(cellphone ringing) – Hi, it’s Doug. You’ve seen pine cones before, right? Here in California in the mountains, you can find pine cones
on the ground like this. Kinda makes you wonder
how big is the pine tree that something like this comes from? There are some incredibly huge
trees out there in the world. Someone named Alejandro
has a question about this. Let’s give them a call now. (cellphone ringing) – Hi Doug. – Hi Alejandro. – I have a question for you. What’s the biggest tree in the world? – That’s a great question. When I was a little boy, I think one of the first stories
a grownup ever read to me was the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack finds some magic beans
that grow into a giant beanstalk that he can climb high up into the sky. I remember thinking, “Wow,
that would be so cool.” Or I also remember seeing cartoons that had trees so big around that people could live inside of them. Trees in real life are
definitely something we think of as being big and tall,
but what’s the biggest? Is there a real life version of these cartoons and fairytales? Now, for a question like what’s
the biggest for anything, I suppose you or I could always
just go search the internet or look it up in a book or
maybe asking an adult who knows. But if you just found the
answer and that was it, that would leave out one of the best parts which is how do we even know
the answer to this question? It’s not like you can just
go up to a tree and ask it, “Hey, do you happen to know “what the biggest tree in the world is?” Now, you might have seen some
big trees near where you live, but there are trees growing on almost every continent on Earth. So in order to figure out
which one is the biggest, we, human beings, had
to go out and explore all around the world. It can be tempting to
think trees are just trees. They’re all pretty similar. They’ve got bark. They’ve got leaves. They grow tall, cool. But as people have explored
all over the Earth, one of the most surprising
things we found out is just how different trees can be and some of them are amazing. This one called Rainbow
Eucalyptus from Southeast Asia has some of the most colorful
bark of any tree in the world or this one called a Kapok tree, you wouldn’t want to climb this, look at the thorns growing
on the side of that thing. And check out this tree called a Jabuticaba tree
from Brazil in South America. It grows these shiny black
fruits not just on its branches but all up and down its trunk. It’s so weird. But while all of these trees are amazing, none of them are anywhere close to making the list of
what we could consider some of the biggest trees in the world. Now for that, we have to
consider trees more like this, the Baobab tree of Africa. Look at that thing. It doesn’t even look real, but it is. Or check out this, the Sitka Spruce. Lots of these trees grow along
the Western Coast of Canada. Now, trees like these are
trees that are big enough you could live inside of one. And in old ones that have
gotten hollowed out over time, some people have done just that. Look at this entire room someone created inside of a Sitka Spruce. But now wait a second because here’s a tree in New
Zealand called a Kauri tree. Which one looks bigger to you? A Baobab or a Kauri tree? Seeing big trees like this
side by side makes you realize when we talk about
what’s the biggest tree, we could mean different things. What are some of the different ways someone could mean biggest when they’re talking about
the biggest tree in the world? Before I say anything more,
what ideas do you have? Now would be a good
time to pause the video if you wanna think about it. Okay, you ready? Well, seeing some of these
examples helps us realize it matters what we mean when we say biggest tree in the world. We could mean the tree
that’s the biggest around like the size of its trunk. We could mean the tallest
tree in the world. Or we could even mean the
heaviest tree in the world. And it turns out there is not
one tree that holds the record for all of these. Different kinds of trees
hold the record for each. Baobabs and even Kauri trees
are definitely big around, but they’re not the biggest. That award goes to this tree in Mexico, a tree named El Tule found
in the state of Oaxaca. It’s a type of tree called a Cypress. From one side of its trunk to the other, this tree’s trunk is the
length of an entire school bus. So what about the heaviest and
tallest trees in the world? Well, even though they’re
two different kinds of trees, they’re both found in the same place, the US State of California. In little parts spread around California, you can find entire forests
of these trees growing. There’s even two different national parks. One of them Sequoia National Park is home to the heaviest
trees in the world, the Giant Sequoia. This photo gives you a
sense of just how huge a Sequoia tree is. Not only are these trees incredibly tall, they’re also incredibly wide which is what makes them so heavy. The largest Sequoia tree of them all, a tree people have named General Sherman, currently holds the world’s record for being the largest
living organism on Earth. And that leaves, last but not least, the tallest trees in the world. These are Redwoods. They’re a cousin of the Sequoia. They look similar. You can even see they get pretty wide. This Redwood tree in the
town of Leggett, California is so wide that an entire
car can drive through it. This tunnel was carved into
the tree about 100 years ago. Luckily, the tree is still alive, but carving tunnels like this isn’t something people do anymore
as it could harm the tree. Now, while Redwood trees don’t get quite as wide
across as Sequoias, they do get taller. The tallest tree in the world
found in Redwood National Park is 380 feet tall. This gives you a sense
of just how big that is. So in summary, to figure out what the
biggest tree in the world is, we have to go out and explore. There are amazing huge trees
found all over the world. The tallest and heaviest ones known being the Redwoods and
Sequoias from California, USA. That’s all for this week’s question. Thanks Alejandro for asking it. Now, for the next episode, I reached into my question jar and picked out three
questions sent into us that I’m thinking about answering next. When this video is done playing,
you’ll get to vote on one. You can choose from: Who invented rubber? Can animals laugh? Or how does a clam make a pearl? So submit your vote
when the video is over. I wanna hear from all of you watching. There are mysteries all around us. Stay curious and see you next week.

What’s the biggest tree in the world?
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