hi i'm scott florida and today we're gonna be discussing rope length and boat speed for pulling away closure in this tutorial we'll be discussing the following what your rope length should be based on your skill level your towing speed and how to know when to change your rope link before we begin we should note that every boat and rope is different but these general guidelines should help you improve your skills out on the water now let's get started now let's take a bird's-eye view of our boat and our three skill zones these zones illustrate which rope link and towing speed you should use based on your overall skill level let's start at the beginning when just starting out it is recommended that you begin with a rope length of between 55 to 60 feet this will place you right in the middle the speed for towing a beginner should be around 16 to 18 miles per hour now let's say you're more on an intermediate skill level on a wakeboard and you've begun to experiment with jumping the lake in this case you should have a shorter rope length to hit the highest crest of the wake this will give you the maximum lift needed in order to clear the entire wake for this situation we recommend a rope length of around 40 to 55 feet and a speed of around 16 to 18 miles per hour lastly for all advanced and professional riders we recommend that you ride in the final zone which has a rope length of about 60 to 75 feet your towing speed for this zone should be around 21 to 24 miles per hour when choosing whether or not to extend or shorten your rope length always consider how well you're landing your tricks as well as your overall comfort ability at each level the entire process is much easier if you purchase a rope that is already sectioned off at each skills though thanks for watching this video if you have any other questions feel free to stop in to action watersports and as always have fun and we'll see you on the water you

Wakeboarding Rope Length & Boat Speed Guide | Action Water Sports

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