– Tic Tac Toy! – Okay, boss we’re ready for
our next toy making assignment. – Are you sure, Addy and Maya? The next toy that we create
here at XOXO Toy Company is going to be our
biggest and best one yet. – Wow!
– Really? – For reals. Are my top two toy creators ready for an assignment of this scale? – Absolutely, positively. – Without a doubt. – So what’s the toy line about anyways? – I’m glad you asked. Check it out. Voila! – Tic Tac Toy, that’s our YouTube channel. – Precisely! – Are you telling me
that we’re gonna come up with our own line of Tic Tac Toy toys? – That would actually be sold in stores? – You got it and I think that there’s no one better to do the job than you two. – [Girls] Best news ever! – Shh! – Um, what’s going on, boss? – Well, the toy vandal and her network of miscreants are at it again. – Oh no, who is the toy vandal exactly? – No one really knows, apparently she’s an avid toy
collector, but she doesn’t want anyone else to have toys. So she vandalizes any that aren’t a part of her extensive personal collection. – But why would she do that? That’s just messed up. – Word on the street is that her mom only let her play with toothpicks as a child. She never knew that joy that
a favorite toy could bring. So, she wants to take that joy away from everyone else. – Wow, that’s just so
sad and kind of crazy. – It’s also worrisome for us. We cannot let her know what we’re up to because she will do whatever it takes to sabotage our line of
toys for Tic Tac Toy. She’ll want them only for herself. – We don’t want that, our toy line will bring happiness to so many kids. She can’t destroy that. – Exactly, we’ll need to take extra security measures for this assignment. All the work from brain storming, to sketching, making
prototypes and final products must be done here inside
of our toy maker studio. – Sounds like a plan, now
let’s start brainstorming. (Addy and Maya chatting on screen) – A line of toys for Tic Tac Toy, genius. I must add those to my
personal collection. But, I need to make sure that no one else is able to lay their
filthy fingers on them. – Okay girls, where do you we have our best brainstorming sessions? – [Girls] In the ball pit! – Then lets go! – The ball pits are the best! – All right, girls. Everyone comfy? – [Girls] Yip! – Creative juices flowing? – [Girls] Sure are! – Wonderful, so what words come to mind when you think Tic Tac Toy? – Cute! – Absolutely! – Silly! – You’ve got that right, Maya. – And we love fun surprises. – Who doesn’t? Surprises. (laughs) – Wait a minute, we
should make surprise toys! – Yeah, with blind bags. – Love where this is going, everyone loves a good surprise toy! – But what kind of toy should
be inside the blind bags? That’s the important part to figure out. – Well, whatever it is, it has to be cute and silly. – And collectable! – Great idea Maya, I know how much you two love your collectables. – Cute, silly surprises. Keep going, keep going. What exactly will these
collectables look like? – These collectable
surprises need to encompass everything that you girls love. So, why don’t we go through some of our toy making supplies and
get some more inspiration? I’ll get the next chart ready. – [Girls] Okay! – Hmm, inspiration… Well, we love animals of all kinds. – Yeah, especially baby animals. Aren’t they cute? – Okay, baby animals, love it, love it! – We love fun, bright colors. Our toys have to be bright and cheerful. – Cheerful. – What if our collectables were adorable, brightly colored baby animals? – Yeah, like a fuchsia colored kitty cat. – Or, a lemon colored koala. – I love where we’re
going with this, girls. Keep going, keep going! – Fairy wings! We love fairy wings. – We sure do! – Our collectables have to have wings. – Baby animals with wings? Does it get any cuter? – Wanna swap wings, Addy? – Sure. Hold on, hold on. You’re a genius, Maya. – I am? – Our collectables should be baby animals with swappable wings! – Love it and we should have collectable Addy and Maya figures
with swappable wings, too! – You mean we could be toys, too? – Why not? – [Girls] Yeah! – Hmm, I’ll need to make some room for my new Tic Tac Toy collection. It must be in a prominent,
highly visible location. That will do. – Now it’s time to put your visions on paper with some sketches. – Yes, this is gonna be fun! – All right Maya, I’ll work on sketching the collectable figures, why don’t you work on the swappable wings? We’ll want lots of options. – Sounds like a plan. – I’m thinking we’ll want at least twenty to thirty collectable figures and wings, but if we can just get a few done today, that should be good. – Okie dokie, we’ve got this. – Great, I’m gonna go
tidy up that brainstorming area a bit and you girls can have some time to work on those sketches. – Sounds good, boss. (upbeat music) – What in the world is this? Is it a hidden camera? – Oh no, this is not good. – What is this? – Camera one is down, time
to switch to camera two. There we go, disaster averted. – What do you think of my
first two sketches, Maya? – So adorable, like those are cuter than I could ever imagine. – Thanks, just wait til
you see them in color. How are the wings coming, Maya? – Pretty good, I’d say. – Wow, those are even better
than I could have imagined, too – These ones would look cute
on a poodle, don’t you think? – Hey boss, what do you
think of our first sketches? – Turn those over quickly, girls! – What’s wrong, you don’t like them? – No, it’s not that, they looked amazing. – Then what’s up? – I just found a hidden camera in here. – You’re kidding? – I wish I was. – Is it the toy vandal? – It has to be. Girls, we have to scan
the room for any more hidden cameras before we finish our work. – Absolutely, we’ll help boss. – Thanks, girls. None in here. – Well, well, well. XOXO Toy Company. You have outdone yourself, haven’t you? Once I have all the sketches, I’ll just make these toys for
