[Applause] [Applause] we woke up to the fire naeun color in sleep and our stepfather Martin comes in the room and he's like the fire alarms going off or whatever and I was like bullshit but I was like not taking this seriously at first but then I was like I don't know it could be real I grabbed everything because I was like fucking I don't want to lose this oh I gotta pee I packed it I grabbed my charger grab my beads grabbed everything threw it all in a bag in like two seconds we came back inside and we heard that the fire was started by a piece of toast oh that was a great way to wake up I'm still tired shit my hair is funny look like today we're going to be and yeah so it's about to be lit I'm gonna just roll the clips you guys can see for yourself so we just arrived to go snow tubing and tree lit we're going up this right now you know oh here we're gonna catch the people going down real quick oh okay okay okay that's about to be us in a couple of minutes I don't care we're gonna be we're gonna be lit me and Colin are about to go together if we're gonna zoom down there I'll get back to you when we get to the top of the hill and we're starting to go down we're at the top of the hill we're waiting a couple minutes I don't even know it's probably gonna take forever but you know we're in line about to go down damn [Applause] all right it's almost go time we got like ten seconds we're about to be me and Cullen are going double Cameron and Kate are going double Martin's running and jumping down [Applause] that first ride was a success it was pretty fast me and Colin went down together we're about to go around to me and Colin are getting a doubles tube on a different slope but yeah it's gonna be fun and as ridiculous as I might look it's chilling because I feel warm in this cold asked whether this look looks lower than the last one but it's whatever I'm at the top about to go Colin and Martin are down there all rights go Tom hey what could be better oh and the beat drop okay you're going back up for round three hopefully this time is the most lit time bars I'm trying to do more 360s what else could I do that this time I'm going on my stomach and it's gonna be wood actually how about I take a 360 and my stomach and do 360s all my stomach while I'm recording that's a bit that's a bit I'm gonna do that when I get up there I'll come back to you guys when I'm up at the top okay I was just informed that well I told my brother that I was doing 360s on my stomach and he just told me he's doing 720's on his head so I think I should do 1080s on my feet or my nose I'm gonna do ten of these on my nose 10 80s on my nose right now it's gonna be the impossible but if anything is possible especially for me I'm getting that 10 80s on my nose right now that's a bit I guess this line is slower but nobody was in mind uh Linda Martin are about to go I'm about to go right after them I'm second in line and I just got up here so it would go any morning and they're all alright it's about to be good time everybody's gone I'm about to go on my stomach I don't know how I'm gonna land on this em record at the same time but it's gonna happen hey I got it I'm about to do a 360 Oh about to lose my spoon damn I almost lost my phone on that one I was zooming like crazy that shit was bad I was doing like 360s the whole way down I kept hitting my arms and legs my phone almost flew out of my hand but that shit was crazy it was live that was probably the fastest ride I had on this whole time so far me : and Martin are going together and it's starting to get super icy now we may or may not zoom I don't know there's a lot of weight on this but it's starting to get icy and everything and we'll find out with the glove in you're really beautiful no I'm firebender you see if this one see how it works so that is what we did today we went to being mostly the whole day but we did a couple other things like playing basketball with a bunch of random people we were some of us went swimming we did a couple things but that's basically what we did and I hope you guys like this video so please like and subscribe and go check out yesterday's vlog if you haven't seen it already thanks guys peace alright famous quote of the day when life gives you materials you'll fuck around so we got this glow stick and some big type of shawl thing you know our parents said that we would probably find out something to do with it you know put it inside of it and take this and oh I missed oh it's all over here well at your life quarter the day



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