Hey guys, this is Karina! It’s Ronald, and we
are from SIS vs BRO. And today, we are doing
What’s in the Box Challenge. So our parent picked up
some freaky items for us, and it’s gonna be really really scary. They might be alive. They might be dead. Who knows? Who knows? ‘Cause it is What is
in the Box Challenge. We’re gonna take turns,
who’s first? Me. Rock, paper, scissors, Ronald. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Aw.
Alright who is– wait. I lost, so does that
mean I have to go first? Or you go first? No.
I go first. You wanna go first? Yeah, I wanna go first. Okay, alright. So I think I’m ready
for item number one. Okay.
Item number one, let’s see. Alright, I’m gonna
see what it is. He’s never gonna get this.>>Oh my god.
>>What? Ew. What is that? A bowl of ice cream? No. What is it? Is that a living thing? Maybe. Maybe. This is baby food? No. What? What is this? It’s a bowl of something. I–
that’s for sure. I think it’s a bowl of butter. Oh, okay. Okay, that’s my guess. Well, guess what? What? It’s not it. Aw. Guess what it was. Yogurt? You got it right! I did?! Yeah, it’s a bowl of yogurt. What?! 1 point for Ronald. I don’t want to do
this, I’m scared. Ew, it feels cold. It’s like, gooey. I just don’t want to touch it. Ew. Holy cheese macaroni.
It’s disgusting! What is this? It’s like, gooey over here… and, ew… it’s all ew. It’s filled with ewness. This is definitely a fish. I feel a fin,
I feel the actual fish. I feel a mouth. Has to be a fish. Yep, it’s a fish. Yes– but that’s disgusting. Now, you can look for yourself. Ew, it smells bad. And you were touching
that mouth there. You were like opening it,
put your finger in. I put my finger in its mouth? Yeah. My turn! Oh, I’m scared. Oh my god, you’re
gonna be so scared. He’s gonna be so scared. No, I don’t want to touch this. You have to touch it. Put your finger– No, you have
to put your entire hands through this. I know that. Just let me get ready.
>>No! You have to do it. I don’t know. No you have to. I’m going to touch
my biggest fear. Come on. I’m going to touch
my biggest fear. Alright, do it. His biggest fear is that. It’s probably
like a piece of poo. Ronald, alright. Be a brave guy. Oh, what is it? Oh, what was that? What was that? Noodles? No. Touch more. Hold one. Oh my god, one? There’s multiple? Okay. There’s a p– That’s a plate. That’s a plate. You’re touching a plate. So, there’s a bowl of worms. Am I right? That’s–
Is that your last guess? Yes. Sorta. It’s gummy worms. It’s gummy worms? Are you kidding me? Actually, these are real worms. I don’t believe you I smell it. I could stretch them. I could do any– Oh, I can smell that. Okay, let me look. Yup.
It’s a plate of gummy worms. 1 point for me, 2
points in total. My turn, I’m scared. Oh, it’s your biggest fear.>>Oh my god.
>>I’m scared to touch it. What is that? You’re gonna be so,
like, embarrassed once you know what it is. What is that feather thingy? Um, hello? What is that? Is it a porcupine? Porcupine. Can I pull it? Is it gonna be mad? Maybe. Is that your final guess? Um, I don’t think so
because it’s not pointy, right? Uh… What are all
this cup hooked up to? Plant. Is this a plant? I think it’s a plant. Is it a plant? Okay, that’s my final
guess, a plant. It’s a fake plant for an aquarium. So that means I got it right. So I guess you’re gonna
get half points. Okay, fine. Okay, it’s my turn. Let’s do this. I wonder what this is. Is that a bug? Karina, I think it’s a bug. No. Okay, it’s a bug. No it isn’t. Oh my god. It’s some kind
of bug that’s for sure. No, it isn’t. You’re touching the wrong thing. What? There’s a thing on the edge? But it feels– What was–? Okay, my guess it’s
some kind of spider. That’s it.>>I’m not going in anymore.
>>Is that your final guess?>>Yes.
>>It’s a rat. Take a look at it! Take a look at it! You were touching its face. I was? Yeah, you were. And you’re touching
these like, little thingies. Okay Karina, I guess
that’s the end of my turn. Alright. Goodbye mister. He’s really scared. Guys, it’s my turn. I’m so scared like crazy. I don’t want to put
my hands in there. Is it insanely insane? Is it like chameleon? Oh, I wonder. Oh, I’m scared. Did you touch it? What if it wants to bite me? I touched it. What do you think? I don’t know. I don’t want– I don’t know
if I want to touch it again. Did it move? It didn’t move its mark
because I don’t feel it anymore. I think it was right here. Is it the plate or
is that the ground? I don’t know what I touched. Did I touch the thing here? Or is this a plate? That’s the part of the thing. Part of what? The the thing, that I don’t want to tell you what it is. Is this a foot? It’s a fish– it has
to be a fish. Is that your final guess? Yes. Alright. Okay, take a look. You’re gonna scream. Ew! It’s a lobster.>>Is it living?
>>Ew! No. No. No, it’s not. No wonder it felt so hard. Now I’m scared for my turn. You better be, that was scary. I thought it was gonna
jump and bite me. Okay. All right. Just touch it. It’s gonna be fine. Just put your hands in there
even that thumb of yours. Come on. Push it in. Push it in.>>Is that worms?
