(playful tones) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy. (door rattling) – Let me out, help! Help! (laughs) – There’s only one way out of here, Lulu. I’m sure Addy and Maya will find me. – I wouldn’t be so sure of that. This room is impossible to find. If the girls can’t solve my clues. – Oh, but they’re smart, they’ll figure it out and rescue me. Just wait and you’ll see. – Not this time, I’ve got a few surprises in store for the girls. – Oh, no, what are they? (laughs) – I have a feeling you’ll
be here a while, Lulu. Why don’t you go ahead and have a seat. (sinister music) (bell rings)
(upbeat music) – How in the world are
we gonna find Lulu, Maya? – No idea, but we gotta get moving. The Toy Master said we only
have one hour to rescue Lulu. – And we need to capture the
Toy Master when we find her. – Good idea, we’ve got to
send him back to toy jail. – So how are we gonna do that? (sighing) – I have an idea. – Yeah? – Maybe the Toy Hotel
Detective could help us. – Oh, yeah, I totally
forgot about that guy. Sounds like a solid plan. – We could definitely use the backup. – For sure. (bell rings) (lighthearted music) – Wow, I’m so excited that my new Tic Tac Toy merch just arrived. Ah, comfy pillow, and I’m gonna ditch my briefcase
for these cool backpacks. And just in time for summer,
I got my new beach towel. (knocking) Come in. – Detective Jason, we need your help. – Hello Addy and Maya, happy to help. – Have you heard of the Toy Master? – I sure have, do you know
that he’s still on the loose? – Oh, we know. – That’s why we came to see you, the Toy Master is here in the Toy Hotel. – Whoa, tell me everything you know. – Here’s the thing, we
can’t really tell you much. – Why not? – The Toy master says we
have to find him on our own. – I see, so how can I help then? – We need you to call the toy police when we give you the sign. – I can handle that. – Great, can we borrow a walkie-talkie? – Of course, you can take this one. – Thanks Detective Jason. – No problem. And please be careful, girls. – We will. – Oh, and nice Tic Tac Toy merch. – Thanks. (upbeat music) Let’s see what else I got. Oh, yes, my canvas tote bag. And I can’t wait to get
my Addy and Maya poster that I ordered from tictactoystore.com. (bell rings)
(sinister music) – On to the Foodie Roos chips. (sighs) – That’s the escape button. – Ah, and I got the rare Macaroon Raccoon. I knew stealing these Foodie Roos from the Toy Cafe would be a good idea. (laughs) Time to put together my Foodies room set. Hmm, which sticker should I use first? Not so fast, Lulu, step
away from the escape button. – Ooh, I almost had it. (bell rings)
(upbeat music) – How in the world did Lulu get out of the Toy Cafe storage room? – Yeah, the door to the
Toy Cafe was locked. So we know she didn’t go that way. – And Toy Master said we
have to start where Lulu did, and this is it. – Maybe there’s a secret
passageway behind the toys. – Good thinking. – Nothing here, let’s
look behind these bins. – But wait a minute, the exit has to be big enough for Lulu to fit through. – Oh, yeah, good point. – Let’s look over there. I don’t remember this
costume rack being here. – You’re right, I wonder what’s behind it. – Only one way to find out. Check it out. – It says right this way. – Hang on Lulu, here we come. (bell rings)
(upbeat music) (gasps) – Whoa. – Look at all of that toy food. Weird someone left it here. – It kind of looks like
it leads somewhere. – Oh, yeah, like a trail. – Exactly, I think we’re
supposed to follow it. – Agreed, but let’s go super slow just in case it’s a trap. – So far, so good. – Look, there’s a sign up there. (intense music) – [Maya] This way. – What do we do now, the
arrows point both ways. – Could one way be a trap? – I don’t like this, but
we need to choose a path. – Let’s just pick one and go from there. – Okay, let’s go right. – Oh, cool, the Rainbowcorn suite. – Awesome, I guess we chose correctly. (upbeat music) – This is one of my favorite
rooms in the Toy Hotel. – Mine, too. (bouncy, lighthearted music) – Hey, Addy, think we have
enough time to open one? – I wish. OMG, the white rabbit is real. (gasps) – No way. – Remember when we played that trick on the toy food inspector? – Yeah, we told him there’s
a white rabbit down the hall. – But we were just joking. – Whoa, this is tripping me out. He wants us to follow him. – Curiouser and curiouser. – You said it. (bell rings)
(upbeat music) – Whoa, what happened here? – Ah, welcome to my tea
party, Addy and Maya. – Uh, what happened to your accent, Chef? – And you seem way more chill than usual. Are you okay? – And what’s with that crazy outfit? – Well, these are my normal clothes. – So anyway, a white
rabbit just led us in here. Know anything about that? – I have only one question for you. – Uh, okay, shoot. – What begins with a t, ends
with a t, and has tea in it? – Wait, what? – Oh, I get it, the Toy Master must have put Chef Pierre under a spell. – Yeah, that totally makes sense. Let’s think of that riddle. – Okay, what begins with
a t, finishes with a t, and has tea in it? – The answer’s gotta be in this kitchen. (bell rings)
(sinister music) – I’ve gotta find another
way to get out of here. – And now I’ll move on to the cereal. I wonder which one I’ll get. Ah, it’s Fruity Puck Puck. Smells delicious. (ball bouncing) What was that? – Now’s my chance. – Have a seat, Lulu. – Oh, so close! – Nice try, but you’re not gonna get out of here that easily. (groans) – Oh, come on Addy and Maya. (bell rings) – Oh, what could it be? (upbeat music) – Okay, what begins with
a t, finishes with a t, and has tea in it? – I don’t know. (gasps) How about a tart? The word tart begins with
a t, and ends with a t. – But there’s no tea in it, right? – Oh, yeah, right. Let’s keep thinking. – The toaster! Toast begins and ends with a t. – But there’s no tea in toast, either. – Oh, snap, you’re right. – Oh, would you girls care for some tea? – No, thank you, we really
have to concentrate here. – Maybe layer, Chef. – Suit yourself. – The teapot!
