Julianna whats going on Say it Julianna Say it No you Say it I don’t know if it its a lie What she is pregnant Aaaaaahhhhh Thats gooooooodddd Mom, Grandma Say it Say it Julianna (mom)Bayron take that camera off (mom)Stop recording me (mom) SAY WHAT? I don’t want to say it She gonna kill me if I do (mom) Julianna what it is SAY IT I don’t if its true of a lie What she is pregnant Yeahh (mom) AHHHYYY that is good (grandma) Who pregnant (mom) a nephew Julianna is What you think about that grandma (mom) a little nephew (me) Its a lie its a joke I was telling her to tell you guys to see what you think (mom) Julianna that not a game (grandma) if that was true she wouldn’t be lying joking about it. (mom) Julianna is that true (mom) Bayron stop saying that if its a lie (mom) So you can go and put it in the computer in the internet. AND ITS A LIE (ME) Its a lie What you say about that mom if she were (mom) what What would you say if she was (mom) If she were I would have being happy (mom) the only thing you guy should know that you two would be in a commitment (mom) than about being a parent its something you learn in the progress (Julianna) My dad was to be a grandpa already (mom) better for me I would know my nephews And grandma why you quiet (mom) mama what you think about this grandma why are you silent (mom) mama tell him to star putting your pants nows with the bell really tight up (mom) tell him mama (mom) tight that bell really strong (mom) She is hiding because you filming her, bayron stop putting me there (mom) I now gonna get crazy say no she pregnat (mom) if you guy are and don’t want him/her give it to me I would keep it. (Julianna) I want a baby with Bayron ahhhhhhnnnnannanaaa Look you driving becareful (mom) I will take it (mom) I take the ones that aren’t my family members (mom) Now that is a family memeber i would take it gladly Background talk (grandma & mom) I’m not gonna be fighting happily I would take it I take care of kids that arent’t my now, and one that its my own blood even better. I use to skate so that why I’m getting it I use to fall a lot too (mom) you didn’t know anything (mom) The people that knows can take down the people that don’t because they passing like they don’t care (mom) look at those two (mom) they both fell

What she Pregnant NOoaaaaaahhh Just Ice Skating!
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