hey mommy you were here at the water park that's so exciting yeah look at all that water drew wow that looks so cool even better than I expected yeah and that has a big giant pool in the waters foot high on I know saw hi girls hi guys how are you we're feeling great cuz we're at a water park anyway yeah I want to go right now right come on let's go Barbie can we can we go yeah Barney can we go – of course he can girls that's why we're here hey let's go mislike n ro hey come on Anya aren't you going in what if there's jellyfish I mean yeah okay fine I'll jump in jellyfish sorry whoa oh hi guys it's Bertie yeah I'm we on the slide is so cool is that a water toy I wanted so excited there's some water tickling me here three two one so much fun your turn Anya just have some fun hey the water tickling me whoa go Chelsea Oh Chelsea woohoo and I'm climbing like a monkey and I can go through this tunnel here I go oh that was fun Hey now let's splash in the water because it's so much fun oh no we're having so many were watching it jump whoa and I never jump off the flower whoa whoa I never die you guys get into the water why yeah what is interesting in my state are you ready to watch wow so much fun what it feels like a shower so much water on my face are you having fun there Barbie a yeah this is so cool you should try it on oh okay you're right it feels so refreshing but I have to close my eyes yeah whoa back in the water Wow watch out guys else it's gonna jump in you're not jumping in here in my heart all right guys let's jump in three pounds we're fine yeah then here's some splash for you Tom you get oh whoa whoa I'm gonna blow yeah this is like a little pillow this flower mommy do you wanted to slack you know girls felt a find along let's all slow we'll stop we can look I have an idea well then on our lucky I'm gonna jump gonna jump two girls yeah let's go I can't involve hey we are going to rely well sorry well sorry but that's how the fun is and look at this here in my face hahahaha Barbie years old okay now it's really relaxed for real all of them what you wrote bacala anything you want we want to play okay but just come on now shut up enough with the slump on three two one wow there's so much fun come on okay here I go oh that's creaking yeah hey Anna you can go on my shoulders oh boy I'm scared Nicole is going to be so fun kick our shoulders whoa whoa don't drop me there drop me in the water whatever you do and go that was so much fun I'm gonna speak on it's okay Wow what hair is it like do you know where I'm gonna jump from God and where I'm going to jump from here oh no barb you better not I'm doing Betty here yeah I don't want to do it anymore oh wait what's up their kindness and once you see what's up there oh it's a big jug of water I wanna go in it it's like I'm at the top of the world okay am I really at the top of the world wow I really am well that's gonna have some fun and tell then get it didn't do I think I want to go down now I'll better get down Wow oh no we're gonna get down now mommy will have Anya's way up there I can't see Anya what why are you off over there yeah I thought you were going on the slide I just really wanted to see what's up here but now I'm stuck onto a pie oh did I do don't worry oh I'll come and save you Oh pity clothes well maybe you can jump in my arms I'm too scared Anya Anya go back in you might choke you mommy I'm really scared okay um Elsa can you hold my legs sure oh okay come in my arms are you okay yes hello me are you thanks for helping okay that was kind of fun when we jumped into the water we're not doing that ever again on yeah so sorry mommy please don't go up high that's really silly I just wanted to see what's up there looks we're really cool yeah but you're not allowed to go over there only the slide okay watch me jump oh nice I heard that a sprinkler is gonna come on and wrinkler really yeah just gonna spray off oh did you hear that guy yeah I heard you talking girls there's a special button on the stunt flower and you can turn it on oh really your buddy I wanna present oh this is the sunflower get it out actually hockey putting funny Wow we'll let you have some more space bringing so much as a pie is going everywhere oh I'm sorry okay okay oh wow oh no it's coming on a page don't build in the system in the bag so I'm gonna press the button to turn it off now and press the sunflower again correct it's gone let's go 3-1 whoa where was i lucky yeah that's what I was gonna say and look hmm feels so good when I do it it's even but here's also what you know look how deep it is up to my knee Wow yeah poor Josh Emmel want me to put some on you whoa lots of my hair down while you dress is purple from this oh yeah why are you it whoa Oh guys look at this and mushy mushy Oh anyway now I'm gonna bury you Chelsea just watch her on Yaya me to bury you next yeah bury me mad okay okay here's my fam whoa whoa whoa there eivol – I'd like a stand monster agree look at all these girls standing there looks like only heads are over there and now let's take out yeah what's you spilling over fall we're so purple we're gonna catch you Wow except there's like another slash slash island here oh nice another one look the slide leads right into the water this time okay then let's go come on Chelsea okay I'm coming I'm gonna get cleaned off – let me help you oh I bet it don't matter who whoa the sand okay Martha what's that 100 I want to go on that slide that looks so much fun okay whoa okay three two one nice flush totally shut up thank you come on in okay whoa hey hey guys welcome there's another slide over there only one it first okay we're gonna watch you there okay time for a minute slide go go go go go go so much fun hey girls look what happened below No yeah oh that's a pretty fun actually just little bit too Chloe fair we're gonna get our hair oh look at our hair or you look like you tied your hair carpet LCI you look so funny mom look on taking a stand back everybody oh they're all clean oh what a dick it's a rubbery thing underwater what if I got a black pony or something I spent something dropped something over there chair what's up my leg tell me mummy I'm helping you poopy oh wow Oh Anya wasn't why did you take that out that's the plug my bar was a lot phony no that's the funnel What's Wrong kid oh you know what's happening snow what's happening with it all the water went out of the pool no no no water Oh what are we gonna do now yeah this is a plug in it keeps the water there you don't take it out they have to stay there I'm sorry mommy it's not about sorry I'll forgive me guys will happen over here sorry LC ah but we don't have any more water because Anya took the plug out then I can't wash myself anymore I'm all covered in sand is your leg okay ah me oh yeah it just hurts a little bit more well where's the water going at home is so deep under the yeah there must be very big pipes under there yeah mommy please you want the water back yeah one or water we need to swim you have to do something don't worry guys it's easy we just have to put the plug in first like that okay and I'm going to talk to somebody who works at the pool to give us more water okay ah me ah yes wash your face is dirty whoa yeah I had a real life house dirty my face is a fan time to wash up and on my head there we go I'm doing the same thing as you Anya and I'm super clean now just clean it what's my hair now there's still some sand in my hair I think that's okay I'll take a shower I'm all clean okay well chilled up yeah a party I don't want to go home this is too much fun I know but we have other things to do Chelsea remember so we'll stay five more minutes okay Cornell just enjoys a moment why are you guys going to slide one more time before we leave come on let's go on Yangtze k1 and whoa whoa that was a really big flash my turn oh that was so much funny he loved it sighs he loved this car I guess you can go now yeah is everybody clean yeah we're all clean all right everybody out this way let's go get dry visit our channel and subscribe for more videos you

WATER PARK ! Elsa & Anna toddlers empty the Pool ? Water Fun – Swim – Pool Party – Splash – Sand
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