>>No. Hold it all,
hold it in your hand. Is that an octopus? No, just hold it. It’s not an octopus. Is it worms? No, just hold it! Grab it! No, you have to grab it. Wait.
It’s a fake plant. I recognize this thing. Recognize it? You don’t even see it. Like touch it,
hold it in your hands. Well, what’s it? I’m gonna guess it’s a ball
with like spikes on it. Is that it? Close… close. It’s like something
was spikes on it? No, but close, but not it. Is there like,
a face to this thing? No. My guess… I give up.>>Alright. Alright!
>>This is– I recognized it but, I recognize it. But, okay. What is that? It’s a fake plant. You did say fake plant. So I guess 1 point for you. Yay! three points. Now, can I play with it? Feels all wobbly and squishy. Whoa, this is so cool. I wanna have one
of these in my room. This is the coolest. Okay, my turn but I have a feeling
it is alive. Okay. It’s alive right? Maybe. I hear it. Hello, are you gonna eat me? Are you going
to bite off a finger. Hello? I thought I felt something. I hear it. What was that? What was that? Check all the corners now. Okay, it’s not here. Okay, take a guess. I don’t know. I give up, I give up, it’s too scary. You’re gonna be like,
ew after this. Ew! I was touching a mouse. Yup! Wow, It’s squirming all
over the corners. Okay, this mouse is super cute. But now, it’s Ronald’s turn. Oh, no. Okay, it’s my turn. Alright. Okay. You’ll love this. It will be your best
friend forever. Oh, no, I’m scared. Why am I not touching it? Because you’re not
even close to it. It’s moving! It’s a toy that moves! Its– It like, you know the toy store, we
found this thing that moves like a… Hello? Is anybody in there? It’s trying to escape. Really? Yeah. It’s a frog. No.>>It’s a frog.
>>No. Just squeeze it
until comes out of ears. Oh, no. It’s a frog! It’s a frog! Nope. Wanna know what the answer? What? It’s a toad. Ew. Ew! Yeah, you should be saying that. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. I definitely have
the feeling it’s alive. It has to be alive. Okay, take a look, it’s Karina’s turn. Take a look? No. Okay. Um. Did you touch it? No. Not yet.
I touched the ground. Look for it. I don’t know.>>Oh, you said to look.
>>Look at the corners. I think it’s a rat. Did I– Did someone
just kiss my thing? Maybe. I don’t want to touch it. But I do at the same time. I felt whiskers! I felt whiskers! That’s a kitty– It’s a kitty,
it has to be a Kitty,>>that’s my final guess.
>>Okay, take a look. I guess half point for me
because I did say rats. Okay, I guessed. It’s Ronald’s turn. I’m scared. Yeah, should be. Okay.
It’s my turn, I’m scared. Karina, you can take
a look whatever is out. Oh my God, you’re gotta love it. It looks so squishy. She’s getting me to touch it. I wish I were you. I’m scared, though. No, put your hands in. It’s actually really cool. What? What was that? What was what? I touched something
and it was slimy. It’s pork. Let me guess. It’s a tongue! It’s a tongue! I felt something slimey. I give up. Oh gee. Oh gee? It’s…
it’s Play-Doh. It’s Play-Doh! Play-Doh, and you’re
scared of Play-Doh. It’s Play-Doh. Is that right? No. Can I look now? Ew! It was dead chicken! Not even cooked. Oh that’s gross. I’d rather touch a cooked chicken
than a raw one. Okay, it’s my turn once again. I’m scared, once again. Hello? Hello? Hello? What was that? What is that? Can you take a guess? Worms! It has to be worms! Am I right? Yeah, you’re right. I knew it! Ronald. It’s your turn
for the next box. I’m scared. Oh my god, it’s gonna bite! Oh, it’s so scary! Oh, don’t you dare
touch that thing. It’s gonna bite your face off. You’re not even close to it. Ronald, touch it. What? It’s a bear! It’s a bear! It’s a bear! Oh my God! It’s a bear! Call 9-1-1. It’s a bear. It’s a rat. Touch it. Is it a rat? Hold it. You have to hold it,
not just touch it. It’s adorable, babies love it. Oh! A baby could touch it,
but not you? I don’t know what it is. That’s the thing. Is it a teddy bear? Please don’t tell me. I don’t know. I’m guessing a teddy bear. That’s my guess. Final guess? Yep. You got it! Oh, did I really? Yeah.
Look it’s just this little guy. Ronald, is definitely
a scaredy-cat. Okay, Karina it’s your turn. Yep.
It’s my turn. It’s actually a teddy bear. And I’m gonna keep this guy
by my side. The last box. Here we come. Hello, is anybody in there? What is that? I don’t want to touch it! Is it moving? Ronald, look at it. Is it?>>Yeah, I’ll look at it.
>>What is it?>>It’s something.
>>Is it moving? It’s something.
>>Is it, does it move?>>Maybe. I want to know if it’s going
to stay in the same spot or not. What? Nothing. It has legs? Look!
It walks and it has legs! Wow. I give up. It’s so scary. Okay. Take a look. Karina’s scared of a pineapple! I thought it walks around. You’re like, legs, look, legs. Guys, which one do you
think was the scariest? I think it was the rats. For me, I think
it was the stuffy. Okay guys. We hope you like this video. If you did,
smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye.

What’s in the BOX Challenge!!!!!!
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