– Hi guys! Today we are
doing The Smoothie Challenge. In this bowl we have
14 ingredients to use. Seven are good, and seven are bad. We have to take turns
drawing out of the bowl, and we have to use what we draw. I’ll go first. All right, the first
ingredient is mustard? – (laughs)
– Ew! And we have to drink these smoothies. – Well we don’t have to drink all of it. – [Both] Ew. – Ew! My turn. – It’s Maya’s turn to pull. (mumbles) Be something bad. – Caramel! So far, Addy’s having bad
luck, and I’m having good luck. I like it with apples and stuff. – Fingers crossed I get a good one No! (laughs) – What did you get – I got an onion. – Aw! – I have to put an onion
in my shake. (laughs) – You’re having bad luck today. I’m so sorry – Here’s some cut up onion, oh gosh. – Oh, it smells bad. – All right, your turn. – Broccoli! Broccoli isn’t too bad.
– Oh! Broccoli with caramel;
like, that’s just gross. At least two pieces. – Yeah (mumbles)
– (laughs) Now, guacamole? No! (laughs) All right, so to make this
challenge more challenging, we have to each take a
sip of each of the shake. – Aw! (both mumble) No!
– Chicken broth. – No! (upbeat music) – Salsa? – Salsa – What? Mine’s gonna be spicy! I hate spicy. – (mumbles) Peanut butter! (claps) – I feel like you’re gonna
have a better shake than me. – Maybe. – Aw, I wish I was you. – More peanut butter! – Yeah more peanut butter (sings) – We need a good taste in mine. – Please say I get a good one. Ketchup; I already have mustard. Now I have ketchup.
– Ketchup? – Mine’s gonna taste like a hotdog. – Banana! Peanut butter, banana. I’m gonna put all of it. – All of it! All of it! (pounds) – (mumbles) – Chocolate syrup? – You’re so lucky! (mumbles) – (mumbles) put chocolate
syrup on it, delicious! – Only two more left! Aw. M&M’s! – Wait, what? Why are – M&M’s (laughs) – (mumbles)
– Oh! My gosh. Please say this is a good one. – [Both] Ice cream! – I’m gonna add lots of ice cream in this to get rid of that flavor
and make it just be a chocolate ice cream smoothie. – Chocolate, chocolate. – Oh yeah! Let’s add some more. (upbeat music) – Milk. – Oh, you got milk with yours? All right, now we have to blend these. – Okay! Let’s get ready. Poof! (loud blending noise) That banana is so good.
– (mumbles) (upbeat music) – You can see the broccoli like (mumbles). Okay. – It’s good. – Delicious!
– Oh! Okay, let’s taste each- – Wait! Yours is bad? Okay. – (mumbles) I don’t like that. – Oh, Addy. – I need water. – Mine’s delicious. – Well, mine didn’t turn out too well, so if you guys wanna see
us do more challenges, make sure to leave a like
and to subscribe down below. – [Both] Bye! – X-O-X-O!

We’re Doing a Smoothie Challenge!
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