being like why do people only
understand nowadays I just loved the way they used to do so much yeah and what
about what was your opinion the first time that you watch the guys from much
from leading dude I remember I was at the I was at
the b-meg house and they had this video with these funny faces funny face kind
of like the damaged goods cover and I was like what’s these and now watch it
the first time I was like I hated it I really ated it yeah and then I put it
the tape again like let me watch it again and then again and again and now
that I just loved it so I love whatever Joey and Todd are doing and it’s just
the first time I think it was just way too shocking you know this is like yeah
it was shocking but it was nowadays I love it so I don’t remember the first
time seeing it but I do I do remember the point like big wheels to was the
point where I realized they have found they found what they should be doing you
know I mean like that that’s the escapes that they should be taking because it
just I feel like that leveled up so much no I mean I guess this just gave way to
good like an Lea that the one that he runs up the world is a survivor yeah yeah he’s he’s next level yeah well you
can do everything – and I have a top 100 it’s hard for me you’re way more
involved in blading I guess you see I think I ever read I have the names
written inside my glasses it’s just anyway so you get through you
got three to go I never used to appreciate Katy bagozzi
State Hillary well I always thought I never you know he like bend at the
ankles when that when the music came out I was like I don’t know he deserves a
section but now he’s fucking great that his skating is great then I don’t know
it’s weird yeah it’s just the thing with Casey is just like he always had his
style and he stayed true to his town you know that when everyone started bending
their knees and tried to to bring his head there
as close to the skates just to look the same way as the the other guy that is to
look good he never really cared and that’s what I love so much about Casey
he just did his thing the whole time so much okay two more I’m gonna say because
of the way he comes across I don’t know I thought the way he comes across like
did you ever met him have you ever been with being with you because I like I I
probably have a different opinion from most of the people from what I know
alone a lot of people don’t like Steph enough I know because of what they heard
a lot of people don’t like Stephan often and they know him and I actually know
him I have no problems with Stephan often I never had any problems they
always treat he always treated me really nice and I actually respect him a lot
and skating wise he is an amount of skill that very very few people in the
whole world have when it comes to edited I understand for a lot of people yeah
his ego might not be acceptable or his attitude a lot of times is hard to
understand it’s I don’t judge that it’s not my thing it never crashed with me so
I can’t really complain but I totally understand and I know a lot of people
who who also add or we’re close to them so I get that there’s one to go maybe
far back like okay so I mean I still don’t know how I feel about this because
i haven’t watched him for a long time but I remember thinking back in like
Project Mayhem gonna do its neaten when they were the best teams by all
wonderboy amongst people like Shane scour Philly prison in dust in that with
Josh petty yeah and then you’ve got Kevin Gillen in
the middle that I never really understood like you
never on that level you know we’re just kind of getting I was getting into
skating at that time so I don’t really I didn’t know the history of carat having
dinner but I remember at that time being like how he’s not on that level I swear
he’s not on that level yeah you know what I remember watching I think it was
I don’t know I don’t remember if it was vg5 or v g6 probably v g6 when he had a
section with Dustin Latimer there used to be really good friends and there was
a time that they used to like not I wouldn’t say compete with each other but
they would they used to skate a lot and they progressed a lot there was a video
remember do you remember elements to you and I remember elements to elements to
was the video that started with Dre power Vinnie Minton and AMA Nicks they
gonna shirt section and they it was like these three at a section and it was like
one of the best ever yeah and Kevin Keeley had a part in that
video that was really really good I remember he had like a lot of sweet
herbs but yes now that you said it wasn’t quite the same that I don’t
really remember when was the when was it the time that Dustin kept progressing
and Kevin kind of got stuck in there but for sure they didn’t rest at the same
rate that was a time that he kind of like stopped progressing but he was the
thing he was there really really early you know he was there really really
early and he had a really good level and he had some tricks that very few people
he was one of the first guys to actually put true spins in real sports and stuff
like that and back then not a lot of people were doing on so somehow I missed
that I came on to it I guess it’s kind of that like that is like Windows when
the true spin tricks first came out or when people started doing treat not that
they came up when people started doing true spin tricks he was probably one of
the first ones to do my true spin Marco’s true spin measles even risking
souls and stuff like that so he was one of the first one to do them so that
would probably be the reason I guess they did good it is really good I think
