– Hey, Hawkeyes, during
this frigid time of year, we’re wondering what
motivates you in the winter. – Hot chocolate and fire pits. – It’s nice to stay
cozy-ed up in your dorm, but you have to get stuff done. – I stay motivated by just
thinking about my future and what goals I have. – Reading fun books, like reading for fun. – I think what keeps me
motivated is doing things that I enjoy, so I joined dance club. I hang out with my friends,
or I study with them. – I mean, this is kind
of a cheesy thing to say, balance your life out, but
it is important to take time to yourself and just relax
instead of working all the time. – And playing Smash Ultimate once I’m done with all my homework. – What keeps me most motivated in the winter is probably
just staying in school so I can hang out with friends. So, I need to study. – Comment below what
motivates you in the winter, and we’ll see you next time. Oh, thank you. (upbeat rock music)

What Motivates You in the Winter?

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