Hey everybody coach Lance from online hockey training calm and welcome to the Oht got hands playoff play of the day once again I’m gonna deviate from focusing on one player or one play from any one Particular game rather the focal point of this video is what it really takes to win a championship It doesn’t matter what level of play from the NHL all the way down to a squirt youth tournament there are a number of factors that Contribute to a team having a chance to play on the final day that a big prize the team needs to play stingy defense Have a penalty kill and power play that’s clicking on all cylinders consistent and timely scoring rock-solid goaltending and a little bit of Lady Luck shining on you now when players think or envision of an upcoming Tournament in addition to seeing yourself and your teammates hog piling the goalie when the final buzzer Sounds most of us dream of scoring the triple overtime Championship winning goal. I know that’s what I visualized Nobody ever sees themselves in a highlight where they’re making a last-second stick lift to prevent the game-tying goal Solidifying the victory or taking a hit to make the final pass on the game-winner or what? I’m gonna focus on the remainder of this video and that’s sacrificing your body by Intentionally throwing yourself into the path of a rocket That can exceed speeds of access of 100 miles per hour And if every single player doesn’t share in that same all-in Determined win at all costs mentality your team has a slim and none chance of winning and slims in Vegas Everyone thinks they know what it takes to win a championship But for most players they visualize only needing to dig that deep for the final contest Saving their late-game heroics for the championship game But as they soon come to find out if you don’t execute a committed team plan of attack early You’ll be guaranteed one thing you won’t be playing in a championship game, but you’ll be able to watch one I Know now that you never know what it takes to win until you win You think you do every hockey player every athletes, but I wanna I want to win and especially in hockey such as sports You know, it’s such a team that’s poor and you know, you want to play win you want to be successful? But you want to win and every one of us play better when we want to win But you really don’t know what it takes. You wouldn’t tell you when and I think that’s for me even after my after career I take those lessons I learned in Detroit every single day with me take a look at this clip from Game five of Vegas and San Jose this clip showcases desperation hockey at its finest bodies are flying around all over the place The goalie and defenseman are flopping around in the crease like seals Just trying to make themselves big and cover as much as the net as possible But take a look at the play Braden McNabb makes here the puck changes sides and without hesitation or fear of consequence He hurls himself face-first to where the puck just went leading with his teeth could be one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen This is the type of sacrifice a player is willing to make only after losing in the finals the year before nice effort. Mr McNabb take a look and have a listen to this clip a Mitch Marner rocking it in game three against the Bruins Play a role that’s maybe different than what they’ve played all year long and with the game on the line look at the Reaction. This isn’t just about winning a game. This is about a moment as a teammate And that goes a long way to get you Going further in the playoffs. You know what? Mr Marter just got from that sequence of sheer courage Instant street cred with the fellas lastly if you’re a so-called Skill guy and think this type of crazy behavior is beneath you well, then take a look of one of Washington’s top skill guys Nicklas Backstrom The guy is bought in and it’s no surprise that him and the Capitals won the Stanley Cup last year and are one game away From moving on to the second round because they didn’t know what it took to win a cup until they wanted and now they know With both number one seeds knocked out in this first round It’s anybody’s cup at this point But I’m giving Washington a slight advantage over all other teams because they’ve been there done that and are playing like they’re gonna do it Again, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

What Does It Take To Win A Stanley Cup Championship?Tips from Online Hockey Training.

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