– The teapot! – Chef Pierre, we need that teapot. – As you wish. – Thanks, Chef. Addy, let’s see what’s inside. – Wait, there’s hot tea in there. (bell rings)
(upbeat music) – Ooh, the yellow beach
towel looks great, too. I wonder why Addy and Maya
haven’t radioed me yet. I hope they’re okay. (bell rings)
(upbeat music) – No tea in the teapot, just
this note and this cookie. – Whew. – Read it, Addy, read the note. – Okay. Eat me? – Now that’s the kind of clue I like. Let’s split the cookie. – Half for me and half for you. – Bottoms up. – Oh, no, I’m getting sleepy. – Me, too. (bell rings) (upbeat music) – Maya, are you awake? – Yeah, I think so. – Oh, no, we’re back in
the hallway we started in. – That cookie must have been
a trap from the Toy Master. – And we fell for it. – Let’s not waste any more
time being bummed out. We’ve got to find Lulu after all. – You’re right, Maya, back to work. – So which way do you think
we should go this time? – Let’s go the same way. – But we haven’t tried going left yet. – Well, I think we should do the opposite of what makes sense, and see where it takes us. We have to think like the Toy Master if we want to save Lulu. – Agreed, after you, Addy. (upbeat music) It’s exactly the same as before. – And here’s the white
rabbit, right on time. – So what do we do? – We don’t follow him. – Really? – Yeah, let’s just ignore him and see what happens this time. – Come on, Addy. So what’s your favorite
type of Rainbocorn, Addy? – Hmm, I like the Puppycorns. – The rabbit’s still here, Addy. – Just keep talking about Rainbocorns. – Okay, I really like
the Hamstercorns, too. – Oh, he’s coming our way. He gave me a note, Maya. – Well, read it, Addy,
we’re on a time crunch. – [Addy] What has hands but can’t clap? – That’s way confusing. – Totally. – We just have to focus
and think very hard. Think, think, think. – What has hands but can’t clap? – I’m drawing a blank here. – Me, too. (bell rings) – Addy and Maya, where are you? – My trap must have
worked just as I planned. Addy and Maya will never find you, and the Toy Cafe will be mine. – Oh, I’m counting on you, girls. Please hurry. (bell rings)
(upbeat music) – Hey, Rainbocorns have
hands but they can’t clap. – True, but I think the Toy Master means something that everybody has. – Yeah, that makes sense. – Hey, how much time do
we have left to save Lulu? – No clue, is there a clock in here? – Oh, look, there’s a clock
over there on the night stand. – Oh, yeah. Oh, no, it’s almost been an hour. – Wait a minute, notice
anything about that clock? (gasps) – It’s got hands! – Exactly. – And it can’t clap. – Yes, this must be
the answer to the clue. – But where do we go from here? – Is there a message on the clock? (gasps) – There’s a funny little
key taped on the bottom. – It looks like an old key, I bet it goes to a lock. – Right, we just have to search the hotel for a lock that this key goes to. – Well, what are we waiting for, we gotta save Lulu. (bell rings) Okay, there’s a lot of doors
in the Toy Hotel, Maya. – And there’s the first
one right up there. (upbeat jazz music) Oh, just the laundry room. – There’s another door up there. – Oh, just the dining room. Let’s check out that door. Look, it’s an old looking lock. – This must be it, let’s
radio Detective Jason. – And we need to be very quiet, ’cause the Toy Master could be on the other side of this door. – Copy that. (beeping) Condor, this is Raven, the
eagle has landed, over. (beeps) – Oh my way. I’ll be right over, girls, over. (beeps) – Alright, let’s get ready to rumble. – Oh, it’s on. Get out the goods, Addy. – Glitter sleep spray for me and freezing bubbles for you. – I’m ready when you are, sis. – Alright, three, two, one. (upbeat music) (bell rings) – Okay, on to the pretzels. – Freeze!
– Freeze! (screams) – Whoa! – Hold it right there, Toy Master. – Here’s a taste of your own medicine. – I’m suddenly sleepy. – Good job, girls! I knew you two would
come and save the day. How can I ever thank you? – Really sleepy. – Nothing’s needed, Lulu, we’re just happy that the Toy Cafe’s safe from the Toy Master. – Yep, the Toy Master’s finally gonna pay for all of his toy food crimes. – Oh, well you girls are my heroes. (snoring) (playful tones)

We CAUGHT The Toy Master FOR GOOD!
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