as the Colorado Avalanche looks for another two points in the friendly confines of Pepsi Center but it won’t come easy as tonight could they welcome in the defending Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin as Carlson is back to get its Farsight Barry couldn’t hang on but here’s Jose just on the ice working opposite [Music] eight seconds into the contest it’s the other latch on top of the Capitals one-nothing and here comes nice – Joe picks it up the confidence around on the back end look at Carl put it in buddy [Music] it hops through mckenna far siberian pursuit of lemon back down deep comes to mckenna in the near corner holding and looking centering pass by the stop shouts gave land has got finding his stop spot in the slot mat long shot there that missed and it’s wot activity your side I thought it might have been a piece of a stick but it was not [Applause] he’s now and MacKinnon here in period number one set up an out Ellen got behind and her agenda walking in put the brakes on Phonics Wilson out of shots a fight and a jump on top of the rebound Backstrom standing tip into the slot Ovechkin looking Judi save by true power and he’s going to hang on now that one rolled right over to Alexander Ovechkin and Philip roof our well I guess if anybody knows the tendencies of the Washington power play is going to be hit while off with his shot it’s deflected away and pop DePalma genin the cap zone he’ll fuel and hold out of the box comes Chilton dries twice latest stocks been robbed by the young netminer at the red light picked up by Gerard the Avalanche Lockwood backcheck nearby Andrew ghetto to take it away from Backstrom turn over watch out a basket Jones big top post to the near side Wilson says it on it fraud and nobody home for the cap you suggest grew back from a throw to the other way and we get on out of Matt conference after the near corner v gives it up shot sang by KUHF Leary backs up that five tries and Phoenix top leaves able to John pull it up it tries got bear hugged in the blue paint that puck went right through me co-resident picked up the near comes Ovechkin the Avalanche old-looking holding shooting save rebound where’s that pockets underneath on that group our [Applause] Wilson crashing in right to the foot of the Avalanche net we can all agree that GU Bauer has brought his AGame tonight he has been as sharp as a tack and I thought this might go off a body and he is receiving for her tonight and all throughout the season guys let’s give it a shot say Bob our a top Olaf back to Ovechkin one-timers plot 5 our fellow with his backside any food off the land good plan to stock steel cities P Nico are having a laugh about it I’m sure he’s explaining exactly where it got him grew by were able to stick it away cross ice patch store Devante smith kelly ties the game at one but a great cross ice feed got groove our down-and-out we got all the guys back skipped into the corner we got four guys all looking at one Wow too easy they combine copling throws it up the forward to the terrific play by the Washington netminer comes off the stick of Florida you’re a Zeppelin satisfied move out fat out into the slot in the ABS able and knock it away not only from Backstrom into the far corner McKinnon Marbury with a shot tied to go towards how to drag it off the iron Branson it near-sighted most hundred close and savory but centering pass off the leg and it comes out what a tremendous save on the second opportunity by Philip rubra neutral zone took the head body drives in pursuit now is Calvert got Todd up terracotta authors skated by Soderbergh on a bouncing puck berries to cope with his shot safely and the kid has really settled down to keep this name one one game SWAT out of a can’t get to it and there’s Tom Wilson – banging ahead and let’s go drop super fast run back to Alexander Ovechkin cuts in the middle looking for a shooting lady the scores but that’s what Alexander Ovechkin can do he’s so patient with the plot finds his spot eight on a rifle at home and the Capitals late interior number to take a 2-1 lead well you come across the blue line one of the greatest goal scorers of all time to give him that much room it’s face Wow was that a missile a rocket pop shop [Music] gives it off for me : here comes written in down the right way threatening sweeping and holding centering pass gets through comes to cut down the big chop saved by coupling it goes up into the screen I believe he got a piece of that with his blocker and the young Jeff snip monitor playing strong stagnant here Center a quad walking in olá holding looking shooting wanna the net huh Dmitri hold on dig insurace at catch a bit of a break and it’s iced by Matt Talbert oh that was a huge break for the Avalanche cuz I thought or a lot was going to shoot this earlier raid here he comes across you thinking wow that’s an opportunity everybody slidin and then that that catch maybe just a blocker let’s take a look right here to shot across Oh hole modes went right off the number the stick or lob knows it saved by an inch Wow centering pass broken up Jones to Curt Flood ahead for sulfur properly it might have been going wide anyone and cabinet just honor just misses we’d had nowhere to go with it it was Joseph right Kerfoot in the caption rap letter trump up some translations say chuckling he’ll jump on top of the rebound as Henry kettle try to get it on this second opportunity Phoenix Copley what has gotten in the end wow this is a great rush awfully got a piece of it cools in the corner Tempe is there Wilson takes it away pitching in draw back behind the net Colin Wilson shot [Music] merci [Music] as Wilson trips all misfits off this season 17 and a half minutes to work to get a home so the Washington Capitals were challenging so watch hits Calvert doesn’t prevent coffee from making the save and then the rebound luckily goes over to Wilson by the time that buck is on Wilson stick for a microsecond Copley is already free let’s listen in [Applause] the decision on the ice [Applause] Devante Smith Callie no look like the ends you can have an opportunity had a penalty coming up on me gonna be a hole with 109 to go in regulation Ian Cole’s going to go to the box Soderberg momentarily call trying to hit that puck away check the top to Backstrom Martha back-to-back walks into chichi stores [Music] a power-play goal Niklas Backstrom I think Backstrom does so well right here Bank you don’t know what he’s gonna do he’s got Wilson back down while he’s got Ovechkin to his left he walks in and if your guy like through bar you know that Backstrom is usually that kind of guy that moves the puck well he doesn’t on this particular situation or in this particular situation it’s just a perfect shot the ABS though do pull out a point here with a late goal by Colin Wilson but not the result they wanted overall as they fall 3 to 2

Washington Capitals vs Colorado Avalanche | NHL | NOV-16-2018 | 22:00 EST
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