having chosen your model of snowboard it's important that you choose an appropriate length this could be anywhere from 135 centimeters for a small girl to over 165 centimeters for a tall guy as a rule of thumb longer boards are faster and more stable but will be harder to turn like a Cadillac whereas a shorter board will be lighter and more maneuverable but will offer less edge grip selecting the right length depends on a combination of factors height weight and style of riding when starting out on a typical all-mountain model the board should not cover your face when standing equally the tip of the board shouldn't fall around your chest something just over your chin is usually spot on so called jib boards designed for Park and rails tend to come in shorter lengths usually between 152 centimeters and 155 centimeters in order to keep the weight down and make throwing tricks easier boards for riding powder can go one of two ways longer for increased speed and floats or short and fat for nippy or turns without sacrificing surface area in both these cases the chin height rule of thumb doesn't apply so check with the manufacturer's description for suggested length

What Size Snowboard Do I Need? | Whitelines Snowboarding

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