I should start making this really bad five because it’s just putting people on
the line yeah it’s actually a good question and there’s so many like save I
just it’s not very I wouldn’t like to be your name I’ll try to defend everyone
I’ll try to defend it no man I guess like we all in the end we all respect
everyone that does the same as we do as long as they are respectful people like
if that makes sense to you like yeah man if I’m shitting on everyone else I’m not
expecting people to like what I do right you know you know when you’re doing
things that is don’t reserve respect and we’re not treating anyone with our
respect we just when it’s staining opinions and like I said I’m man since I
started do is doing these YouTube things it’s it’s been a really good way for me
to develop my filters if that makes any sense sometimes I read things I’m just
like okay man just you know what whatever because sometimes it’s really
hard for me to read things and just then I put so much of my time like I do make
a little bit of cash out of it but it’s it would never pay for the amount of
time that I do it’s just it’s it’s actually it’s passion and I really want
to do it I want to do something for this it’s the best that I can do but
sometimes reading some things again gladly my filters I have been getting
better and better and better so yeah you do you think that for life in general
yeah you know conversation is really good imagine like you’re getting better
at these the more you do them it’s kind of you know getting good at listening
and getting good at structuring your thoughts out into your words kind of
it’s not it’s not easy thing to do is it I think I’m getting better and stopping
to interrupt people I still do it every lady’s coming now the thing is
when am I gonna meet you when are you going to be in a place like do you
usually go to any events skate events are just I obviously I know that you
wouldn’t be the type of guy that it would be competing at least now I travel
for skating I to avoid events just mainly because I went to winter class
once and then was like this part well escape the people in the way so I just
come in like that when was that just see if I was there just to see what year was
it see J Wells more there’s like a massive gap – coin grind I remember that and the Leon basin being there I don’t
think I was there anyways let’s do this thing I wanna see
you skate I would love to skate with you one day so since my friends are all
moving from South Africa if if this is not a muscle thing we never know you
know if I move back to Portugal if just like maza leave then we’ll find a way
Portugal is becoming like a really cool place I was there and I’m really happy
with what Portugal is becoming nowadays so if I ever move there I’ll expect a
visit from you we’ll do some talk I you can bring the whole crew I mean you’ve
got bear in mind I’m ginger as well whatever if I don’t know whenever that
happens man you can come in the winter for you guys it’s like you can come in
the winter you’re gonna feel like June or July in the UK so it’s all good okay
it was really really nice talking to you man I’ve been wanting to speak with you
for a while and I guess it was cool I hope that everyone listen today’s who
listen to this enjoyed as much as I did I hope you did too
it was yes I had yeah I mean you put me in a sticky situation at the m5 using
private stall so not easy man choosing five it’s like I guess it’s harder for
me to choose five then for you to say the words bad like the worst fire its I
have too many favorite escapes the thing is every time I start one of these I’m
gonna I say one of my favorite skaters so I have way too many you need to
listen to the intro that I did for you anymore but still you should do just top
five and just have a list of different top fives like the top five most
disappointing sections that would be amazing but see that’s the type of
things that I need to do I need to be in a place and having people coming around
and sitting there and actually get not like via even if I think the audio today
is not that bad I think the audience might be the best yes I think the audio
might be the best better than anyway we might need to do that one we might need
to start that one once you go to Lisbon yeah see you next time Lisbon thank you
so much and good night cheers Cheers and that was it that was a super super
entertaining skate talk at least my way I hope you guys also felt the same way
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these to other people so the more we can show skating and that’s it what I always
say just don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys



  • July 2, 2018 at 9:30 am

    Been waiting for a podcast/chat with Scott! Incredible to watch his skating/videos so it's cool to hear some of the thoughts behind it. Being 6ft5 (and uk9) myself as well it gives me hope that I can look that good on blades too! haha

  • July 2, 2018 at 11:53 am

    I grew up skating with and learning from Scott – extremely talented and nice guy 🙂

  • July 2, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Great talk and great guy!

  • July 2, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    such a nice talk! Wonder if Scott would be down to come to Coimbra and blade with us 🙂

  • July 2, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    Awesome skate talk.

  • July 2, 2018 at 9:03 pm

    A great talk. Lots of talent in the UK. I always manage to do a lot of drawing whilst listening to these, helps me concentrate. Will check out Muzzle sounds interesting! Thanks!


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