my own private collection. Then I’ll destroy yours, of course. Let’s see what other
ideas Addy and Maya have. – Oo, what’s this? Um you guys, you need to
come take a look at this. – What is it, Addy? – Check it out. – Good work Addy, that’s
another hidden camera. Let me disable it. – I didn’t see any other hidden cameras and I looked really well. – I sure hope we found them all. – Me too. – Come on girls, we need to get back to the drafting table and
come up with a new plan. – Do you think the toy vandal knows about our toys for Tic Tac Toy? – We have to assume that
she’s seen and heard everything that we’ve been working on. – Great, what are we gonna do? – Well, we’re already
off to a great start, but there’s a chance the toy vandal could try to sabotage our entire toy line. – Oh, bother. – Because of all this, I
really think we could add even more super cool
surprises to your toy line. – Yeah, surprises that
the toy vandal won’t even know about now that we’ve
covered those cameras at least. – Exactly, so what else do you girls love that will make your toy line even cooler than it’s already gonna be? – Well, we clearly love slime and putty. – Yeah, what if we had
putty and putty cutters? Kids can cut out shapes and accessories to use with their baby animal friends. – Great idea and what are those bracelets you girls are always wearing? – Oh, these are Tic Tac Toy wristbands. – Yeah, we have to wear them and carry them around everywhere we go. – Why is that? – We hand them out to all
the Tic Tac Toy fans we meet. – So, what if we created
a special collection of Tic Tac Toy wristbands that you can only find in your toy line? – Love that idea. – Great, Maya why don’t you work on some sketches for the wristbands? And Addy, you work on some
sketches for those putty cutters. – You got it, boss. (phone rings) – [Man] Hello? – Miscreants four thirty two, I have lost all video footage and audio
for the toy makers space. I need to know what’s going on inside that room and I need to know now. I don’t care what you do, just figure something
out and do it quickly. – Well girls, we’ve worked right through our lunch hour, how about
I run across the street to the toy cafe and pick us up some lunch? – Oh, that sounds fabulous, I’m famished. – You girls keep sketching and no matter what you do, do not let anybody in here. – Will do, see you in a bit. – Okay girls, see ya! – What do you think about
these wristbands, Addy? My favorite is the XOXO one. – Love them, Maya. Especially this one and that one. – I thought you’d love the stars. How are those putty cutters coming? – Fabulously, check
out what I have so far. There’s a rainbow, a butterfly, a shooting star, a bow. – And I love the crown. – Me, too. Oh no, what do we do? – It could just be Lucy, maybe
she just forgot something. – Maybe you’re right. It looks like an exterminator, Maya. – That’s weird. Can we help you? – Maya, you shouldn’t have said anything. – Yes, I’m exterminator four thirty two. There’s a major bug
infestation in your building and I need to come in immediately. – But we haven’t seen
a single bug in here. – Well, they’re microscopic bugs and they can’t be seen by the naked eye. – This seems a little fishy, Maya. – I am starting to get
a little itchy, Addy. I think there really
might be bugs in here. – I better come in before
they take over the place. They bite like crazy. – Get these bugs out of here now! – Absolutely, I’ll get to work right away. You girls just keep doing
whatever it is you’re doing. You won’t even notice me. – I don’t think Lucy would
be okay with this, Maya. – Just over here catching bugs. – So, what do you think of the colors of these putty cutters? I got blues, pinks, purples and greens. – I like all those colors, Addy. – Me, too. Hey, what was that? – Oh, just the buzz of a
dipterian nediaphora subdemera. – Um, yeah… – No need to fret, I’ve caught it. – And are those the colors
you like for your bracelets? – I think so, it’s a
a good variety, right? – Yeah, I think they’re perfect, Maya. – What are you doing? – Just catching another
diptorian nemotonora subdentera. – But, I don’t see any bugs. – They’re microscopic, remember? Anyways, you’re bug free now. I gotta get going. – Well, that was quick. – And odd. – I’m back from the toy cafe. You girls hungry? – [Girls] Absolutely! – Wow, these sketches look spectacular. – [Girls] Thanks. – Hey, I was wondering, do you girls have some friends, some friends who really love Tic Tac Toy, that could maybe help give us some input on the toys? You know like maybe help us decide what baby animals we wanna have or what style of bracelets they like? – Yeah, I think I know
just who we can ask. – Yeah, we have lots of friends that would love to help
us create the toy line. – Great to hear, well why
don’t you get their input now and then we’ll move
onto the next steps in creating our line of
toys for Tic Tac Toy. – Sure thing, boss. – Perfect, perfect. These toys will make a nice
addition to my collection. But, I’ll need to make
sure that no one else will ever play with these. – Okay, Tic Tac Toy fans, we need you to help us create our very own toy line. – That’s right, we have
so many decisions to make. And we trust you to help us. – So far, I’ve sketched this adorable baby poodle and baby unicorn. Let us know what other baby animal you’d like to see in the collection. – Take the poll on your screen right now. Would you like to see a kitten, a bunny, a koala bear or a piglet? – Also, make sure to
check out our next video on Friday, July twelfth to
see what you guys chose. And we’ll need you to help us make more important decisions. – And whatever you do, don’t let the toy vandal know what we’re up to. – Yeah, that will be really bad so shh… (upbeat music)

Welcome to Toy Makers Studio with XOXO Friends!!!
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