– [Lucy] In between
filming days our studios become playrooms for the kids so Addy and Maya have their
friends Keira and Ethan over today and they are playing in Toy Cafe. Addy has her roller skates
on, she’s rollerskating around but I’m about to introduce
them to a really fun game that we’re gonna play
right here in Toy Cafe. (upbeat music) – When the kids and I were
at Toy Fair in New York City, we saw this new game
called What’s In The Box. It has been a phenomenon on YouTube where they put a box for people
to reach in and try to guess at what’s inside just by
their touch and feeling it. Now there’s an actual version
you can buy at the stores and you can play at home
with you, with your friends, your family, and we’re
going to do it today. So, here’s the game. Now, here’s what happens. – [Addy] It’s supposed to be like this way so the camera can see what’s
in the box and the person can’t see what’s in the box. – You’re right. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna be playing a special What’s In The Box Toy Cafe edition. So, you kiddos are gonna
walk all around Toy Cafe and you can only take
things from inside Toy Cafe. And, they’re gonna be secretive. They’re gonna put ’em in these
bags that come with the game so no one else knows
what they’ve picked out and then they’re gonna take
turns putting the object inside the box, you guys listen to this? – Yes. – And then once you put it in the box, let’s see Maya put something in. Ethan, what are you going to do? You’re gonna reach inside and feel it, and try to guess what it is. So the purpose of the bag
are simply just so you can go around your house, or
in this case, Toy Cafe and put something in here
without anybody else seeing you it makes it top secret. So, we’re gonna have two teams. Keira and Addy So Keira – [Keira] Yay! – [Lucy] And Addy! – [Addy] Woooo! – [Lucy] Versus, team number
two, Ethan and Maya. – [Maya] Ya! We’re gonna win! – [Ethan] (yells) – Who do you think is gonna win? Keira and Addy or Ethan and Maya? I don’t know, it’s gonna
be a close game I bet. Now normally you could all
walk around the same time grabbing your things but
since we’re just in one room I’m gonna send them in one at a time and let them pick out their item. Here’s the challenge, you
guys have to make sure you pick an item that you don’t
think anybody else can guess just by feeling it and
their gonna have ten seconds to guess what’s inside the box. (upbeat music) Alright time is up, time to go in the hall out in the hallway, out in the hallway Alright we’re gonna go oldest to youngest so Keira’s gonna get to go in first. Keira! Cause Keira, how old are you? – [Keira] Ten. – [Lucy] Ten, you’re our oldest okay you gotta peek around
I’m gonna shut the door. Gonna peek in there. And let’s see what Keira’s gonna pick out. Oh that’s a teeny tiny
Squishy, oh my goodness. That’s a teeny tiny unicorn. Alright, so Keira selected her item Addy’s gonna be up next
because she is 8-years-old. Addy! Alright, Addy on her skates Shut the door it’s top secret. – One of these slimes that are shut so they can’t open it
and they can’t feel it. – Oh good idea, good idea. – [Addy] Well they already
know about these slimes but can they feel these slimes? – I don’t know – Oh, should we make
them name the exact name or just slime? – (laughs) Maybe just slime. – Okay. – So Addy’s got her item
we’re gonna send our next oldest in which I believe is Ethan. So remember you want
something that no one else will guess what it is when they touch it. So you’re picking a Cutetito. – Yeah. – Alright show us what it is. It’s a burrito stuffed animal. Can it fit inside your bag? And we just need Maya to
select her surprise toy now. So you’re gonna look all through Toy Cafe and pick something you’re
gonna put inside the box that no one else can
guess when they feel it. Oh, what is it? – [Maya] I don’t know. – Okay, let’s see. – I’m choosing it because I don’t even
know what it’s called. – It’s a Shopkins Squeezkins. – I put it in my bag… – Put it in your bag. – Where do I put my bag? – And hold onto your bag. Alright now that everyone
has selected their items, the game is going to begin. Come on in kiddos! – Me! Me! I go first, I go first! – [Lucy] Go ahead and put it in, Maya. (upbeat music) When you’re playing at home
it’s probably a good idea to close the box but since
we’re playing and we want you guys to see, too, we’re gonna open it up. So we’ll let Keira feel
first and then Addy but you only get one guess total so you guys have to agree on what it is. Don’t guess yet, because
you have to agree. – I know exactly what it is. Okay Addy’s turn. – [Lucy] Alright, Addy’s turn. Oh! – [Addy] Oh! Oh, I know
exactly what it is, too. – [Lucy] Alright, you get one guess. – We agree on the Shopkins Squishems. (laughter) – [Lucy] Are they right, Maya? – Um… – [Lucy] Let’s see. – Yay! – Alright, it’s actually
Shopkins Squeezkins but I think it was close enough so we’re gonna give them one point for Keira and Addy. Alright, next youngest is Ethan! – Hello. – [Lucy] Are you ready to put yours in? And just so you know, if
you’re playing at home the game actually comes with
score cards that you can use we just decided we would
use the white boards so we could have something
bigger for all of you guys to see nice and easily. (upbeat music) Alright Addy, go ahead. – Oh! I know, I know this,
I know this, I know this. – I know exactly… – Wait, wait, what do you think it is? Yes, it’s the Cutetito,
Cutetito, Cutetitos. – [Lucy] Did they get it, Ethan? (cheering) Okay, so that means one more
point for Keira and Addy so Ethan and Maya, they
better, they better get their game together. (upbeat music) Do you think they’re gonna get it, girls? – No. – No. – [Lucy] Oh they’re doing
teamwork, two hands… – It’s the slime bottles. – It’s like, it’s like a slime bottle. It’s a slime bottle. – Ah dang it! – [Lucy] Ah! It is. (cheering) Everyone’s guessing them so
far so now we’re gonna let Keira put hers in. Ethan’s feeling it,
wanna have a turn, Maya? – [Ethan] What’s the Squishy from? – Where is it? (laughter) – [Addy] Ethan has it. – So they know it’s a Squishy we’re just trying to figure
out where it came from, though. – Oh wait, it’s a 5 Surprise. Wait, is this a cat? – [Keira] Uh, no. – [Lucy] Oh, so you got it, Maya. – No, wait, she said kitties
first, though. One guess. – [Lucy] Oh you know what? Hmm, that’s true. So, Keira and Addy have two points Ethan and Maya have one point. We’re gonna change things
up for the next round. I am gonna hide things in the box. Things that I think are gonna stump them. And we’ll see who gets them correctly. Alright, everybody out of the room. I want to really, really stump the kids. I had an idea over here in this giant cotton candy
thing that we have here inside of it, we have a brownie mix it was used in one of
our first Toy Cafe videos and I think they forgot
that this was even in there so I’m really curious if they’ll be able to figure this one out. So I’m gonna do this one. I’m gonna find something else, too. Hmm. This is the wig that I wear when I play Lulu for the Toy Cafe and I have some cookie cutters in here. I’m gonna put the butterfly
cookie cutter in there and I want them to not only
know that it’s a cookie cutter but also that it’s a butterfly. Alright, let’s see how they do. I’m gonna call in Addy and Keira first I’m gonna keep Ethan
and Maya out of the room and we’ll see how they do. Addy, Keira! You guys ready? – Yes. – I’m gonna let you each
reach in and you only get one guess between the two of you, though. After you guys have a turn I’m gonna call in Ethan and
Maya and see how they do. Alright, Addy, you go first. – Oh, I so know what this is! – [Lucy] Really? Okay. – Oh! It’s the secret brownie mix. – [Lucy] Don’t let Maya and Ethan hear. – It’s the secret brownie mix. – I so thought I would stump
you guys with that one. They knew it! You are good at this game. I’m gonna close it back up. Okay, let’s see how Ethan and Maya do. They can’t get this, too, surely. – Oh, I know what this is. – (Gasps) It’s the thing from there. – They only get one guess,
so you two have to agree on what your guess is gonna be. What do you think? – It’s brownie mix. – Take a look. – Yes! – Wow these kiddos are
way better at this game than I thought they would be. Okay it’s time to go
on to my second object. Lulu’s wig. Alright, I’m gonna keep
it closed this time, you guys know what’s in there. Let’s see if they can figure it out. – Wig! – Yeah, yeah. Oh it’s Lulu’s wig. – Alright that’s another
point for Ethan and Maya. My goodness, we can’t stump anybody today. – I know what this is. – Oh! It’s Lulu’s wig. – Alright, you two get another point. You guys are in the lead. Four points for Keira and Addy and three points for Ethan and Maya. I have one more item I’m
going to put inside the box. I really hope this one stumps
them, you guys are too good. – I know, we got every single one. We have a good sense of touch. – You must. Alright, I’ve got my
butterfly cookie cutter and it’s gonna go in the box now. I’ll put it on in. – Oh I know this, I know this, Keira feel it, feel it, feel it. Yeah, it’s the Easter cookie cutters. – Okay, it is the cookie
cutter, but ah-ah-ah, they were gonna open it I need a more specific answer I need to know what the
cookie cutter shape is. – But that’s not fair. – I think it is. – No it’s not. – See if you can figure out that shape. – I know what it is. – What do you… – It’s the butterfly cookie cutter. – Okay Addy, why don’t you
feel and see if you agree, cause you only get one guess. – Oh yeah, I totally agree. – Yes! – (laughs) I think they’re just
a tad bit excited about that now listen, don’t tell… – We’re not going to. – Ethan and Maya. Yeah, those girls are good at this. I don’t know if Ethan and Maya are gonna figure this one out. Well, we’ll see. – [Ethan] Are you ready for it? – I’m ready. This is a tough one. So remember you only get one guess. – Oh, I know! – [Lucy] Don’t guess til you agree. – Oh I know! – It’s the cookie cutter. – Yeah. – Okay, hold on, no looking yet. No, no, no It is a cookie cutter, but you have to tell me
exactly what the shape is. – The bunny. – [Lucy] You get one guess, so you’ll have to agree
on something, okay? – It’s the bunny. – Yeah, it’s the bunny. – [Lucy] Why don’t you each put your hands in there. Is that what your final guess is? – It’s the bunny – Because Easter. – It’s the bunny. – [Lucy] Okay, let’s see. Let’s see. – It’s a butterfly? – [Lucy] Yup. – We don’t get a point. – [Lucy] They guessed a
bunny not a butterfly. – Yes! Keira, we won! We won! Yay! – So our official winners
were Addy and Keira. Addy and Keira, how many
points to do you guys have? – Five. – Five, and I think Maya
and Ethan had three points I believe. And I should point out
we didn’t use a timer but this actually has a
timer on the game, too, so you technically only get ten seconds to guess the object. Is that the timer, Maya? Yup, and it spins and dings. Well, our official game is over but I think the girls and
Ethan are playing some more on their own because it is such a hit and I think it’s gonna be one
of our favorite new games. So this time we played a Toy Cafe version but I think we should play this game again with another day with
a toy school version. or like Maya’s room only
or Addy’s room only. (upbeat music) If you’d like to play What’s In The Box with your friends or family, They’ll be in stores very
soon so keep your eyes out for them.

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